JavalavaDecember 14, 2007

Does anyone have any experience with the new pill Comfortis for flea control? Our vet is now recommending this instead of Frontline Plus. Just want to see if any of you know about it.

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Did he mention WHY he recommends this? I just googled it and couldn't find much info. I get antsy enough putting topical Frontline plus on my dogs, I would need to understand what the advantage is of a dog taking insectide internally every 30 days. Plus, the Frontline Plus is good for up to 90 days,(if you aren't having an infestation) so I only use it every other month. I hope you get some feedback on this, because I'd really like to understand what its perceived advantage is. And then I'll wait a few years before considering it, lol. I'm not a risk taker when it comes to my dogs :)

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As a rule of thumb, I like to wait a few years before trying a new product. Too many times they find out about bad reactions and such from those who try it early in the process.

Remember that ProHeart injection that was supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread? Heartworm preventative for 6 months instead of monthly! That is, until dogs started dying, then it quickly got pulled off the shelves.

To answer your original question, no, I don't know much about this medication. They do have a website though: I don't like the listed side effects much...

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It doesn't kill ticks, so it's pretty useless to me.

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I just use diatomaceous earth. Sometimes I use 20 Mule Team Borax in the house too... just depends on which I have at the time (though I haven't used the 20 in the yard so can't speak for that). They've been around forever, are natural products and aren't toxic. Just don't breathe them while they're in the air is all.

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My Vet recommended it in November... "newest thing on the market"... I have use COMFORTIS for two months, mainly because Frontline Plus does not have the same effect in our region as in the past. I have a kennel of teacup and toy Schnauzers many are in the house on a daily basis and I Will Not Have Fleas in My House.
The cost is highter than Frontline Plus for me, but I purchase the 20-40 lb size and quarter the tablets.. (I know you might not get the same dose by splitting a pill, but with a kennel full I try and keep cost down)
I use COMFORTIS for flea control along with Interceptor for heartworm control.

Advantages: chewable tablet that dogs like to take... starts killing fleas within 30 minutes and kills 100% within 4 hrs... Comfortis kills fleas before they lay eggs and It is supose to kill newly hatch eggs before they go through their 3 wk life cycle. (All this info is on the insert in the pkg of pills.) Now, I did see a scattered 3 or 4 fleas after the first month of use but after the second month of use ... no fleas. Best of all COMFORTIS does not wash away when you give multiple baths within a month...

In Alabama cost is around $73. for 6 pills. I was looking on line for an alternative supplier for purchasing when I came across this site... So far I have not found it at any of the regular canine vet suppliers... Please let me know if anyone has found it for less...thank you

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We tried EVERYTHING to get rid of fleas, and nothing worked. I had heard about Comfortis before it went on the market, and anxiously awaited it's release. We just gave our dog her third dosage, and we have been flea-free for 2 1/2 months! Something finally worked! It is a bit pricey, but definitely worth it, as we could not get rid of the fleas.

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We have a 15 year old mixed breed that we adore! She had never had fleas until this past year which we attributed to a neighbor who has a big dog in his yard with fleas and also an abundance of squirrels in our yard. We had tried literally everything to rid her of fleas. She takes Sentinel for heartworm prevention and flea control but it was not working on th fleas. She was miserable. We bathed her twice a week, sometimes more, and had her dipped at the vet at least once a month. We sprayed the yard every two weeks. We brushed her and used a flea comb, and spent hours trying to brush out the fleas and "flea dirt". She scratched all the time. At night she could not sleep for long intervals because she would jump up and run around itching.We were so concerned, trying to think of every remedy we could to try to help her. Two weeks ago she had to have an abcessed tooth pulled. Before she went in for her surgery we shaved her hair real close so we could maybe see the fleas better and try to keep them off of her while she was recovering. The vet told us about a new pill they were getting that was supposed to start killing fleas in 30 minutes. As soon as they got them in we were the first ones to buy them. They cost $99.00 but we were willing to try anything. This was last Saturday. We gave her a pill and in 15 minutes we watched fleas coming to the top of her fur and falling off, dying within 5 or 6 minutes. In 45 minutes suddenly our dog jumped up and franically started to scratch and rub herself on anything she could find! We witnessed fleas literally jumping off least 100 came off almost all at once and died on a big white sheet that we had her on! It was the strangest sight but we were SO excited!! In about an hour she was lying down competely relaxed and we watched some more fleas come off of her but not nearly as many! Every couple of days we might see one or two on her bed when she gets up in the morning but they are dead. Apparently if a few jump on her when she goes outside, they jump off and die in a few mionutes so they never bite her. She has not scratched since last Saturday! This is a miracle to us because she was so miserable and now she sleeps all night and is totally relaxed. This pill is amazing! I highly recommend it!!

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You can get comfortis at much cheaper. I've used this site before to get rimadyl and the service was good, so were the prices. I had never heard of comfortis until I read this thread. We have 2 young puppies and will ask my vet about this. I don't buy any meds from the vet, they are just too expensive, especially with 2 dogs.
The comfortis price at entirelypets is 5-10 lbs 60.99
10.1-20 lbs. 61.99
20.1-40 lbs. 65.99
40.1-60 lbs 66.99
60.1-120 lbs 67.99 all of these are for 6 months worth. I would have given you the link to the page but it was too long.
Glad you found something to help your dog.


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I can understand a pet owner becoming frustrated with trying to control fleas, but like olga, I'd wait a few years before using the Comfortis. If you read the link below you'll see that Spinosad (Comfortis) is an insecticide and altho I'm putting other brands on my dog's skin I hesitate to give him something orally, especially after reading the toxicity reports and side effects on the Comfortis web site.

BTW, Program, aka Sentinel for fleas, does not kill fleas. It just makes them sterile.
It's used because it's less toxic to the pet, but for animals that have fleas, it offers no relief from the bites.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spinosad

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I can understand a pet owners hesitancy in using an oral "insecticide" on their pet but you have to understand that fleas can actually kill your pet. They carry diseases and also can "bleed" your dog to death. Our dog 's mouth and gums were turning white due to the loss of blood and she is an INSIDE dog! We had tried EVERYTHING....she took Sentinel and we sprayed the yard twice a week, bathed her twice a week,combed her with a flea comb several times a day.....we had exhausted the options. We were so happy to try Comfortis and even more happy with the results! Our dog has been flea free for over a week now and she is like a different dog! She is relaxed and playful and she had been miserable! Comfortis HAS BEEN A BLESSING FOR US!

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As I said earlier...........the Sentinel does 'not' kill fleas, and bathing and combing has short term results.
I'm glad you and the dog are doing well with the Comfortis but understand that most of what you were doing was not controlling nor killing fleas.

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Boy, thats a pretty bad flea infestation.

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My vet just recommended the drug to me. I'm glad I found this website (and a couple of more sites, too). I have a 10.5 lb. Shih Tzu who just turned a year old. She is an inside dog and yet she has more fleas on her than anything I've ever seen. We have used Frontline, Advantix, etc. and they did the job ok (especially Frontline) until the weather started getting warmer. We live in Georgia and apparently there's a bad flea problem right now. Anyway, I just gave her the Comfortis and I'll let you know how it works out for us. I was pretty scared to give her anything orally, but I have ran out of options. I simply can't STAND to see her unable to rest because of all these stupid fleas, and I for sure don't want to have them in my home.

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I wait FIVE YEARS for any new item on the market...especially any type of medicine or application. It might be possible that your vet is getting a kickback from the sale of the item...

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Glad I found this information. My vet, who is also my friend told me about it this morning. She said so far she's only heard good things. All I know is I need something, NOW. I have 3 dogs and a indoor/outdoor cat. Plus lots of animals that keep coming in our yard, possums, squirrels, raccoons. I have literally sprayed my yard 3x in the last week. Gave the cat Capstar, a flea collar, bath, Frontline on 5-20, and 2 Advantage this week. The dogs have had their Sentinel, Capstar, and Advantix, all in the last week. I picked about 30 fleas off my 4 pound poodle last night, and gave them all another bath. I've sprayed inside the house, outside the house. These fleas came from nowhere. It's Alfred Hitchcock. A friend brought his dog over Sunday night, so glad it was white and hair very short, because he came in from the yard and you could just see black dots crawling all over him. So sprayed the yard Sunday night after he left, used the last of my Capstars. Last night was like I didn't do anything. YUCK! So I would love to wait for more info on Comfortis, but with the summer like it's been so far in Austin, I can't imagine it's going to get any better. I'm having professional spray yard tomorrow. Cross your fingers. Oh and I have found (vet said same) that the fleas have been not as affected by Frontline Plus. I've been getting my meds from which has saved some money, but not having luck in the infestation problem.

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Forgot to mention that Capstar usually makes my dogs vomit, a side effect of the Comfortis too. I found it at for almost 10$ less per box than

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We gave our Shih Tzu, Lucy, her Comfortis treatment at 10:20 yesterday morning. Within an hour we saw dead fleas on her. We waited for a couple of hours and bathed her, and now today, over 24 hours after giving her the meds, she is flea-free. I can't believe it. No fleas. We're still finding dead ones on her but they are DEAD.

We live in north Georgia and the fleas are REALLy bad here this year for some reason. Lucy is an inside dog but goes out to do her business. Usually after we would bathe her, the next day she would be covered in fleas again the very next day. I can't believe she has none on her today. Comfortis has my vote. :) Please feel free to email at if you have any questions about it. :)

Oh, and she also tolerated it VERY well. No vomiting, no anything. She was sleepy for most of the day, but continued to eat, drink, and play. :)

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I have been at my wit's end worrying about the fleas on my dogs. I have a 10 year old, 15 lb. male Yorkie and a 2 year old 4 lb. female Yorkie. They have been miserable with scratching this year! For some reason, the smaller Yorkie has been most affected with the fleas. I have been giving her small amounts of Benadryl to help her sleep for the past few nights. She had her annual visit with the vet today and he actually offered me the Frontline Plus (our usual selection) and the Comfortis. He gave us the pros and cons for both and mentioned that the Frontline doesn't seem to be working as well this year on the fleas. I opted for the Comfortis because he suggested that I try 1 tablet to see how it goes before shelling out the $80 for the full 6 tablet supply. I purchased 1 tablet for $13.50 and reluctantly gave it to my little Yorkie about 2 hours ago. I just don't like to give my dogs anything that hasn't been proven to be okay, especially a new oral flea tablet! So far, the only side effect I have noticed is that she seems to be very sleepy but that could be because she spent most of the day at the vets having her exam, shots and being groomed. She doesn't seem to be scratching much anymore but am I just being hopeful?? I have been on the internet researching any info I can find on Comfortis. The older Yorkie goes next week for his annual..... Wish us luck!

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So far two of my three dogs has gotten sick (vomiting and lethargic) from the Comfortis. They have no appetite and that is not usual for them. It's going on two days now and I don't like this one bit.

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Well mine will have to get their tollerance up then... I have sprayed everyday for a month tried every home remedy and the nematodes. In just two months I spent over 1000 dollars on flea killers...My white wolf was red from the flea blood...forget frontline and advantix they were a waste of money... since I have 6 and a yorkie I cannot mess with products that do not work... awaiting my first order from a trusted source that I have ordered from in the past. allivet

Here is a link that might be useful: allivet

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We used the Comfortis for our two dogs (a boxer and a lab mix) for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Both behaved normally afterward and have been fine since. No fleas now -- hurray!

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I recommend that every pet owner do their research before applying pesticides on your animals.

(I really dont know much about comfortis at this point, I cam referring to the topical solutions)

Pyrethene is in most all anti-flea shampoo's and most likeley in advantage and frontline. It is a pesticide AND a contaminate. It contaminates ground water and the planet. It's not good for our pets our the planet we live on.

Dogs and cats have had fleas for 100's of years before these companies started getting rich off of making poisons to put on our pets.

Humans get mosquito bites and flea bites, yet we dont put pesticides on our bodies that last 2 months. Probably the only time we would apply something like this would be if we were camping, but not on a daily basis.

So, the point is, if we wouldn't put this on ourselves why are we putting these harmful chemicals on our pets?

I agree with someone's post about diatonomous earth. Brewers yeast also works quite well. Vacuum (alot), clean alot and flea comb your pet.

A healthy animal most likeley will have very little fleas.

Fleas are attracted to animals who have weak immune systems or a poor diet.

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I had used Frontline on my dogs for years with success, but when I returned to Texas, I found the Frontline (so useful in Arkansas against the ticks) was not effective on the fleas. My dachshund Oscar was very allergic to fleas, and biting his hair off. I used beneficial nematodes for controlling the yard fleas, and put him on Comfortis. He now has his hair back and we all have our COMFORT back.

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I really appreciate the posts!
I live in Hawaii and my dog Sparkles is allergic to fleas and has terrible pruritis. The only natural remedy so far has been Cedarcide, but it is too temporary... meaning, within hrs, fleas return... it has calmed the pruritis and mange better than any other but definitely the cedarcide is not a strong repellent.
Even though I DO NOT TRUST these chemical poisons,
I will give Comfortis a try... I will not allow my little Sparkles to suffer indefinitely.

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I recieved my first pack of Comfortis last week.. Dosed all 6 of my hybrids. One threw up but no other reactions now they are running and playing instead of scratching...Get Comfortis use it and dance while your singing the commercial "Ain't no fleas on me might be fleas on some of those mugs but there ain't no fleas on me".

Here is a link that might be useful: My Family

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I am the OP and after reading some of the responses here and doing as much research as I could, decided to give the Comfortis a try. I did think long and hard about trying something so new, but we live in Florida and fleas are a year-round problem here. As so many have said, the Frontline Plus just didn't seem to work anymore. My little Lhasa mix is 14 lbs. She appeared to have no ill effects from taking the med and was flea free within hours. It really was amazing.

I did buy the 6 pack, but have only had to use it twice since January. If/when it becomes a problem again I'll have it on hand. I also want to try the diatomaceous earth. Does anyone have a good source for that? We've tried a few feed stores in the area and they don't carry it.


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Comfortis flea control contains the ingredient, Spinosad. We live in the Texas countryside and Frontline has become effective for only about 5 days. This Comfortis (spinosad) has been a miracle and not one side effect on any of my dogs. I've heard they're testing with cats at present, my poor cats are miserable with scratching and my dogs are now carefree and happy.

I have many dogs and the tablets are expensive, even when buying larger doses and splitting accordingly.

I have a bottle of Green Light Lawn & Garden Organic Spray..which is Spinosad (Spinosyn A & D) 0.5% Solution, 16oz for $12.00. I've seen studies that have used Spinosad in cattle etc.

Wondering if there's anything besides propylene glycol in this solution? It says "other ingredients." Through research I found that propylene glycol was one other ingredient. Is this something I can use in place of the Comfortis? How would I figure the equivalent dosage?

Most of our cats and dogs were "dumped" in the country due to irresponsible pet owners not wanting to take them to the Humane Society. Many of these sweet animals, unfortunately, I have had to take there myself, due to "no room at the inn." And, to keep these pets all healthy ... costs a lot. I'm up for anything that is safe and will make them healthier and happier.


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My 3 dogs are on month 2 of Comfortis. It has been a godsend. I'm in Austin, and I had tried nemotodes, natural spray, then onto heavy duty stuff on top of the Sentinel, Frontline, Advantage, Advantix, no relief. I'm talking I was in the yard spraying and had 20 fleas on my pant legs. Since the Comfortis, no fleas. Maybe 2-3 nearly dead ones. It rocks.
Although it makes all of mine either puke or lethargic, but so does Capstar and Sentinel. I just spread the meds out over a few weeks. I also get mine at for a big savings when I'm buying Sentinel from them too.

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The problem with fleas of course is many animals are allergic so it only takes one flea to set off an allergic reaction that lasts days and even weeks.

I wish there was Frontline, Advantage, etc. years ago when I had my two little dogs who both had severe allergies to fleas. I'd bathe, comb, spray, powder, get cortisone injections, etc., and still the poor things were miserable.

I personally have not used the Comfortis because I do not have a flea infestation. Like others, I do not trust new drugs and wait a while before I give them to my aniamls. However, my friend whose dogs are not responding to the Frontline, Advantage of Revolution, has had to resort to the Comfortis and is very happy. I guess you have to do what you have to do to keep the animal healthy and pest free.

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We live in Hawaii and have two big dogs to protect our cabinetry shop. They are in- and outside as they please and get to go to the beach once a day. Fleas and ticks were normal for us. We tried to keep them under control with Advantix, Frontline and shampoos, but with not much luck. As one of our dogs started to get allergic reactions to all that stuff and the fleas. Our vet recommended Comfortis. It works great. The 1st month there were still a couple of fleas towards the end of the month. Second and third month they were completely flea and tick free. His hair grew back and his skin is healthy.
The only thing that concerns me is that they took it easily the first 2times, but avoided the pill the 3rd. I wonder what it does to the dogs if it kills the fleas that radical. It also seem to me to last longer than just 1month. I have been giving it after 1 1/2 for the last two and they are still fine. Does anyone have similar experiences?

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javalava, in our area, Lowe's and Home Depot sell bags of diatomaceous earth. They are in the insecticide section.

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Since we live in SW Florida where fleas can be a huge problem, AND Frontline was no longer working, we were getting desperate. Two other Mom's I know told me about Comfortis, and after seeing the poor older dog suffering since he couldn't scratch well (arthritis), we decided to try it.

The three year old threw up the next day, and the 12 year old developed diarrhea for roughly 3 days. I fed him rice and boiled chicken with mashed cooked carrots to combat it, and the problem did go away.
The fleas DID come off at a rapid pace and for that we were appreciative.
However, I am concerned about the company's response? The original person I spoke with was personable and professional, took our information and then gave suggestions according to the information posted for her.
I appreciated the obvious sincere concern and the information she shared. (Such as if the dog throws up w/in the first hour after taking it, they would require re-taking the medication; however, since it was the next day, such a requirement was not needed).
However, a week(?) later, I received a phone call from supposedly a vet. At first I was appreciative of the follow-up call checking on my dog and thought "How wonderful!"
But then this same vet starting going on about how the 12 year old getting sick was probably just a coincidence and had nothing to do with the company or the medicine, that it would be hard to prove or disprove. She sounded like a company executive only worried about the company, not the animal or the effects of the flea medication.
I found this extremely discomforting (no pun intended) due to this being a new medication. Would this vet's response be the company's held position? Should something need to be told to the consumer, would they?

There is no doubt we need an alternative to Frontline that no longer works.

I do not think it is good for much older dogs, only due to my experience and the so-called "follow up".
Everything is fine, he is fine and never at any time did I hint or even think of their so called culpability, I was just trying to find out information in order to do what was necessary for my dog.
The response of this vet has lead me to wonder why the defensive and attack attitude when it was not necessary or called for. He was already doing well when she called and I stated this right off the bat.
Makes you wonder....

P.S. My older dog did not want the comfortis. I had to break it down. Canine Intuitiveness?

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Our Lab has been on Heartguard for years and we introduced her to Comfortis 3 months ago. She now has excessive (gallons a day) thirst and increased appetite. She has also had increased "dreams" with shaking - not really seisures but deep trance like. We don't/didn't have a flea issue - just when she stayed at our Mother in laws while we were on vacation. Not sure if the issue is just the Comfortis or the combination with the Heartguard but we are taking her off the Comfortis. Thought is was also funny that 1800 Pet Med phone rep indicated that mine was the first order for the Comfortis - he was perplexed why my vet wrote the rx for it. Will also have a chat with the vet.

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I raise small Chihuahuas and They became infested with Fleas this year. My Vet Told me it would work on them if I use 1/2 tablet of the 5 to 10 pound size. I bought it cause nothing else seemed to work. Within 24 hours of giving Comfortis to them There was not one flea left on any of them. My dogs had no reaction other than runny stool for the first 2 days then it leveled out fine. I was told of other reactions and watched them closely. I have used it on all 6 now for 6 months and Love not having fleas on my dogs or in my home. if a flea gets on them it bites and dies almost immediately. My babies are only 2 1/2 to 3 pounds. I give them comfortis from my vets. and I use a product called Brewers yeast with Garlic from pet section in WalMart ($2.99 for 200 tabs.) They all have thick, Beautiful. shinny, Healthy coats and skin and no fleas and the litters have no chance of getting fleas from their moms. My Pets are all special to me and I Trust my vet. to do right by them. Comfortis works when nothing else did. I Love having a flea free home and Happy healthy full of life pets. Comfortis is not for every dog But it is for mine

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I gave my Boston Terrier and two Boxers comfortis and it worked like a first. The first dosage resulted in a little bit of vomiting. The vet figured she had a touchy stomach since vomitting is a side effect. I wasn't terribly worried so I bought the second dose. That is when the nightmare began. Within two weeks Sassy (the Boston Terrier) stopped eating, became lethargic and was vomiting profusely. The vomit started out clear, then turned to yellow, and then pink. I immediately took her to the vet and they said she had blood in her vomit. The admitted her and ran blood work. Her pancreatic enzymes had tripled. They had no idea what caused it since there had been no change in her diet. I racked my brain trying to figure out what might have caused the attack. They did emergency exploratory surgery to make sure that an intestinal blockage was not the source of irritation. They found no blockages but they did say that her pancreas was the most angry and swollen pancreas they had seen in their entire careers. Typically dogs who present with that kind of severity have a history of pancreatitus. Sassy has no history of this whatsoever.

While I was at the vet office visiting my still gravely ill dog I asked them if the Comfortis might have been the cause. The vet said she doubted it but would research it. She came back and told me that she could not eliminate the Comfortis as a cause since the group studied was so small. Additionally, because the study group reported no cases of death it was immediately labeled as safe despite the fact that there are NO studies that have been dedicated to the long term affects or the adverse reactions in a larger study pool. I was shocked to find out that the safety standards used to measure pet products safety is substandard at best. I have spent almost $800 dollars trying to save my dogs life. The more I research this product the more I am finding cases of adverse reactions similar to Sassy's.

Here is my caution to anyone who wants to try this (because it does work for some dogs) be very careful. Don't assume that because your dog took it a few days ago with little or no reaction that you are out of the woods. The Freedom Information Act on this drug states that adverse reactions can occur as late as 7-14 days after administering the drug. If your dog starts to vomit and it turns pink get your dog to the hospital immediately and have them run a pancreatic enzyme level test, it could very well save your dog's life. My dog isn't out of the woods yet but she is slowly getting better. I know Frontline is pretty much useless but it does offer some protection and it's better than risking another adverse reaction.

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Okay, I don't have anything really to say about Comfortis, I work as a Veterinary Technician so I have gone through the meetings with the drug reps and as far as I can tell it does have some pro's and some con's (my main thing is the lack of tick control). However this post is my attempt to input a little information out there for everybody on this thread and reading this thread, I'm pretty sure I saw a couple people mention they don't like the idea of there canine companions ingesting pesticides but they give them flea baths and put flea collars on them. Just so it's put out there in the clear, flea shampoos and flea collars are not only cheap quick fixes that don't last but they are also bad for your pets as well, in fact they rank right up there with the over the counter flea topical treatments. These products contain chemicals in them that force your dog's body to absorb and detoxify them through there liver and kidneys thus actually hurting them. Also I would like to point out that in cat's, these toxins if ingested orally can actually cause extreme cases of poisoning and often lead to slow painful deaths. Now that is not to say that the pyrethrin toxicity can't be treated but even with treatment the cat can and will most likely die.
Once again sorry for the lack of information on Comfortis but I felt that this needed to be addressed on this forum after reading some of the threads.

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Vets don't get kickbacks per se. We may get pizza during a lunch meeting from a drug rep, but that's about it. In fact, I was just eating Comfortis-supplied pizza yesterday. Here's what I learned:

1. Comfortis is an organic product, but it is ingested and stays within the body for the entire month or longer. Frontline TopSpot is not systemically absorbed- it stays within the sebaceous glands. Advantage IS systemically absorbed and then redistributed to the skin within a couple of days.

2. Some dogs vomit the first dose, but rarely vomit subsequent doses.

3. It is labeled for dogs older than 10 weeks and greater than 5 pounds.

4. It is transferred through breast milk, which may cause puppies to vomit. The drug rep acted like this wasn't a huge problem, but I've seen too many puppies aspirate and die after vomiting, so to me it IS a huge problem. They don't know how much of the drug gets into the breast milk, and therefore cannot guarantee the puppies are not getting an overdose. And remember, it's only labeled for dogs 10+ weeks and 5+ pounds, so who knows what it does to younger and smaller dogs?

5. 100% of the fleas die within 4 hours. That is VERY impressive since Frontline takes up to 24 hours. Since the fleas die so quickly, it is impossible for them to lay eggs and continue the flea life cycle. Frontline Plus has an insect growth regulator which accomplishes the same task.

6. Comfortis does not kill ticks, leaving your dog susceptible to all of the tick-born diseases unless other measures are taken. The drug rep recommended the PrevenTic collar (amitraz) along with Comfortis. The PrevenTic collar is VERY effective against ticks but is a very potent insecticide and has adverse effects on people and cats.

The dermatologists and parasitologists at school have been recommending people rotate their flea/tick control products monthly to prevent resistance. Comfortis allows another tool in the belt to accomplish this.

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I just called my vet about getting a prescription so that I could order Comfortis from Allivet (my vet wants $90/6pk vs $61.99/6pk from Allivet). He told me that Eli Lilly, the manufacturer, only sells to local veterinarians and that I couldn't order it over the internet. I asked him how places like Allivet and Entirelypets could sell it and he said they weren't selling the real thing. I don't believe this is true, but I'm not sure if my vet was given bogus info by drug reps or if he just doesn't want to miss a sale. The Comfortis website says nothing about getting this product from a local vet. Has anyone else been told this when they requested a prescription? Has anyone else heard this?

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I have 3 dogs, a 13 year old Brittany and two poodle mixes almost 3.
I was having trouble getting rid of fleas even after using Frontline Plus. I called the vets office yesterday and Comfortis was recommended .
I went by their office and bought 3 tablets appropriate for their weight. I was told they should have the tablet with a meal to reduce the side effect of vomiting.
I followed the directions and gave them the tablets about 3:30 pm. The Brittany vomited probably about 5 pm, but she was fine. My poodles had probably been out in the back yard about 20 minutes when I found the male dog lying in the grass, very lethargic, with vomit on his face. I actually didnÂt know if he was dead or alive when I approached him because he didnÂt respond to me at all.
The vetÂs office had just closed, so I called the Emergency Vet and was told that vomiting and lethargy were side effects and he should be fine but I could bring him in if I wanted. I watched his breathing closely and he began to feel better in about 30 minutes.
My female poodle was fine except more hyper than usual.
This morning when my vetÂs office opens, I will call to report what happened. After reading some of these posts, I am concerned about additional side effects.

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I'm in Texas & it seems that the fleas this year have been the worst ever. Between treating the yard professionally, fleas baths & Frontline+ applications (3 days after the baths) STILL FLEA INFESTED.
What no one has mentioned is that once a flea is ingested by the dog they can get tap worm WHICH requires a RX for Drontal. Vicious Circle!!!
This new drug may be well worth taking a chance on since it was recommended by my dogs breeder who also works for a Vet. She uses it. Thanks for all the input on this forum. Will keep a close eye on my dogs reaction & be sure to medicate at 7AM M-F so if there is a problem, I can get to the vet.
I noticed on the Dr Foster web site that they say "Not to be used in pets receiving high dosages of ivermectin." Anyone know anything about that statement?

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Found the ANSWER: "Ivermectin should also not be used in conjunction with spinosad (Comfortis) as the potential for ivermectin side effects will be increased. Again, the very small doses of ivermectin used in heartworm prevention are not included in this cautionary statement; this only applies to the high dose protocols used to treat skin parasites."
If you want to learn how it works & lots more about COMFORTIS go to the link below.

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This may be a duplicate, but well worth reposting as I don't see the original. My 7 year old Chihuahua almost died from this drug. He started foaming at the mouth, then went stiff as a board. I thought he was dead. It took about 10 minutes of my Husband holding him up until he could stand. Since then he has not been eating or drinking water. The Vet ran bloodwork on him, refused my payment for tests. Stated he was contacting the drug company with my complaint. Beware people. This was a terrible experience, not only for my beloved pet, but for his owners who love him so!

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Well, I have read all of these posts, and I can't say that I'm not worried. Comfortis was just prescribed for our 4 dogs today, one of which is a wolf-hybrid, and has allergic reactions to flea bites. We live in Northeast Florida, and despite the cold temps so far this month, we've have been fighting a non-stop, unsuccessful battle against fleas, and I could no longer watch my dogs suffer, especially the hybrid. We gave it to them with a good size meal, which our vet stressed was important, in order to hopefully lesson any vomiting that might occur. I love our dogs very much. I've used EVERY, and I do mean every method out there for flea control, even going as far as spraying our home and yard with Malathion mixed with IGR (insect growth regulator), recommended by a breeder. Just breathing in the fumes from that desperate attempt to remove the fleas could have probably killed us all if we had continued doing it. But, like many of you have posted here, the fleas returned on our dog IMMEDIATELY, sometimes in less than 30 minutes. And that's after we did the Capstar, bathing, dousing with one of the more popular yet obviously ineffective flea removing preparations, and house and yard control, all in one day. Besides being exhausted after all of that on a regular basis, it has been so disheartening to have none of it work. So...long story short...I pray nothing happens to my animals, but I had to do something. So I did. I'll keep you all posted as to how it plays out for us.

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Update: I gave it to 2 of my 4 dogs last night. My 3'rd is a puppy that has a sensitive stomach (doing him last), and my 4'th just got home from surgery yesterday afternoon. I didn't think it was the right time to try her. They are both still itching...but not clawing themselves as they normally do. I'm going to go get the flea comb and do a check. I'm apprehensive...$120.00 for 4 dogs was a whopping amount to pay, even though it's for more than one month, still...! Now I'm more worried that it won't work! Oh, that's right, I forgot. No reactions...yet? Will keep you updated.

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The initial 2 dogs that I gave the Comfortis to have no fleas. I've flea combed them repeatedly, with the first time resulting in 2 dead fleas from each, and the last time, nothing. This is in a household that still has 2 other dogs not yet treated, and a backyard that's overrun with fleas because it gets little shade and has hardly any grass. It's a veriable flea sandpit. So that means everytime they go out to potty, they have the potential to carry back in hundreds on themselves. It's not happening...I'm in shock. So tonight I gave my 3'rd dog her dose...and now I'm anxiously waiting to see if there are going to be any side effects to her. I will keep everyone updated.


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My vet prescribed Comfortis for my dog's skin problems. Not for fleas, but because she is badly broken out and scratching herself raw. She was put on thyroid medicine for the same reason and has lost weight and got her bouncy personality back, but the allergy problem has gotten worse. He said she would be lethargic from the Comfortis, but never mentioned vomiting as a side affect. His secretary did mention that if we ordered the pills online we would be more likely to get a generic and not the real deal. I am very worried about giving this to my dog.

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Molly ~

I am not sure that your vet's office was giving you correct info when she said that if you order online you are more likely to get the generic version of Comfortis. I have referenced a site for you to read about the pros and cons of this medication.

I got this from 1800PetMeds and I have ordered from them before. I have gotten "the real deal" on many things and not received generics as a substitution.

Spinosad may be the generic form of Comfortis who is made by Lilly. I am assuming it is Eli Lilly because they are famous for human medications too. Actually, if you click on the link you will see the actual box of Comfortis and note that the name "Spinosad" is right next to it in parenthesis.

I did some research and wasn't able to find any other product name that could be used for a substitute so I am inclined to think that the vet's office just wanted you to buy from them. When I started ordering my cat & dog flea/tick/heartworm meds online my vet said that I couldn't get them cheaper than what he sold for. I told him that it was much cleaper online and I had him write a prescription for Wesley (dog) and Lucy & Lola (cats) so that I could just reorder when needed.

Anyway, good luck with your research and decision. There is so much to take into consideration.


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I, too, am funny about pesticides, to the point of being called "ridiculous". HOWEVER, my white boy Kane, was turning orange down his back from fleas, and as another member posted, they can bleed a dog to death. Advantange and Frontline was not touching them. I was desperate, so....Coomfortis, here we came! As another poster said, within minutes, they were rising to the surface in a black tidal wave and falling off dead. It has been 3 weeks, and he he hasn't had a speck of flea dirt, since. Truly an amazning product.

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Re: posting by chmcarr on August 27, 2008
Was wondering how everything turned out for your dog. I have a 6 year old male long haired Doxie (18 lbs.)who I started on Comfortis on Nov 24th and he started throwing up (mainly yellow bile then clear, during the nights) on Dec. 3rd. This morning his bile had a brownish color. He's still doing pretty good for the most part but does refuse to eat sometimes, which is very unusual for him. I'm taking him to the Vet today and I printed your post for her to read. If there is any other info you could share I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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Update: I gave our 3'rd dog her dose of Comfortis, and she had no side-effects at all. The next day I gave our 4'th dog, our youngest, his dose. For two days he had mild vomiting and diarrhea (prob spelled wrong). After it passed, he returned to his vibrant, healthy self. That was 15 days ago. None of the 4 dogs have fleas, not a one. We've since moved into a new apartment, so we're in a totally new environment, and I didn't know what to expect. But they've been fine, no itching...nothing! It appears as if our 4 are a success story. Good luck to all of you trying to make this difficult decision. I hope it works out well for everyone. If anything changes, I will let you all know.


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I have been wanting to switch to this after seeing my poor Gracie suffer with the topicals.. No vet in my area seems to have ever heard of it.. plus you need a perscription to get it off the internet so I need to know if anyone else is having this same problem and what anyone suggests

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I've got four dogs and one of them has a flea allergy. I'm a strong proponent of holistic medicine and feed all my dogs raw, balanced diets, do not vaccinate them (other than the legally mandated rabies), and try to avoid all forms of poisons except for the monthly heart-worm preventative because our area is heavily infested... I truly believe that a healthy body is key to preventing severe infestations of fleas - and, in fact, we never had an infestation - but even one flea bite would start a horrible cycle of my youngest boy chewing himself raw, jumping up at night just to scratch madly at himself, then developing rashes where he had bitten himself, and so on. And no matter how often I washed him, what I fed him, or how many hoops I jumped through - I couldn't avoid EVERY single flea. I love my dogs - they are my children - and watching him suffer was making me suffer so I spoke to my vet. She is a bit more inclined toward traditional medicine than I would like but I respect her because she tells me the truth although we often disagree. She said that, for OUR case, this product was the best option because of the speed with which it worked and its relatively minor side effects in comparison to what we were experiencing. She said the drug works on the fleas but does not affect mammals so it's relatively safe.
...I gave it to my boy and the first pill was like a miracle - he slept through the night for the first time in over a month (with the snoring, barking, jerking, "running" and all the other shenanigans dogs pull while dreaming - which is all part of a dog's normal REM cycle and not a "seizure"). He did throw up the morning after his second pill but it did not decrease his energy level and he's been doing well ever since.

I get no kick-backs from the drug's manufacturer (unfortunately) but as with any drug (even aspirin, folks!), there are outliers to the bell-curve: some will have no reaction, some will have an extremely severe reaction (like the story of the Boston Terriers in the above post) and some will have minor nausea/vomiting... Same is true with human drugs: my doctor prescribed Ambien for sleep and instead of sleeping, I began to hallucinate; even though I saw little green people, the FDA hasn't been pulling Ambien off the shelves since it helps more people than it harms. Dogs tend to throw up if anything is amiss - even if they simply ate some grass - so that has to be taken into consideration. That and you have to weigh the risks against the benefits - and only you and your vet can do that, keeping in mind your animal's medical history and needs. (I'd also add that people are more likely to discuss their negative experiences than their positive ones...) It's also silly to argue that spraying your yard with poisonous chemicals (which then seep into groundwater and contaminate our rivers and oceans), putting flea collars on them, or spraying them with solutions that clearly say - RIGHT ON THE BOTTLE - avoid all contact with skin is a "safer" method...

In any case, I'm not advocating the use of this or any drug - I'd prefer never to give my animals anything they cannot find in organic foods - but it worked for us and for that, I'm grateful.

Also, I couldn't NOT respond to "concerned-parent" - I doubt that by calling you to discuss your concerns, the company was trying to avoid any "culpability" (read: liability) as to the reported ill-health of an older dog more than a week after ingestion of their product... Proving A caused B is hard enough when it happens in the same day -- proving it after a week has gone by is next to impossible, keeping in mind the fact that your dog is older (more likely to be ill, unfortunately) and a million other variables that he/she has come in contact with during that time. And as to whether the company will warn you about side effects - it's in their best interests to do so because, otherwise, if they don't, lawyers (like me!) will sue their pants off... to put it nicely. What they do is disclose all the POTENTIAL benefits and POTENTIAL harms and say something like, "the decision is between you and your veterinarian whether Comfortis is right for your pet, considering his prior medical history," etc. That way, there is no "culpability" for them unless they lied. (See, corporate greed working in your favor!)

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schnauzer-lover wrote, "I'm a strong proponent of holistic medicine and feed all my dogs raw, balanced diets, do not vaccinate them (other than the legally mandated rabies)". Please tell me your dogs have been vaccinate against Parvo virus! It is horribly contagious, can live for long periods on just about any surface and means almost certain death. We rescued a shelter puppy who had not been vaccinated in time. After 5 days she descended into a horrific spiral of misery, vomiting, blood, we tried everything to save her. Had I known how cruel this virus was, I would have listened to my vet and had her euthanized instead of watching her suffer a painful death. I will never forgive myself. Please vaccinate your dogs against this cruel illness.

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All dogs get a full round of puppy shots, which include parvo. Parvo is deadly when contracted by animals with compromised immune systems - either the very young or the very old. Healthy animals are not only immune to it (from the puppy round of shots) for many years, but also are able to tolerate it very easily even when the immunity runs out.

As an owner of 4 dogs and someone who has rescued animals for many years, I strongly urge you to read all the literature you can find about vaccinations and their true benefits versus harm and decide accordingly, and not based solely on what everyone does.

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For those looking to buy, just ordered 6-month treatment of Comfortis (60 - 120lbs) for $66, free shipping with coupon "shippings25" at My vet sells it for about $20 more (or $16 per pill, tax included!).

I also wanted to note that my youngest was due for his next pill this past Sunday -- by Thursday, I noticed that he was missing a patch of hair on his right flank (I assumed it was from playing with other dogs) and by Friday night, he'd developed red, swollen areas from where he had been bitten by whatever wayward flea was alive in this cold (it's around 50 degrees here). So, in our experience, the pill wears off before its 30-day "due date."

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Our dog has been taking Comfortis for 6 months and we have had no trouble....we love it! It is so easy to just give him the pill. We order it from and last time I recieved it within a week. My vet charges $85 for 6 month compared to $58 on I called my vet and told them that I wanted to order it online since it was cheaper, they had no problem with that. If I remember correctly, I just gave my vet info when ordering and they contacted the vet about the prescription. So easy!

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My mother has been using Comfortis on her two poodles since last summer with absolutely no ill effects.
I decided to try it on my three dogs (2 poodles, 1 Pomston) since the Frontline wasn't working very well.
We live on a centeral Texas farm with lots of flea infested roving wildlife.
We give the Comfortis an hour after the dogs have eaten a bland mix of rice and chicken with a quarter tablet of Pepcid.
After three months I am very happy to report they have tolerated the medicine without any problems.
*Before they started this medication, they had a full work up at the vet. They are in perfect health and under 4 years of age.
We also give their Interceptor a week after the Comfortis to avoid overloading their systems.
Hope this helps!

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We have a Chinese Crested powderpuff and a cat,hence lots of hair and fleas, also living in florida we have warm weather all year round, so we do not get any break in flea season. We have been using comfortis for 6 months and it is amazing. We had fleas so bad the dog, cat and house had them. We were thinking about pest control coming to spray for fleas, but you have to remove all pets for 3+ hours and that is so inconvienient and very expensive. So we found comfortis and it got the fleas off the dog almost immediately and it even got alot of them off the cat and out of the house. It is great. I used to work for a dermatologist for pets about 10 years ago and we recommended frontline and advantage as they were the best back then. It seems now like they are not working as well and we were wasting our money. Well Comfortis works great and we no longer use the other products. Our dog got an upset stomach with the first dose but nothing since. We love it and recommend it to all of our friends that have dogs.

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Our vet recommended we try Comfortis and I picked up one pill today to try for a month. We've been having a difficult time here in Southwest Florida with fleas this year. We treated the yard, house, constantly vacuuming the floors, rugs and furniture and treated out pooch with Frontline and Advantix. Nothing seems to work this year. She is constantly scratching. We haven't had much rain and that must be part of the problem outside I believe. Our dog is a 3 year old mixed terrier.

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I am on researching Comfortis, for my sister who is using it, I am amazed at the posts and diversity. I am similar to "Shnauzer-Lover in raw diet all natural. Have hated using frontline, go the natural route. My sister is in SC and her Goldens go crazy with the fleas, she seems to like the Comfortis? I can add on Cape Cod we have a horrible Flea And Tick problem, my little white Jack Russel has a horrible Flea allergy. I have been trying a product called "Shoo Tag" and am cautiously impressed. We just started it last week and no Ticks on my dog , but ticks on me! We are not into the thick of fleas season yet so I can't say how well it works, but if it works as good on fleas as ticks, we're good! They are basically plastic dog tags with magnetic strips like a credit card that must be worn 24/7.
30 day 100% money back guarantee. Only $30.00 for both flea and tick tags lasts 4 months. The 4 months I cannot attest too as we have only been using them a week. I'm still holding off returning my unopened frontline till we get through flea season.
I'm with the Camp and will weight years,, in fact what scares me most is that 1) it is ingested and 2) how fast and effective it works. I looked Spinosad in Wikipedia interesting reading.
I'll be interested in the continuing thread. Thanks to all contributers

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I used comfortis for the first time 3 weeks ago, i have 3 dogs 2inside 1 outside. The fleas were so bad they got in my house, since using it my dogs have been flea free and happy. The fleas in the house were a nightmare for over 2 weeks i tryed everything nothing would get those little critters gone, but i found a product that will work it is safe around your childern and your pets since i used it 4 days ago i have been flea free in my home. Here is the site they also have products for outside too. If you love your pets like i do please check it out

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Cedarcide is definitely a good product, but once you start using it, you have to continue using it or the bugs will come back. It's pricey, too. The first time I used it, I didn't keep my dogs from licking it off & they got sick, sick sick. I wished I'd had an E-collar! Eventually I had to find something cheaper.

DE (diatomacious earth (sp?) - food grade only) works well inside the house & isn't harmful to the dogs or to us. The non food grade DE seems to work OK outside. It's a lot cheaper, too & very effective.

We just put our dogs on Comfortis. Our vet also gave them a shot of Medrol to help with the discomfort from the bites. They were VERY subdued for a couple of days & I don't know if it was from the Comfortis or the shot. It took them about 2-3 days to stop itching, though. It certainly wasn't instantaneous.

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My dog is a 10 year old Golden and weighs 92 lbs. He has always been very healthy, bright, alert, friendly and loving. In fact, in the dog world he is considered a bit of an Einstein. For instance, 6 weeks ago as we were coming into the house and I had my hands full so hung his leash on the porch swing to unlock the door. I forgot it was there and had never hung it there before. But the next day when time to walk I told him to get his leash and he went to the normal place for it (in the kitchen) and when it was not there, he stood there for a few seconds searching his memory and tore out for the porch to retrieve his leash with no prompting from me. I swear, he is amazing!

Six months ago I started him on Comfortis and in the last month have observed some radical changes in him. He has become unresponsive, does not always obey commands, does not always respond to my voice and clings to me. I am told these are symptoms of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Disease also known as old dog disease. This is like the onset of Alzheimers in human beings. From what I understand this disease comes on slowly not in 4 weeks! I have had him to the vet twice in 3 weeks for this and the vet does not say anything abourt Comfortis causing it but he is concerned.

Cain, my dog, is a service dog and brings much happiness to shut-ins. His diet is of holistic dog food, natural treats, plenty of fresh water, a daily vitamin and gluclosomin tab, and once a month heart worm medicine.

I do not know it is the Comfortis causing these symptoms but am taking him off of it as it is the only new thing in his environment for years. Hopefully my Cain will return to me. Unfortunately, the damage, if caused by Comfortis, is probably permanent which means he will not be able to interact with shut-ins anymore.

I so regret putting him on Comfortis and should have looked into it more prior to starting him on it. But even now I find little information on side effects of Comfortis on the web.

Can anyone shed an light on this?

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Comfortis For Dogs - Monthly Flea Control Pill
There have been a few oral flea control products that have come out in the past, however, the comfortis flea pill is the first one that kills adult fleas for an entire month. Program and Sentinel are also oral flea meds, however, they are designed to kill fleas in the larvae and pupae stages only - they do not kill adult fleas like Comfortis does. Comfortis flea is just the opposite, it kills fleas in the adult stages only and will not prevent the hatching and growth of larvae. Like Comfortis, Capstar is also a chewable, given by mouth flea killer that acts on fleas that are on the dog at the time the pill is given, however, it does not offer the month long residual effect that Comfortis does.
Comfortis is made by the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly with Spinosad as the main ingredient. Spinosad works by circulating within the dog's bloodstream where it targets the biting flea's nervous system to cause paralysis and death, but, it is not supposed to have the same effect on the dog's nervous system as it does on the biting flea itself.

Potential Side Effects And Adverse Reactions From Comfortis
It is important to know that some dog's have had adverse reactions and/or side effects from Comfortis including but not limited to vomiting, decreased appetite, lethargy, hyperactivity and increased salivation. In June 2008, the FDA released a warning that some dogs have had adverse reactions when taking Comfortis and Ivermectin concurrently. Ivermectin is a common ingredient in heartworm prevention medication including Heartgard products. Always discuss the use of any new product, including non-prescription meds, with your veterinarian before buying and administering them to your pet. Be sure to include all other food, supplements, meds and products your dog is currently receiving. For our pets, we often wait up to six to twelve months before trying a new pet health product just in case any unexpected problems with the product come to light that weren't discovered in the preliminary trial stages.

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I have read each post and think it's fishy that almost EVERY poster supportive of Comfortis registered on GardenWeb the same day they posted glowing comments about this product.

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I used Comfortis earlier this year but swtiched to Advantix when the tick season started. Before these I used Frontline. Comfortis is the ONLY thing that works. I'm in NC and every summer it gets bad here. Now that I am starting an in home doggie daycare I had to get a handle on the fleas so my clients dogs don't go home with them. I also hate seeing my dog suffer like that. I do wish it protected from ticks though. I am also the all natural type and a little weary of things, but I really needed someting that actually worked. She hasn't had any side affects with it and I will keep an eye on her for as long as she takes it.

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Nothing worked for one of my dogs the past 2 seasons though the Frontline Plus works on the other dog and the cat, then 2 seperate vets and the groomer suggested Comfortis. Our vet said that the Frontline Plus has not worked as it has in the past for many customers.
Happy to report we are now on dose # 3 this year and did 1 last year. However I am having a concern this past 2 doses. The dog is old but I am worried his stomach problems could be due to this being the only change. So I have begun a chicken and rice regimen instead of salmon or beef. But I am seeing diarrhea and some vomiting for several days a week after he took the last 2 doses.

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This is my second year using Comfortis on my 3 dogs. It works great with no problems so far. The vet recommended Comfortis. I have just found a website that is offering a special on comfortis. Just search Vet Meds for Pets. Good price on comfortis.

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i think comfortis saved my dog's life. here in north florida the fleas were unbelievably bad last spring (2009). we tried everything. I would flea comb that dog 3 times a day for 30 minutes each time. every natural remedy you can find on internet. we had used advantage and frontline. The poor dog was so allergic that every minute was spent scratching. he was bald and red and MISERABLE. comfortis has eliminated fleas in our house. key

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My yorkie is currently using Comfortis and doing great. However, I am now having a tick problem. Just pulled 4 ticks off of him. My vet recommended using Frontline or Preventic collar in addition to the Comfortis. I went with the collar, but he is scratching his neck like crazy.
I am interested to know what others are using for tick control. I am hesitant to use another flea control product (frontline) on him. Any advice would be helpful.

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I have two outdoor dachshunds which I started on Comfortis last in November and the other in December. It is now the middle of April and they've only been treated with one pill each. Still no fleas! I am so impressed with this product!! We've had no side effects.
I do wish they would come out with a pill for my two cats. I don't like applying the pet meds to the back of their necks, as they always try to clean it off.

Great Product!

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While I lean more toward the 'waiting a few years' side of the fence, I've been watching my dog turn into a miserable itching mess. From what I've read and seen in my sister's dog, this pill is good for getting an infestation under control quickly. But to see the fleas jump off and die after 15 minutes only makes me think about what is going into my dog's body to make them do that. That's some potent stuff! My plan is to use this for maybe 2 or 3 months, depending on how fast the fleas are disappearing, then move on to something less strong and more trusted.

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Just a little info from a former dog breeder. I was a little apprehensive about an oral flea killer. I now have a Jack Russel (21 pounds) male and a female Cane Corso (120 pounds) that I absolutely baby and cook for them, ect. I gave them one pill each and the Comfortis works very good and even keeps the Jack Russell from scratching delicate skin areas. I am totally sold on Comfortis BUT.........BUT, use it every OTHER month. NOT every month. I personally feel it is too hard on kidneys especially on small dogs every month and to be truthfull, they were flea and tick free for 3 months after one pill. 6 pills now last me a year and a half. The vets do not like this method (obviously) but Comfortis is strong and you do not need to keep it going every month. Of course do some maintenance such as a flea bath or so every month and regular cleaning but give your beloved pet a break and try the bi-monthly method and IF fleas do not appear, go another month before administering a pill. Keep your home clean too. Its not all the dog or cats fault. By the way, cats are more sensitive to drugs and watch out for over-doing dosages for cats. Just my experience.

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I gave my healthy, happy 86 lb. 3 year old golden retriever Comfortis with food as directed. The next morning she began to vomit and continued throughout the night. The following morning she was still extremely sick so I took her to the vet. She was given the Cerenia shot which stopped the vomiting; however, it's been 2 days and she will barely eat the prescription food or even any of her regular food. In 2 days all she has eaten is maybe a few table spoons of food, and has little energy. The good news is she is drinking a lot of water and holding it down. The vet said it may take a few more days. I would never, ever consider this flea pill for my dog again. I thought I was going to lose her.

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Do you want to save money on Comfortis? I ordered from the above people and the meds come from Australia and New Zealand.It is the same product only the Aussie don't screw you so badly with the cost. Check it out, I saved over $20 with one rx. It is still a LILLY product

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I just picked up the comfortis today for my three Lhasa's. One will be four in August and two will make 2 in August, they are all inside dogs. We are in Louisiana and this is the first time that our pups have been infested with fleas. We just can't get rid of them and we have tried sprays, powders, nematodes, flea dips, collars, the topical stuff. Nothing is working. Our big girl has lost all the hair off her backside and our baby girl is chewing hers out in clumps.

I gave them each a comfortis today at 4:30. It's been more than an hour and they all are still scratching & biting like crazy. No lethargy or vomitting yet (knocks on wood).

Thanks to this board I will be watching them very carefully tonight & tomorrow morning. I will come back and post updates tomorrow.

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I highly recommend this if you want to be flea free. YOU MUST GIVE IT ON A FULL STOMACH! My 10 year old, 5lb chihuahua and my black lab puppy 30lbs, have been taking it for 4 months now and I dare not miss a dose or flea's become a problem again. I also gave to my dear buddy boy ( 14 year old,65lb Sheppard) for 2 years before he passed. There is no more itching for those poor dogs. No more harsh chemicals in your home. It may take a few months to get rid of all your flea's but be patient it really works.

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A friend found a stray in the park and took her home. She was completely without hair on her right haunch and she scratched continually, making sores. The veterinarian said she had a flea allergy so they used Frontline Plus. It got worse, and although she was tested for every kind of mange, etc, all tests were negative and nothing helped. My friend finally took her to a dog dermatologist (I didn't know they existed either). The dermatologist confirmed that it was a flea allergy and prescribed Comfortis. The dog is now flea-free and has a shiny black coat. Right now, I'm fostering Lhasas and Shih Tzus for a rescue group. The veterinarian who works with the group has prescribed Comfortis for one tiny Shih Tzu who has fleas even though I've used Frontline Plus. It is working. The fleas are very bad this year and lots of people say Frontline Plus isn't working. I wonder if resistance has developed, or they've changed the formula.

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After giving my Golden Retriever his first dosage, he started getting sick over 10 days later (he threw up 25 time). Two Vets said it could not be related. I gave him a second dose and he got sick 4 days later. However, after reading the post by "chmcarr" on 8/27/08, I am convinced that this is related to the Comfortis pill.

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"BEWARE, Can be harmful sometimes!"
AUSTIN had his last dose last month with food and all seemed fine. He did seem to sleep a lot more during the day, but I didn't really think that much about it. His second dose was yesterday, again with food. Last night he woke me up, was getting in and out of bed then all of a sudden he couldn't even jump into bed. He tried to vomit but nothing was there. He was panting and his heart was racing. His back legs were trembling. I took him to the Emergency Clinic, they pumped his stomach and he is still lethargic and non responsive. A Neurologist is about to see him so the outcome is to be seen and I will report back. $1900 so far! and still not done and not sure how to fix him or if he can be fixed. I may be contacting COMFORTIS not only for COMFORT but some answers and maybe a lawsuit since it appears I am not the only one here! I am disabled and can not afford these kinds of bills for my Service Dog.

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I live in rural north Texas, and the fleas seem to be immune to flea/tick collars and the Spot-0n stuff. I have a 70+ lb. dog, and he hates the Spot meds anyway. He will mope around if I use it and they don't work anyway. I keep a collar on him for the ticks, though. I started using Comfortis 3 seasons ago. If he was Hyper, it was because the fleas were dying and falling off of him almost immediatley! They were bad outside and inside the house. There were no more flea problems til the following year.
I gave him only ONE pill til the next year. The 2nd season was the same! ONE pill a year is doing the trick. I just gave him this 3rd season pill mid July, and so far, so good. Each dog must react in a different way. If the fleas don't come back, I will not give him another dose.

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Ok, I didn't come back as soon as I had planned to post my observations but my three Lhasa's have had two doses of the Comfortis and have had NO ill effects. They are completely flea free and we have had no loose stools, no lethargy, no nausea, nothing. My poor pooche has even began to grow her hair back where the hot spots were. Maybe different breeds react differently to this med but my boy & girls are doing great!

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My Aussie Mix had a bad reaction to Comfortis and I'm not giving her this drug again. About 5 hours after I administered Comfortis to her she was unable to walk. Couldn't get up off of the floor, couldn't jump on the bed, couldn't move her back legs at all. They were like spaghetti. At first I thought she had just done something to strain her muscles (she's 11), so chalked it up as coincidence.

The second time I gave her the pill (about two months after the first dose), she had exactly the same symptoms. I asked my vet about it but he said he found it highly unlikely that the Comfortis would be causing this. But don't you think it's a bit of a coincidence that the only two times in her life she has ever had these symptoms was shortly after taking Comfortis?

So I'm erring on the side of caution and not giving her any more. I have three other dogs who also have mild flea allergies. I try as many natural routes as possible (flea combing every night, lavender / pennyroyal / cedar spray, vinegar spray on them and around their pet bed areas, nematodes sprayed on the lawn 3 to 4 times a year). I'm not a fan of diatomaceous earth. Because its made from fossilized shells, the particles are like tiny shards of glass which - if inhaled - can really mess up your dog's respiratory tract. And since they use their noses so much, I don't want to risk having them inhale this stuff.

Meanwhile, I'm back to the drawing board myself. I'll continue with my summer regimen of baths, combing, etc. in hopes that it wards off the fleas enough to keep my dogs comfortable and sane. I don't like pesticides. Never did, never will. There has to be an alternative out there that won't harm our pets, OR us, in the long run.

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We have 4 mastiffs and used Comfortis a few days ago. It did get rid of anything they might of had but the the side effects of one of our dogs was and still is HORRIBLE. She cant control her back legs, she has been vomiting, her pupils are a whitish looking color. She have been drinking water and still wag her tail but she is the worst. I WILL NEVER EVER use this stuff again.

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I have a 1 year old fox terrier. I read through most of the postings on the site before giving her the comfortis pill...while I was hesitant to give it to her due to the side effects that others said their dogs experienced I felt like it would be the best option to get rid of her fleas. While the pill worked very well and very quick, the side effects were terrible! Before giving her the pill, she was a VERY active (running, playing constantly), fun, and loving dog. I gave her the pill at the beginning of September and she still has bad side effects from it. Some days she acts normal other days she gets very easily aggresive with people and also my other animals (which she has always gotten along with before) she gets to the point where she has to be put away by herself so she doesn't fight the other dogs. She's also always very tired and always thirsty. I'm hoping these effects on her will wear off. So while the comfortis did work really well to get rid of the fleas and quickly I will never give her this pill just not worth the side effects that come along with it.

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I have read all the posts and I do think dogs could have reactions to any type of drug. Even people can with all the drugs people take for health reasons. I just wanted to post my experience here with Comfortis. I had never hear of it before yesterday when I called my vet and explained the situation I was having with fleas and how I have spent so much money on soaps and sprays and dusting powders and how nothing was working. I have two boston terriers and a rottie. The two bostons have had reactions to the flea products like frontline to the point I had to bring them both to the vets for treatment. So I wonât use them again. I have never had fleas to where I have spent over two months trying to get rid of them. Usually a couple flea baths and they are gone. This year has not been the case. Well my vet gave us Comfortis and I gave it to them last night. None of my dogs have had reactions (even my old boston who has health issues). All are scratching less (which I feel the scratching they are doing now is do to the old bites). My other boston slept all night which he hasnât done for quite a while. I havenât woke up to my Rottie scratching all night next to my bed. We will see how it does later in the month. I will use this product again. We are having snow already so I am hoping I wonât need another dose until next summer.

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I suggest everyone read these links, considering these products have been out for a number of years we are now getting these warnings about two well used flea products and how dangerous they can be.
Together with the practice of giving vaccination boosters which are NOT NEEDED, it has been well documented that scientific studies which came out with guidelines mentioned in the vaccination article stating there is no need to repeat vaccinations since immunity from a puppy vaccination course lasts for 9 years or the lifetime of the dog or cat WITHOUT re-vaccinating.
Read these links, we are killing our pets with overdose of pesticides, vaccinations and commercial pet food. below links that pet owners should read about why pet food kills our pets.

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have been using comfortis for a couple of years.we live in florida with 2 large dogs,a weim and a giant schnauzer.we would recomend comfortis.

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In central florida there is a bad flea problem year round. Nothing else on the market works for more than a few days. We've been using Comfortis for 6 months now. We grind the pill and put it in the dogs wet food. We've seen no side effects, our dog also has no more fleas. Will continue to use Comfortis whatever the price.

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I have 3 dogs (1 tiny, 1 middle and 1 biggish)and have used Comfortis twice. It really works and does what it says it will.It is amazingly effective. BUT...The first time all ok - the middle size dog did have a seizure at night but we were uncertain about what caused it - did not connect it with Comfortis (the leaflet says ne adverse reactions. The second time,(several months later) just a week ago and within hours of taking Comfortis, the middle dog had a severe seizure - rigidity, incontinence, spasms, panting (very distressful to watch) lasting half an hour. The next day she couldn't walk or stand up and, a week later still is very unsteady on her feet, falling over and very cautious. We hope she may only have pinched a nerve in her back or slipped a disc during the seizure and will fully recover but we will NEVER give her Comfortis again. However, we will use it on the other dogs.
The lesson; as with every medication, there will be individual reactions so be aware and make the decision to use it or not based on the risks/benefits. I'm sure the manufacturers know there have been some bad reactions so it is very irresponsible of them to say in their leaflet that there are "No contraindications". They just need to be honest rather than evasive. It is a good product for most dogs but owners should be aware that there are adverse reactions and be given credit for being able to make a decision based on full disclosure.

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Comfortis is the best thing I have ever come across for our dogs. We have been battling fleas for 2 years now. We have spent thousands of dollars to have our house and yard professionally treated, used frontline plus on the dogs, even started flea bathing weekly as well as combing daily. Our dogs would do nothing but lay around and itch, whine and actually rip out their fur to the point that they were bleeding messes. I did not know what else to do rid ourselves of this problem. The Vet would continually tell me that I needed to treat my dogs monthly with frontline as well as the home and yard, and I in return told him that we were doing all that.

Then last November we were told about comfortis, which is slightly cheaper than frontline in our area. So I figured gievn everything we have tried might as well try this.

Within a day of giving them this pill, they were happy not itching or whining. I have used it monthly since November 2010. I just gave them their 4 dose of this and the only side affect we have had is NO FLEAS!!!!! I would recommend to anyone, I have happy dogs again and it took us 2 years to find that magic pill that would make them happy. Go get it it is more than worth it for the relief your dog and you will get.

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We live on the the East Coast of NSW Australia. Recently unbeknownst to us, we visited a flea infested house with our 3 dogs and since then we've got fleas :( Prior to this we were flea free. We feed our dogs on a BARF diet and only use natural remedies and medicines.

Recently a friend mentioned how great Comfortis has been for his dogs, he's been using it for a few months now. I was tempted with the product and thought to do a lttle research before trying it out.

When I google comfortis only the good reviews seem to come up. I was a little suspicious and entered keys words such as adverse reactions and the like. What I've found so far is disturbing. Many of the symptoms that people have described are very similar to pancreatitis. I lost 2 old dogs to this horrible disease and know the symptoms very well. Please note that my previous dogs were not fed BARF and it was their illness that made me look into a better diet.

Some of symptoms I refer to are vomiting, starting with white, then yellow, then pink. Lethargy, loss of coordination, excessive thirst and weight loss. When pancreatitis strikes it usually meant hospitalisation for several days and eventaully death.

Having read about similar reactions after people using comfortis on their dogs I have decided not to use it. I will persevere with food grade diatomaceous earth, neem oil, rosemary rinses etc, but I WILL NOT take the chance with ,my beloved dogs.

I found another site that people might like to read. The only reason I'm posting this is that if it wasn't for people posting their experiences I could well be one of the unlucky one, a chance I would never ever take with my dogs.[]=28+4294331966

I'm very sorry for those people who have lost or nearly lost their beloved dog.

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I've been using comfortis for about a year and half now, I've had no trouble with any of my dogs with any kind of side effects. I've taken them to my mother ranch and let them run around with the other dogs, when we come home they have no fleas or ticks. I use to use frontline, but had to spray every couple of weeks when we go to the ranch, with the comfortis I give them their pill every other month and they are flea free. I would recommend Comfortis to anyone who have dogs.

If your yard is infested with fleas, the best and natural way to get rid of fleas and ticks is use BANANA PEELS, don't laugh its true, I've been using banana peels for over 20 years and it works. What you do is buy bananas at your local grocery store and peel them, save the fruit for whatever you want, I make bread,cakes,pudding or pies. My family knows when I treat my yard...LOL. What you do next is toss one banana peel per five or ten square yards of your yard, after a couple of days you will notice that your yard is fleas free, to keep my yard clean and free I treat my yard twice a year to make sure if any animals carring fleas come in to my yard they are taken care off. Plus you make your family happy with desserts too..LOL

Hope this information was helpful to you.

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Unbelievable! I'm just learning now the reason why my 11 yr/old female Westie almost died in March of 08. I'm in central FL and my second Westie's been treated for allergies to just about everything (didn't need an expensive allergy test to figure that out either).

The usual treatments with prednisone and sometimes antibiotics were VERY temporary. Being my 2nd Westie I already knew to go as natural as possible with food and flea treatments. But sometimes you have to use the big guns. Back in March 08 I ended up at an expensive skin specialist. She did a skin biopsy as opposed to the useless skin scrape done my most vets and found she had demodectic mange and flea excrements. So she gave her a Comfortis pill and gave me Ivermectin liquid. After 2-3 days my dog was falling off while walking and totally disoriented and clingy. I took her to emergency clinic (of course she gets sick on a weekend). Vet said stop all meds and call specialist first thing Monday morning. I don't think the specialist knew about the interaction problem then, but she put her on Interceptor for 5 months and my Westie was perfect for 2 years.

I never gave her Comfortis monthly (vet don't like this). Only at first sign of scratching(always cut in 4, mixed with can food). Our heavy flea season coincide with pollen season; Oct (trees shedding) and Feb through May (pollen etc) Whenever the temperature hovers between 70F-85F day time.

I also spray my yard and surroundings with the inexpensive flea/tick citrus shampoo from Hartz for $2-$3 at Walmart. Use hose attachement container, pour whole bottle of shampoo plus water and spray. Pray it doesn't rain for a few days and don't water your lawn either. Don't let your pets walk on ANY type of pesticide for 4-5 days. Also, get rid of your carpets. Best is laminate floors with disposable/washable area rugs.

My Comfortis dilemma is, I've been trying to narrow down on a new situation that started to occur with my Westie. At those time of the year mentioned above she has a YEAST overgrowth flair up. Her skin gets greasy, smelly and full of brown debris and dark areas where the most greasy. I've been doing extensive research on Yeast Imbalance here

Turns out MANY dogs diagnosed with allergies have actually Yeast overgrowth and whatever treatments used to treat allergies actually PROVOQUE a yeast overgrowth which cause more scratching, biting and paw licking. What a catch 22!

Main causes of all this is, a weaken immune system caused by immune system suppressants like vaccinations (I only vaccinate this dog when younger), pesticides (who can avoid them totally?) and prednisone (which the specialist said never to give her again) among other things.

Did Comfortis (dose of insecticide) suppressed my Westie's immun system so much so that it triggered a yeast overgrowth AND/OR pollens and other allergies caused the flair up?

In any event I ordered natural Flea Treats and may or may not give her Comfortis again unless a bad flea infestation.

Also looking into this new food by Wysong Epigen; it's starch free.

My conclusion on Comfortis is; every dog is different. If a dog's immun system has been compromised in anyway shape or form by other triggering agents mentioned above, proceed carefully.
Ordering online is cheaper but now vets tell me "Oh well it's been a while since we haven't seen your dog and would like to do exam (take my money again) before we can allow the prescription."

Also very useful to treat skin ailments; most effective for me are:
1)Bathe with Malaseb shampoo (DO leave on 10 min), rinse thorougly, then pour over dog (and leave on) a suiting solution of 2-3 tbs of baking soda diluted in a gallon of warm water. DO NOT submerge dog, the parasites will gather around the neck area. Best is a dog rinsing hose in a shower.

2) Apply ANIMAX ointment on hot spots. (best ointment out of many) cheapest at

3) Add immun booster supplement to dog food. Solid Gold Seameal is good but proceed slowly with SMALLER dosage or you'll come home to a house full of diarrhea.

Keeping finger crossed, for May is always the worst for fleas that I won't have to use Comfortis but since she'll be on Seameal let's hope and pray for no adverse reaction.

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We have 13 dogs and have also had a very bad flea problem. Last fall we decided to use Sentry Natural Defense, and it worked. We used it all winter, even when the fleas weren't as bad, and our short-haired dogs are still mostly flea free. Now that it is getting warmer, our long-haired dogs do have fleas again, but nothing like before. We just have to treat them more often. With this many dogs, Natural Defense doesn't seem to kill all fleas, but other people with fewer dogs say that it does. The great thing about this stuff is that it is supposed to be all natural ingredients so your dogs shouldn't have any adverse reactions to it, and it is cheap. We order it from JeffersPet, and it is $8.49 for three months, no matter what size dog you have. We have been thinking about trying Comfortis for the long-haired dogs, but have been really worried about giving it orally. When it first came out, we asked our vet about it and they didn't recommend it, but they are now selling it because another vet down the road from them is selling it. After reading these posts, I know that I am not willing to put my dogs in jeopardy just to get rid of the fleas that are left. I recommend everybody try Natural Defense. The only bad thing about Natural Defense is that is does have a bad smell, but that goes away after a few hours.

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It's very expensive, yes... but I was desperate with my poor dog that had a horrible flea infestation for over a year, and I spent so much money on other medicines and drops that I was relieved when my vet told me about a pill that kills the fleas within 30 minutes. Here's what's so great about Comfortis over other flea medicines: The fleas bite your dog, then die. Other fleas hop on your dog from your house... bite your dog, then they die. Over a period of a week, all the eggs have been hatched, and when they bite your dog, they die too. It not only rids your dog of fleas... it rids your house of them too. I gave it to my dog for 6 months, and never saw a flea, even though we have a cat as well. I did not buy more because of the cost, and now, we are infested again... cat and dog. It would be great if Spinosad was in a cheaper form, but as of yet, I have not found it.

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My dog hates it, but she has no fleas! I take a table out of the sealed package, and she goes into the next room. Can't disguise it in cheese or any other tasty treat...she can detect it. So, I have to poke it down her throat, and then give her a treat. She has had one episode of vomiting following was right at an hour later, so not really sure if it was related to the Comfortis or not. Will see if it happens again next month. My Vet did not recommend re-dosing her since it had been in her system for an hour.

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it is amazing starts killing fleas in 30 min. and keeps them off it also attracts the flea in your home and yard onto your dog and kills them.. it does work for ticks and is easy one pill thats it you dont have to bathe your dog wait a day then put the frontline on and watch it get all over everything..

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My shih-tzu and I moved from Virginia to Florida in September. He had never had a flea problem before til we came down here. Within a month, he was scratching incessantly and driving us both crazy. I called the vet and asked if there was something, other than Frontline,that they recommended and they told me Comfortis. He has been on it for 2 full months and has not had a problem since.

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I absolutely love the product. I was using Frontline last summer, plus about $150 a month of sprays. I still had the worse flea infestation I had ever seen. I was spraying the yard, the house and them daily. I gave both dogs Comfortis, and the fleas were gone within hours. I didn't have fleas for the rest of the year- about three months until it got cool. I figured I saved about $120 a month.

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I have lived in my house in Madisonville, TN going on 6yrs and ever since I moved here my Shih Tzu started have a bad flea problem. I called the vet about this after I spent hundreds of dollars on flea products that help some, but then they came back. Everytime I took him to be trimmed I also had them to give him a flea dip. So I got fed up with the fleas, that is when I called the vet to see what can be done about the fleas and they recommended the Comfortis. I started giving my dog this pill and now he is flea free. He is in better spirits now since the fleas are gone. Where I live there is a lot of stray dogs that come in and out of our yard everyday and this is why he never had fleas before now.

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my dog is 12lbs.icant afford a big about of money to get rid of the fleas.what is the best deal for comfortis 3,6,1yr. supply

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I have been using this on my Wolfhounds for a few years now... Love it and it's very important that you give this to them after they've eaten a good meal... OR as some of you have written your dog will vomit. I just can't imagine that if someone actually followed the specific directions that both of they're dogs would vomit, sounds to me like they didn't wait till the food had settled on they're stomaches. I've heard of some very WEAK dogs having issues with taking comfortis, but to have 2 dogs in the same house have an issue, I think I'd chalk that up to USER ERROR.

Also, please note, not sure if this works for everyone else, but I only use the comfortis during the flea season, don't seem to need to use it during the winter, and I only give it to my dogs every 3 months and it works very well for us. We have a 10 acre farm so there is lots of places for my dogs to pick up a flea. So you might want to try using it every other month and see how that works for you and then move it out another month and see if that doesn't help keep the fleas under control.

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We have had excellent luck with comfortis. We 8 rescues-all different breeds &/or mixes and none of them have suffered adverse effects as long as we feed a small meal with the tablet. It makes them violently ill if you dose on an empty stomach. None of them like this pill-it is supposed to be similar to a beef flavored They can detect it in food but it works so well and so fast that it is worth the discomfort of poking it down their throats.

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Confortis has to be given with food and my vet warned me up front that the first time you give it,my dog may vomit and if she does vomit within the first hour of taking it she would need to be retreated and they would replace the pill at no charge. I have 2 yorkies and the 4yr old is on comfortis and has been for about 2 years. The first time I gave it to her,she did vomit within the first hour and she had to be retreated the next day.She has never had an issue with comfortis since the first time. I live in florida and frontline just quit working for her. My 3yr old yorkie can't take comfortis because she is only 4lbs. and they have to weigh at least 5 lbs to take this pill. Zoe my 4lb has to be on Revolution because of her size and I have no flea issues with either one of them. I do not buy my pets meds at the vets office due to prices,I saw a lady at my vets office yesterday that got the same meds that I give my 2 yorkies and her bill was $235.00 and I ordered mine online and have them shipped from Australia for $114.00. The same drug companies make the meds, they are just cheaper in other countries than in the US. Your Vet will try to talk you out of ordering meds like this because that cuts into their profit of running their business.There are alot of online places to order, you just have to just start researching them. If anyone is interested try checking out ,their office is in Vancouver but the meds are shipped from Australia. They have saved me alot of money. Hope they can do the same for everyone else. BTW my 6 month comfortis was $56.97 and I got FREE shipping on my order. Good luck all.

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It's a great product. Four long haired mini-dachshunds (we breed occasionally)and have been flea-free since we have stated using Comfortis. I divide the dose though - 1/2 pill with evening meal and then the other half the next day....our pups were throwing up so dividing the dose worked for us.

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I used Comfortis last year, it worked great, I highly recommend it. I have 6 dogs, since they are confined to my yard, I only had to give each of them 1 pill. It killed all the fleas on the dogs and in the yard (when they jumped on the dog). The fleas haven't returned this year (so far) but if they do, I will go straight to the vet to get 6 tablets of Comfortis. It's great to not have to worry about fleas ever again!

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This is the best thing in the market. My dog has never had fleas since the day he was born. This works amazing.
I don't know how new this is but he has been taking it for 2 years. Its worth the money. I live on a golf course where he can get fleas fast. If you want your dog to be flea free forever, Get the comfortis. Front line sucks and its not that great on fleas.

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I felt I needed to post this. We started using Comfortis due to frontline not contolling the fleas in our area. I have an Australian shepard and a Schweenie. With the first dose within a hour or two my schweenie was lying on the couch and looked up at me with a funny look in her eyes. I called her over to me and she layed down but still kept looking a me. I could feel her heart pounding. It really scared me. I kept a close eye and after a couple of days of just lying around and acting depressed she was ok. She never vomited or Displayed any other of the many side common with his product. This happened for a couple of months of dosing. The next dosing however started off the same but she have very jumpy. Wouldnt be still. Moving from one position to another. The all of a sudden started scratching and rubbing her face on anythin she should find. After About 5-10 minutes she was still going at it. My first thouht was.. Is she havin a flea attack? But I knew none ofhe dogs had had any fleas since Comfortis was started. I picked her up and placed her in my lap and just happend to get her by both ears to stroke them and they were thick and swollen. Taking a closer look her face was also swelling. She has a thick furry face so I not have picked up on it. Her neck was also feeling thick and lumpy. I panicked and started looking for and after hours vet. By he time I got her to the car she was panting. They have her a steriod shot imediately but within 30 moreMinutes she was vomiting. She also got and injection for that. I will be giving her benedryl every 12 hrs unil all sympton subside. But thats all they could do. No antidote for reaction to this medication. Its been two days and she still is not drinking or voiding well. I have found many other posts that are similad to his where he pet has die immediately or a week or two later from liver and or heart damage. I hope this is not he case with my pet but I will not be givjng it again. To any of my dogs. By the way my Assie was also vomiting when I returned home at night. But being an outside pet it would be easy to miss small other reactions which have occurred in the past.

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I'm also very afraid to give new meds, and especially anything taken internally. My vet quit carrying Frontline saying it was not working as well now, due to being used for several years now. (I get it at about half the U.S. cost at in Australia). I used Advantage once -- when my German Shepherds were a year old. One of them lay down and looked so sick, heart beating way too fast, etc. Luckily after an hour she recovered. I've used Comfortis for two months now, but I'm not sure I'll continue. I need something that kills ticks too. What's a pet owner to do????

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It's the only thing that works for us.

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I have purchased every type of flea control that is available and I have only found one that works and that is Comfortis. They say that it only works for one month but on my dogs it works 3 months. It doesn't work on ticks, of course but it does kill fleas, even fleas in the furniture.

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I called my vet today and asked him about something to use for severe flea infestation and he told me he sold medicine for it. When my mom came home with comfortis I was very skeptical. After reading the insert I decided I would try it. Two hours later almost every flea she had is dead. While there are still a few alive they are in the process of dying. Hopefully this continues to kills the rest of them and she becomes happy and flea free again, because I hate seeing her miserable and scratching constently.

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I AM AMAZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so discouraged ... the day isnt over but I have tried EVERY freakin thing I could no a second of releif for him I felt so bad I couldnt get them off him.

Like it says started killing flees in less than an hour. I bathed him a couple hours later to maKE SURE IT WAS REAL ... LIGHT fur so its easy to see them when he was wet. Anyway I am so pleased with the results and if they keep dying even better....

I wouls also say as with any medication it could have different side affects asa has been mentioned abouve, but we all take medications that could affect us and them differently.

BUT FOR THE stuff you get at pet stores and walmart IT IS PURE CRAP and probably kills more animals than it helps

I give this a thumbs up....

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After 9.5 years of Spike not having fleas, 6 months ago he got flea infestated because I procrastinated putting on his Advantage. The vet gave me confortis and it worked so I have been giving it to him for last 6 mos.
I feel that it has been affecting him negatively so I am going to discontinue it and go back to the topical solution.

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After reading about occasional bad reactions to Comfortis, might I suggest starting the drug at one quarter the recommended dose and watching carefully to see what happens -if it kills the fleas and the dog is fine, maybe one quarter is enough for your dog. If not, slowly increase it. ALL dogs are different.

We have the same problem with many drugs for humans (eg antidepressants) - too often, doctors start patients on the "recommended dose", the patient experiences severe side-effects (eg nausea, vomitting, insomnia ..)and they give up, but they often do fine on a lower dose.

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This was a life saver for my dog. He is a wolf/huskie hybrid with very thick hair. I washed him almost weekly with flea shampoo, sprayed my yard repeatedly and bombed and sprayed my house, nothing worked for fleas because of his extremely thick hair and undercoat. Even after shaving off as much as I could he still suffered from fleas. vet recommended Comfortis. I am having problems getting him to keep it down, have resorted to peanut butter that seems to work, but NO MORE FLEAS!! He has been flea free for two months now, no more fleas found on him and I comb him everyday. No more scratching, chewing, and bloody bathwater. I usually don't try any products for a year, but in this case, it was truly a life saver. My home, yard, and best friend are now flea free!!

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I know this product still has not been approved for cats yet. My vet has recommended this product as I have had a few flea infestations over the years. I have both cats and dogs. This medication works to remove the infestations and keep them flea-free. The cats and dogs use this medication near monthly. My vet stated "I do not see anything in this product that would harm the cats" and they have had no ill effects from this medication. Both cats and dogs must EAT BEFORE giving them this medication or they can vomit. I also treat my yard with a spray from Wal-mart that has seemed to reduce the fleas coming into the house from the dogs. I trust my vet and have seen no side-effects but pleasant ones NO FLEAS after a very short time. This has allowed me to be able to live in my home and not get eaten alive. Frontline, k9 Advantix, revolution have all not worked on my pets and Comfortis DID work very well.

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