You CAN foster (Nina Pearl)!

lisa11310December 13, 2009

You CAN foster. When my Bosco (dob/lab) passed, my Putts (dane/lab) became very depressed and lonely. I was not ready for another dog so I decided I would try fostering. The agreement was that I would do emergency fostering only, I would be the safe haven for a dog that had run out of time at the shelter and a foster home was not available for a day or two. My first foster was a HUGE shaggy dog, a real sweetheart I named "Walter". I had him 3 days and he was adopted. Well I ended up being a regular foster Mom after a while. My foster group allowed me to do the home and background checks so I was confident my "baby" would be going to the perfect forever home. The adoption agreement included a promise of daily reports for the first few days and a visit If I chose once the dog had bonded to it's family, also that the dog would be returned to the foster group if there were problems. Of course I cried each and every time I let one go. I had a sweet little mixed girl that went to a wonderful home, they named her Angel, she became a therapy dog. I had a Molly, a Rosie, Starr, Max, Oden....the list goes on and on and I can still remember all 30+ of them. Every one of them was scheduled to be put down the next day. The thing that kept me going was every dog that came to my house was very needy, being in a shelter is traumatizing. They were so thankful to be in a warm, soft, comfortable, quiet place. You could see it in their eyes. I am sure they KNEW I was rescuing them. It was such a wonderful feeling to see each dog at the end of the first day, lay down with a big sigh and drift off to the first peaceful sleep in who knows how long. That's when it hits you * I literally saved this dogs life*. That's how you get through letting one go, it's for the next one that needs you, and there are SO many that DO need you. I will never forget how wonderful my Putts was, so accepting and calming to the new dogs. I guess because he had been rescued out of the middle of an intersection freezing and starving, I remember that big sigh his first night. I think he understood these dogs needed help. It's wonderful to save a dog by adopting it, but you only save one dog. You quickly get over a few teary moments when you see that next set of needy eyes turn thankful and you see that big sigh and yes YOU saved another deserving life. You CAN do it!

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lisa, what a GREAT story!! i have already spoken to my great dane rescue people who brought me ashley and swee' pea. i have told them to put me on the foster home list and i don't expect it will be terribly long before i hear that big sigh of relief you speak of. :)

i cannot think of a more rewarding thing to do!!

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