What to use besides Plumber's Putty when installing faucet?

transitionalOctober 21, 2010

I've heard that plumber's putty can cause discoloration in the granite. So what do you use besides plumber's putty. Does an O-ring suffice? We are attempting to install our Kohler Karbon faucet.


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Not a plumber by trade but I think silicone is used on granite. You're correct about NOT USING plumbers putty.

Best of luck with the project, rredogg

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Thanks! I have a few more questions if you don't mind. (The HD staff were cluelesss - said it was ok to use putty when it clearly says not to on the label) I have Spicey Black Honed Granite, will the silicone caulk be concealed under the faucet or should it go around the outside?

I'm worried that the silicone will look shiney if it is to go around the outside...

Thanks for all of your help!

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If your faucet came with a base for a single hole that has an O-ring underneath, I believe it is used instead of putty. Call the manufacturer to confirm or not.

Sometimes two mounting options are provided in the box, a wide one that uses the putty, and a single hole one that has the O-ring. As least that's what I observed on one kit I installed, but I don't recall the manufacturer.

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