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queenmaeveApril 18, 2010

I'm in the market for new everyday white dishes and keep getting mixed messages about what will be durable and practical (I have 4 little ones!). I was at HomeGoods recently and eying a boxed set of white bone china dishes (227 brand) and the saleslady suggested The Palm sets. They are "restaurant" quality and relatively inexpensive but not bone china. I thought I had read that bone china would be the most durable dishes - so now I am confused and looking for GWer's insight and help? Does anyone have any of the dishes from The Palm and are you happy with them? Would bone china be more/less durable?

Any help is appreciated!

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I just bought a set the other day for entertaining. (We frequently host large casual gatherings for 30+ people and I greatly prefer china to paper plates.) Anyway, the plates do appear reasonably durable -- though one of them didn't make it home. (It may have been broken before I bought the box - I don't know.)

As durable as bone china? I'd say no. But they are 'porcelain', which is significantly more durable than iron stone, 'china', slip or stoneware. If (when) they do chip, it's a white chip on a white plate, so less visible than if they had a colored rim or pattern. And, since they're an extremely simple rimmed white plate in a standard size with essentially no design of any kind, matching them down the road should be as easy as it can be. And at $19.99/dozen, it's really hard to beat the price!

You could get bone china -- but not for that price. You could also get Corelle, which is extemely durable, but IMO, I think you sacrifice some aesthetics there. I've raised my boys to take reasonable care with nice things, and IMO, the white Palm plates should last you until they're old enough to manage whatever it is you really want.

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I don't think those plates are actual restaurant china, as sold at Fishs Eddy, etc. It's marketing. But if you want sturdy plain white dishes at a decent price, they seem fine.

Bone china never strikes me as particularly strong, as it's usually thinner than other stuff.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fishs Eddy

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That Fishs Eddy site is the Floor Plan dishes. I am a hopeless dish freak so I really have to keep my hands glued to my shopping cart handle when I walk through the dish section at Home Goods. I usually look for the microwave/oven/dishwasher safe labels as they tend to last longer than most. I was just at HG the other day and saw the Palm set, it looks nice.

(I have Corelle for everyday so slightly biased to their light weight, durability, etc.)

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I saw the Palm set too, it looks nice and is very reasonably priced. The reason I passed is that the rest of my everyday china dishes are a brighter white, the palm set was a little more grey. Not noticeable unless you hold it up to a brighter white.

Also I'm a klutz, so I expect dishes to break and don't worry too much about it, just figure I need to replace them more often then most folks.

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Just another thought. I bought 40 white plates from a restaurant supply house. They are very sturdy, and were fairly inexpensive. I don't remember what I paid for them, as I've had them for years. I only use them about once a year, but I hate paper plates. When it's my turn to host a family get-together, I'm all set.

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In case it matters, all of the restaurant-supply plates I checked out were considerably more expensive. But then, just about everything would be ;-)

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I bought old Haviland plates from auctions for about $1.00 each...but those days are long gone!!
I bought some white Mikasa everyday china for my son and his family of 3's been 4 years and it's still all there....your mileage may vary!!! LOL!
I don't know The Palm dishes.....should I?
Linda C....avoiding opening Fishes Eddy!!!!

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I'm looking for dinnerware which isn't made in China. Don't trust their glazes and have read too many articles regarding lead leaching from their dinnerware. Seems an impossible task to find as all the top companies are manufacturing in China.

I would love any leads for dinnerware made in US or Europe.


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Vintage? Most of my china is from the '40's-'50's, and it was all made in the US. It's usually easy to find at estate sales, thrifts, ebay, etc.

I've collected lots of different patterns over the years, but now I'm paring down to just white or cream colored. I have a set of Mikasa "Italian Countryside" that looks really nice with the vintage pieces.

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Fishs Eddy is dangerous! I sooooo want some Floorplan!

LOL, Intervention has me CRYING!!!

Thanks for the link, ideefixe!

Here is a link that might be useful: intervention

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Jane NY--I love china and dishes too, and I buy old stuff, usually. Emile Henry is my current set of everyday, and it's made in France. (I'm not freaked by made in China stuff, but I try to avoid it if I can.)
Waechtersbach is made in Germany--I like the colors and shapes, but the plates were very susceptible to knife marks.
Villeroy & Boch is made in Germany.
Heath ceramics are made in California--I like the shapes, but I think it's overpriced.

And Cost Plus, TJ Maxx etc. usually have pottery made in Portugal, which is cheap and cheerful.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I would be very (pleasantly) surprised if all V & B lines are made in Germany.

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They are not...I checked! Was in Bloomies and looked at Rosenthaul, Lenox, VB, guess where it was made?? I bought a few pottery pieces from a place in Ohio but don't like their dishes. Looked Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, and I love TJ and Home Goods...nothing!


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Oh interesting--but V & B is having a plate exchange, if you fancy buying some. You can get a discount if you bring in your old stuff. It's only $3 off per plate, but considering they take chipped ones, that's better than nothing.

What lines do they make in China? Interesting,,,,

Here is a link that might be useful: Villeroy & Boch plate exchange

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