Apple Cidar Vinegar

ryseryse_2004December 5, 2012

My experiment with ACV has turned out very successfully. This was the first summer/fall that none of my outdoor cats had ear mites and I didn't find a single tick on any of them. Their coats even seem shinier. As well as the 6 cats, we also have two labs (indoors) and I put a tbls. of vinegar in their water each day.

The vinegar must be natural and not pasteurized with the 'mother' in it. I am thrilled with these results because treating all of these ears was always a chore in the past. Also, none of the animals has had worms this year. The cats and dogs all eat an occasional rodent (actually, some of the cats eat lots!) so worms used to always be present.

BTW, all of our animals are spayed/neutered. Cats are added when they appear. We do have plenty of coyotes around here but I find that once the cats reach a year old, they seem to be very 'street smart'.

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Pooh Bear

We used apple cider vinegar for a while but our big dogs
drink so much water it was hard to keep up. It worked tho.
Now we just treat the yard a couple of times a year.

Pooh Bear

Here is a link that might be useful: Ortho Bug-B-Gone Max granules

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LOL, everyone has a different situation. We would have to treat 60 acres! We have 2 large dogs also and yes, it takes lots of cider and the unpasteurized stuff isn't cheap but necessary in our case.

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I'm not familiar with all the uses of ACV.
You're using it to avoid ear mites, ticks & worms - if I'm following this correctly. And it works on dogs as well as cats?
Any other uses for dogs?
I have two 100 lb dogs & I sure hate using any type of chemicals around them.

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I'm using it for general health. It makes the body unattractive to mites and worms and as far as the cats go, I haven't seen a flea or tick on them . I have the dogs on Frontline during the summer months so I don't expect to have a flea problem but they have had no ear problems and the ticks I have found on them are dead. My dogs are 95# and 80# and I just use a tablespoon of ACV in theirs and the cat's water daily.

Google it for the benefits.

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Do I understand that regular ACV is useless? I just bought a gallon and I don't think there'sanything special about it. So does it HAVE to have the 'mother' in it to work?

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