Wrong number of doors for a hutch cabinet what would you do

akshars_momMarch 20, 2014

We are in the middle of a new build and are at the stage of finally installing the Kitchen cabinets.

Yesterday when they opened the boxes for the Hutch cabinets (supposed to be two cabinets with one door each)
We realized that they made each cabinet with 2 doors instead of the one door. Each cabinet is supposed to 24" with one door.

Here is a picture of one of the cabinets.

The KD said she would work with the cabinet maker to get new cabinets with one door. This may take about a month and at this point in the build I just want to finish and move on. My DH is bothered by the number of "white lines" we see. So if we can get the KD to change the shelves to glass shelves he may be ok. So what would you do.

Do the two doors look ok or do you think we should ask the KD to switch to single door as originally planned.

Appreciate any input.

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1 door would be pretty massive, and swing out into the aisle 12" when open. I personally always prefer 2 door cabinets for 24" cabinets. They only swing to the edge of the counter.

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Thanks for your input live_wire_oak.

The cabinet under the hutch is 27" deep so the swingout would be only 9 inches but You are right that the door will be Pretty massive.

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I would stay with the two doors.

I also don't care for the "white lines". I would at least line up one shelf with the middle stile.

What are you putting in these cabinets? I personally would not use glass if they are going to get heavy traffic.

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debrak2008, The plan was for the upper two shelves to have more decorative items and the bottom shelves to have our everyday use plates and glasses.

Good point on the glass shelves with heavy stuff on them. I did not think of that.
If I keep the two doors and the white shelves I will align the shelves so the middle shelve would line up with the stile.

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My cabinet maker really doesn't like to make a single door wider than 21 inches and I agree with him. My largest are actually 22 and they are massive.

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I think once you have stuff in the cabinet it will look different. Can you put some stuff in just to get an idea?

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Fori is not pleased

SO there will be a twin right next to it for 4 doors total?

I kinda like it!

For the upper shelves that will be decorative stuff, go with glass. I don't think I'd have a problem with the lower shelves being glass either--especially if only 24" wide. But if you'll be storing things that could chip, glass might not be a good choice.

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robo (z6a)

I like the idea of the two doors per cabinet! I agree the shelves need to line up better. I think I'd move the top two shelves up and align the third shelf with the ...whatever that is. Mullion?

About the glass, here's a thread on glass shelves in uppers:

Here is a link that might be useful: strength of glass shelves

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fori, Yes there would be twin next to that so it will be 4 doors total. I have not seen any pictures of top shelves with glass and bottom with the regular shelves. I will have to look it up to see if that would work. If that works I think that might be the best option.

debrak2008, Most of my things in storage right now as we are renting a small condo while building. I will see if I can take a few things on Saturday and see how things look.

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robotropolis, what you see in the middle is an "stile" it had to be present because of the door height. The Cabinet is 66" inches and the KD said we need this for such a tall cabinet. These are frameless cabinets so not sure if that made in difference.

Looks like everyone agrees that keeping the two doors is the best thing to do.

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I'd want glass shelves in that cabinet. Are your hinges exposed or concealed? If they are inside the cabinet, that will also determine where you can or cannot position the shelves. Maybe you can bargain for nice thick tempered glass shelves instead of a remake of the doors.Two pretty knobs or drop pendants would look nice on each set of doors.
Edit: lots of typos

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I think it's the right number:). Looks great. More pictures please!

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romy, I have asked the KD about the glass shelves and she said she will talk to the cabinet company and get back. In regards to the hinges they are hidden. I checked this evening and luckily I can place a shelf where the middle "stile".

oldbat2be, Thanks. Still in the middle of the cabinet install and also lot more stuff like paint etc has to go on. But here is a picture of the builtin's next to the fireplace.

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I may be misinterpreting this, but, I would have them make the doors over into single doors -- for ease of use -- one hand opens the cabinet, another takes out the item you seek, close cabinet. With two doors that's two doors to open, then get the item, then two doors to close. Also, if another cabinet goes right next to that one won't the doors have the potential to collide if you try to open one when the other is open (the two middle doors in the 4 door scenario) -- again lots of opening and closing.

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I think it is very common to have two of these similar cabinets next two each other. Though these cabinets could be slightly wider than 24" inches. I think the issue of the doors damaging is true where ever you have two double doors cabinets next two each other correct? Why would this be different. Just trying to see if I am missing something. In regards to the ease of use the one door may be easier.

Here is an picture from houzz that has 3 similar cabinets next two each other (those cabinets are inset but you get the idea)

Contemporary Kitchen

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akshars-what a pretty inspiration picture! I think having them next to each other will be gorgeous. I find it interesting the pic is noted 'contemporary kitchen' since when I see that hutch like cab it looks so classic to me. :) Alas that is why I am not a decorator I suppose.

I cannot wait to see it when it's finished!

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As far as ease of use goes, I am usually only retrieving one item at a time that is either on one side or the other and so I only have to open one of the doors. My center cab is 27" I took out the wood shelves and had glass put in. So far so good for several years. I recently added the stick on battery strip lights that I learned about on GW. I need more of them but I love them! Thanks GW.

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Autumn, I am hoping it will work out. In regards to the inspiration I agree that it is more "classic" than contemporary. The white of the cabinet is nice but if were do it again I may have gone a more creamier tone of white.

gr8day, Beautiful cabinets and glassware.

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I think if you're actually going for a hutch, 2 doors is more in keeping.

I have 2 cabs, 24" each, that I got at the H4H. They have 2 doors each. I also line the shelves up with the rails. so they don't make more lines. Someday, if I put lights in them, I'll probably go with glass shelves.

I think it's a great idea to ask them for thick, tempered glass shelves rather than single doors. Those can be pricey!

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