My cat has stopped eating

AddyVadiDecember 8, 2011


I have had a rescued cat Tommy for a year. It is alegedly 4 years old and I don t have any background on him. When he came he was extremely obese, scared of people, streesed. Over the past year he has made a huge improvement, started interacting with pople, move more around the house, he lost some weight but still has remained lazy and fatty. It s been hard to put him on a strict diet because I have 3 more cats, two of them very young that need different diet. So dry food basically was available all the time until recently when I decided to feed them twice a day. Tommy first was always hungry, looking and asking for food all the time, and then on Saturday I noticed he was not into food. But the last couple of days he doesn t want to eat at all, sleeps more, he drak some water last night that I put in front of him on sofa but rejected water this morning. Of course water is available all the time, but I work long days and don know if he drinks it. Besides this, there is no other symptoms. No vomitting( he vomitts sometimes-hairballas, but hasn t done it lately) stool seems normal, no sneezing, caughing, watered eyes, nothing. JUST DOESN T WANT TO EAT, LOOKS SAD AND SLOW AND SLEEPY. PLEASE HELP ME. Even though I read that there could be 500 reasons why he doesn t eat, what would be first suspicion and advice to get checked? I cannot afford numerous expensive examinations but definitely will be taking him to a vet. Thank you so,much.

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Please get him to the vet ASAP ... I can't help you with why, could be many different reasons. But not eating since Satrday and not now wanting water is really a not good thing ...

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Yes, get him to a vet immediately. Not eating for more than 24 hrs puts him at risk of developing potentially fatal hepatic lipidosis. The vet will do a manual exam where he can see if he can feel any obvious oddities or trouble spots. Bloodwork can also provide considerable diagnostic information. If the vet thinks there's a possibility of intestinal obstruction, he may recommend an abdominal x-ray, as well.


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Yes get to vet asap for above mentioned reasons and get a diagnosis. One thing they would probably do is a quick check for diabetes (something overweight cats on high carb diets are prone to - however that usually involves increased thirst not a decrease, so who knows). Good luck - sorry to hear your boy is sick.

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Thanks everyone. I already know that I have to take him to the vet( which I did last night) and I know that there can be hundreds of reasons. I posted this to discus some of those reasons.and hear experiences. That s why forums are for, right? :) However, I really appreciate your concerns. The wet did a glucose test, but it was ok. He said Tommy was dehydrated, so they gave him some fluid, and when the doc gave him some treats he immediately started eating. I couln t believe , at home he wouldn t eat anything. The wet said it could be psychological too. That he got scared of something very bad and stopped eating.He gave him pills to stimulate apetite and said to come back if it doesn t help. At home he went straight to the food bowl and took two small bites, he drank water too, and this morning he.didn t eat again before I left for work.

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You need to get bloodwork to get his levels. Problems may show in bloodwork or X-ray.

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