Shoes, Socks, or Barefoot?

aloha2009April 25, 2014

Throughout most of the day, what if anything is on your feet?

What type of flooring do you have in the majority of your home (wood, carpet, tile, vinyl, etc)?

What climate zone (or state) are you in?


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At home, socks as soon as I come inside the door. Wood floors, wool rugs.

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Oddly, the shoes on or off threads often get feisty. People have strong opinions about cleanliness and etiquette. :-)

I am a shoes (or slippers) on all the time person. Tile foyer and bathrooms, hardwood floors everywhere else, a few wool area rugs.

I live in Pennsylvania.

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Barefoot 24/7 when at home. It encourages me to keep my floors and feet clean. Husband and dog are another story. It's a job but I try to stay on top of it. Southeastern zone 7-8. Hardwood/tile.

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HHireno, yes a few of the threads I read did get a bit heated.

I'm looking for more personal preferences, so no right or wrong.

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DC area. Socks mainly.
Sometimes furry slippers in winter, barefoot in summer, pretty much for personal comfort reasons.
I have hardwood floors with wool rugs, seagrass rug on main floor, carpeting in MBR (for now) and basement, and tiles in bathrooms. HW in all other BRs.

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I wear shoes from the moment I get out of bed in the morning until I get back in bed at night, except for the pool and shower. I wear mostly sandals, slippers in the cooler months. My husband takes his shoes off as soon as he gets home. I have two grown children, my son wears shoes at all times, my daughter takes her shoes off as soon as she walks in the door, sometimes in the car! We have Travertine floors in the main living areas, wood and carpet in the bedrooms. We are in South Florida, son in NC, daughter in Boston.

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Barefoot indoors, shoes outdoors. We have hardwood floors throughout with an area rug in the living room.

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I think that my parents generation carries a bit of emotional baggage when it comes to this issue. Both of my parents grew up in the Depression and had enforced shoelessness in warm weather. My mother remembered walking over a mile to church and having to stop and put her shoes on when they hit town and paved sidewalks.

Neither of my parents would even leave their bedroom in bare feet or come downstairs without shoes on, and would only change to slippers after dinner. Pretty rigid, but it had to do with not being Allowed to wear shoes when younger.

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I like to wear house shoes at home, slip-on Keds, I've never liked going barefoot. The males in the house prefer socks or slippers. Great Lakes region, tile, slate, hardwood, carpet, area rugs (did I miss any flooring? Sounds like we have them all!)

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For me: socks indoors (shoes stay in the mud room / entry!), shoes anytime outside of the house.

For my fiance: barefoot inside, shoes as little as possible.

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Cape Cod, MA.

Socks in colder seasons. Barefoot or sandals in the summer.

Wide pine throughout.

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Shoes, inside and out. My feet hurt if I don't have some kind of support. I wear tennis shoes outside usually because of fire ants and a pair of flip flops with arch supports inside.

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shoes socks in winter...slippers in evening. when leaving the house/yard or
doing yardwork like cutting grass..planting etc
barefoot in yard/house.

wood, carpet, vinyl.

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It all depends upon what I am doing and how I am dressed. When I sit down and put my feet up in my bedroom or the library I slip off my shoes, At night when it is chilly, non skid socks (okay, okay). And in summer or just because, I go barefoot. But when I am wearing socks and shoes or dress up shoes I always leave those on.

Wood, stone, brick, carpet

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A selection of crocs for household or garden time ....

Vinyl wood-look plank flooring -- with the single exception of tile in the kitchen .....

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I have hardwood. I don't care if people wear shoes in my house as long as they are not heels.

I wear shoes because if I don't my feet hurt. Cushy flip flops or Skechers GoWalk.

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Hi energy, what part of LA are in you in if you don't mind my asking? It's nice to see a fellow Louisianan here.

I have always preferred to be barefoot inside esp. in the summer. However, due to the type of flooring in our last two houses that wasn't an option. One had brick pavers in the kitchen/breakfast/utility area and the other had tile throughout the primary living spaces and neither ever felt clean (even just after being cleaned). It was a grout issue with the brick. Not sure about the tile. There was just always grit, and I couldn't take it with bare feet. So two houses ago, I really don't remember my preferred shoe of choice (over 10 years ago), but it wasn't bare feet. Last house, primarily Crocs. I wore them like slippers and sometimes with socks in the winter.

This house has hardwoods throughout (except baths and two bedrooms), and I have returned to my beloved barefoot lifestyle!

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I'm in the deep South and go barefoot most of the year in the house. Most of our living area is hardwood.

Socks in the winter and my family teases me because I often slide across the floors like an 8 year old. Some of you may remember my posted pictures of my great room/bowling alley. If my feet hurt or if my toes are cold, I put on my boiled wool Keen slippers.

DH always wears shoes or sandals because going barefoot hurts his back.

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Barefoot in Alabama. Except in winter when my feet get cold and I wear slippers or socks. DH is another story but usually he has bare feet, crocs or loafers without socks.

Hardwood except for tile in bathroom and vinyl in laundry.

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I have broken my toes so many times stabbing them against doors and furniture that I won't walk around the house without some sort of shoe or slipper on my feet. Though I prefer being barefoot, I just don't do it.

We have mostly wood flooring. I do take my heels off as soon as I come home.

I'm in NY.

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All brick floors here, with radiant heat under them and Oriental rugs on top of some. I'm a barefoot person, but the brick is very hard on feet and backs, so I usually wear one of two pairs (black or white) Clark's sandals inside. Clarks have lots of padding and nice arch support which keeps my feet from aching after a few hours.

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We have wide plank hardwood or marble in most of our house, cork in the craft room and slate in the DR . All of the bedrooms and our office are all light wool blend sisal. Area rugs in the family room and LR.

To protect the flooring, we have shoe bins for every member of the family in the mudroom near the entrance we use primarily. No shoes in the house and no eating or drinking outside the DR and kitchen, as a general rule. Exceptions for things like family high tea while watching Downton Abbey !

We don't find these rules terribly constrictive.

My kids usually have socks on, I go barefoot in summer and mocs in winter. DH wears mocs too, assuming the dog has not made off with them.

Edited to add: We don't restrict guests shoe choices or eating and drinking. Also, we have radiant heat in most of the house but rarely use it in most areas.

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Hardwood through the majority of the house (kitchen, living/family room, steps, hallway and bedrooms). The music room has berber carpeting (leftover from the prior owners). The bathroom is tile. Basement is old asbestos (probably - based on style and age) tiles that are thankfully still mostly whole. Very few area rugs - we are going through a kitchen remodel right now, and will have a runner in the kitchen when done, we currently have at the entry points, and we have a bathmat in the bathroom.

DH wears socks or is barefoot in the house. I wear socks always (summer or winter, makes no difference) and often wear a soled slipper - most often my sheepskin booties (it's not a fashion statement, so please don't helps to keep my perpetually cold toes warm to the level that they don't hurt.)

We do request that people not wear shoes in our house - I've often thought that I should have something where I can provide a variety of "house footware" for guests in case their socks aren't ones that they want to reveal. So, word of warning - when you visit our house, have on your "good" socks, avoid the ones with holes, cause we'll see 'em! :)

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I am ALL about comfort, so my shoes are off the minute I walk in the door, tossed aside as I make my way to the bedroom to put on my "comfy clothes" (usually sweat pants and t shirt) if I know I don't have to go out again that day. I am also all about not tracking dirt through the house, so I expect my kids to leave their shoes in the mudroom too.

I don't ask friends/visitors to remove their shoes, but close friends usually take off their shoes unless we're hosting a party or something. But, say, if a couple of my friends are coming for coffee, they'll kick off their shoes at the door.

In winter, I wear socks or slippers. In summer -- barefoot. We are in MA.

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LaPurchase...I'm near Lafayette.

I don't often venture out of building new home..
hvac, forums!

beautiful day today isn't it?...
my big friday plans are the 3 acres of grass
to cut!

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Socks when inside, Gene Simmons KISS boots when outside or poolside; Denver area, carpeting and wood floors about a 50/50 split throughout the house.

Don B.

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Chicago 'burb. I walk in the door and my shoes come off, slippers go on. In winter, warm socks AND slippers! Summers are either barefoot or flip flops that are indoor only. Floors are mostly hardwood with rugs, MBr is carpeted.

I never ask anyone to remove shoes but friends always do. In winter/sloppy weather if I know someone is coming to the front door who is not a close friend (close friends always come in the back) I keep a shoe/boot tray by the front door or at least a towel to wipe shoes on.

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UK here. Shoes and socks come off at the door.Then slippers on. Same for the family. Guests also take their shoes off. Most do it without asking as we have plush carpets. They usually bring their slippers to wear.

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Ack, I forgot to post location & flooring material. Re-posting:

Location: Florida. Flooring varies, 100% tile in most of my homes/crash pads, still have carpeting in one of them.

For me: socks indoors (shoes stay in the mud room / entry!), shoes anytime outside of the house.

For my fiance: barefoot inside, shoes as little as possible.

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Lol@ Don's KISS shoes for poolside (at all, actually!).

FYI, everyone (well, gals), the best, best, best, best, best shoes..finally found 'em:


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I'm in coastal Southern California, zone 10b or 11a (less than three miles from beath) - we have a rare winter every ten years or so when it gets below 40 - never below 36, but normally it does not get below 50. Floors are hardwood for the living room, travertine in the dining room and art studio, tile in the kitchen and bathrooms, and carpet in my bedroom - DB's bedroom is hardwood, and the sewing room has carpet that I will get around to ripping up, since there is hardwood underneath.

I wear Crocs in the house and back yard - I have indoor Crocs (earliest version - much softer than later ones) and outdoor Crocs, which are good for gardening. I would never walk around in socks - that is too dangerous on slippery floors. Crocs are great for hard floors and are especially useful in the kitchen. It would be very tiring to stand on a tile floor in sock or barefoot.

On week-ends I generally wear sandals when I go out or else comfortable walking or hiking shoes.

Love the Gene Simmons boots, but I have not worn platforms in many years, although I still have them in my closet.


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Hardwood floors throughout. Either slip-on rubber soled shoes (red_lover, do you like Skechers GoWalk's as much as I do?), flip-flops, or sometimes bare feet (usually mornings). Moderate climate (winters in the 50s -- we only turn on our heat during December and January, and then only a couple of times a week).

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Socks in the winter, bare feet in the summer.

I have wood flooring, some have rugs on them, some don't, carpeting, tile and vinyl.

I live in Ohio.


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Mid-Atlantic, hardwood floors in main level and carpet on bedroom level.

While my preference is bare feet in the warm weather, after a bout with plantar fasciitis a few years ago, I learned that I need to wear something with arch support as much as possible. So I wear Olukai flip flops that have arch support most of the time at home and are as close to barefoot as I can get while still supporting my feet. I do occasionally go barefoot though - can't resist!

In cooler weather, I typically wear socks with clog like slippers that have a indoor/outdoor sole on them. I have to keep my feet warm but I cannot stand to wear socks on the bare floor for some reason - it just feels weird to me.

In terms of shoes in the house - no strict rule about that. I tried to enforce no shoes years ago, but with four kids who are in/out of the house all day long, it was too difficult, especially when they were younger and dependent on me for help, to constantly remove shoes every single time they came inside - for the bathroom, a glass of water, a forgotten toy inside that they wanted to take outside, etc. I often make several trips in/out like when I'm unloading groceries, so I can't take shoes off every time. However, for the most part, if they are coming in and staying in, shoes get taken off at the door (when they come home from school, they slip their shoes off outside the garage door and leave there, cleats are obviously taken off b/f coming inside, etc). But then they are playing outside and coming in/out constantly, I can't be strict about it. I just can't be *that* mom. Lived next door to one growing up and hated going to their house (as an adult, I understand, but as a kid, it just made it unpleasant).

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In the house, I am barefoot/socks. Husband is socks or slippers. Kids are mostly barefoot. Guests can do as they like.

House flooring is wood with area rugs (carpet in bedrooms).

Zone 9, California.

Those boots -- WOW.

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Southern California here, about 20 miles inland.
No rules about shoes on or off in the house unless of course, they are muddy shoes from working in the gardens or someone has stepped on a pile of dog poo.

It depends on how lazy I am whether I take my shoes off or not when I walk in the door.
Do I feel energetic enough to walk all the way to the bedroom to remove shoes, put them in the closet where they belong and replace shoes with my comfy grip-bottom socks?
If too lazy I just stay in my shoes until I need to go to the bedroom for something.
If not too lazy, I remove shoes and can usually be found in one of my bazillion (not really that many but it feels like that many when I'm sorting after laundry) pair of 'no-slip'/gripper-bottom fluffy socks.....winter and summer.
Most of the house is hardwood except kitchen and bathrooms.
Kitchen is rough slate tile. Bathrooms are porcelain tile.

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barefeet when home during summer. in the winter i wear slippers in the house.
only wear socks (year round) when wearing tennis or running shoes and with certain boots, like hiking boots or certain snow boots... barefeet with uggs.
i wear running shoes (or teva cush's in summer) now more than ever before when i know i'm going to be walking alot d/t previous plantar fascitis and wanting to avoid getting it again!
hardwood floors in most of house, carpet in the bedroom.
mid atlantic.

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I'm near lafayette, la, too. :)

Pine floors everywhere. Barefoot almost always (when inside). Shoes when outside... although I'm sitting outside now without shoes. Ha (Watching my kids swim)

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Chicago suburbs. We're a shoes-off house for us (me and two teens.) Although when I'm running between kitchen and grill, I'll keep my shoes on because the floors I'm on are wood and tile. Other areas of the house have tile, carpet, or hardwood floors.

Adult guests keep their shoes on, unless they're over casually and feel like taking them off. (e.g., after my friend and I walk our dogs, she'll take her shoes off if she comes in for a chat. Especially in the winter.) Kids take their shoes off (unless they're over for a holiday dinner or similar event.)

When I have a dozen 6'+ 15 year old boys hanging out in my (carpeted) basement, I like that their size jumbo gym shoes are all in the mudroom on the tile floor. They've outgrown this, but when my kids were younger, my son's friends always took their socks off, too. We'd always find random gym socks all over the basement. And my son would come home from friends' houses with no socks. We moms would just wash the socks and have our boys wear them. Eventually some may have been left back at their original home (the socks, not the boys. We'd notice if the wrong boy came home.)

Since my feet are usually cold, I'm generally in socks unless it's a warm summer day, then barefoot.

When I visit friends in the winter I always take off my boots or shoes, unless it's for a nice party or dinner. Then I wipe my shoes like crazy before stepping into the house in case I walk on any carpet.

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barefoot at home 100% of the time, except outside or the garage.

Birkenstocks for my extremely wide hard to fit feet almost all of the rest of the time.

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I wear soft-soled shoes or slippers, or flip flops in summer. DH runs the gamut, barefoot, socks or shoes. Boots with treads come off at the door, and during the winter I leave a doormat inside the front door to put them on.

We have hardwood floors (pine upstairs, oak downstairs), tile in the front hall and in bathrooms, linoleum in the kitchen and stone pavers in the tv room.

We are in downstate NY (Long Island), zone 7.

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I grew up in So Cal and in those days it was acceptable to go barefoot everywhere...especially for store, mall, etc...and we pretty much did in the summer. I only remember wearing shoes to school and church.

I kick shoes off the minute I walk in the door and only wear clog/mule type shoes and sandals. Just don't like my feet confined. I live on the east coast now so do have to wear socks most of the year.

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Energy, Monroe here though not a native Monroan. Hi, Chilibeans. Nice to see you as well. I think I have read a post of yours before about your backyard. Super outdoor area by the way. Not to continue the hi-jack, but yes the weather is amazing today. I will be at a baseball game and then a graduation party very soon!

Chicagoans, that is definitely not a regional thing with the sock removal. My oldest and his friends did that too when they were small. We would always find the socks all over the backyard. Now that I think about it, I guess they were overly trained about not having sock feet outside!

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Circus Peanut

Socks. Sockitty sock sock socks. Love them. Oak and maple with wool Orientals. Maine. Cold. Did I mention socks?

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Florida. Hardwood, tile, carpet.

Like sas95, my babytoes take a beating when barefoot so I usually wearing something on my feet.

I have never been to a house and have been asked to remove my shoes. When visiting Hawaii, I knew the custom and did remove my shoes without being asked.


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flip flops and slippers over here.

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Throughout most of the day I am at work with shoes on. Once I come home, I get comfy and change to slippers or wool socks in the winter and sandals in the spring and summer.

Our floors are all hardwood except for the sunroom, which is carpeted.

We are in Massachusetts.

Fridays are casual dress down days at work. Today I wore a pair of Born sandals, which I bought for a recent vacation to Florida. My pedi is holding up nicely and I LOVE the freedom of sandals. It's like unleashing my inner beast after a long winter in Uggs!

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robo (z6a)

Nova Scotia, hardwood, heated floors. I'm usually barefoot. If I am doing a lot of work around the house I put sneakers on for the arch support. My husband usually has shoes off, socks on. Guests usually ask if they want to leave shoes on: the habit here is generally shoes off probably because our weather is such crud most of the time. I've been considering a slipper basket at the front door. I'm pretty easy going so I have watched many a pair of heels stamp their way across my floors for parties. Ladies just don't want to part with those heels.

On Saturday a friend brought his two year old to my grown up night party with a hard, dirty, extremely loud plastic lawn mower (outdoor toy) that the kid proceeded to race all around the house on my newly refinished floors....I felt a little less sanguine about that.

When I go to others' houses I always try to remember to wear socks. I think some people get grossed out by other people's bare feet and sometimes I feel like your bare feet could leave little foot prints if you get sweaty or whatever. But I don't mind other people being in bare feet here.

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Miami, Florida. I almost always have flip flops on in the house. Then again I almost always have flip flops on OUTSIDE the house too :). Other than the office, nobody down here wears much of anything else.

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NC, mostly wide plank hardwood and some tile (baths and mudroom.)
I always take my shoes off in the mudroom and put on socks. I am a little OCD, and the thought of street shoes, with all the God-knows-what on the bottom tracked on my clean floors just skeeves me out! Dh and the kids take off shoes, too. Of course guests can do whatever makes them most comfortable...I don't mention the shoe thing to them at all. Most of my children's friends automatically take their shoes off at the door.

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MA here, with hardwood and tiled kitchen and bath. Shoes off immediately at the door, with comfy socks, slippers or barefeet depending on the temp...unless going into the basement, then it's hard soled shoes. Guests thankfully generally remove shoes too.

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I'm a northern girl--shoes come off at the door, all the time. I have music students--many of them--and if I let all of them track in the dirst from the street, my floors would be filthy all the time. I keep a basket of slippers in a zillion sizes and replace them with some frequency so they and their parents have something to put on. I use the door to my kitchen with a brick floor much of the time. Rest of the house is mostly hardwood. Sort of off topic, one of my great pet peeves is when people sit on your upholstered furniture with coats on--even when they come in from the rain--and even when they have been encouraged to use the coat hooks--or padded hangers.

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My house has a mix of the original 100-year-old wide pine boards, vinyl in the kitchen and bath, and at some point someone upgraded the living and dining rooms to hardwood.

I used to go barefoot at home, for no reason other than I like going barefoot. But some recent foot issues have required that my feet get more support.

So, after work, I change from work shoes to sandals or a pair of canvas slip-ons in the summer and boiled wool clogs in the winter. On weekends, when I'm running in and out on errands and down to the dirt-floor basement for laundry and such, I put on running shoes in the morning and don't take them off until the day's chores are done.

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All this reminds me of a dinner party I once held. It was in ugly, rainy icy, wintry weather. The guests, who did not ask, just did it, removed their shoes and placed them in my large foyer on the bottom shelf of a table that served the purpose.

The following day, one guest called me and asked (knowing I was a medical person) if I thought the evening's alcohol could have caused him to be in either heart or kidney failure because his feet were so swollen they were hanging over the sides of his shoes when he left and were even worse this morning without the silken sockings.

I told him I was somewhat concerned but before he could come by and allow me to look, another guest called and said he was concerned that something had happened to his shoes in my foyer because it appeared someone had stretched his shoes to an unreasonable size.

I like figuring out shoe mysteries and other mysteries as well. It turned out the two guests had the identical shoes except one was a size 13 and the other a size 10. We got it figured out. The two who had not known each other prior to this, became very good friends as did their wives. They now play bridge in the same club on a weekly Friday night dinner and bridge basis.

So, removing shoes can be a friend builder.

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Tile and hardwood upstairs, carpet in the basement, Baltimore area.

I have 'house shoes' that I never wear outside (Sketchers GoWalks), my husband has house slippers, and my kids are barefoot (indoors and out this time of year) or in socks. We don't ask guests to take their shoes off, but they usually ask, or just do it by habit.

Maybe it's because I'm a stay at home mom, but I feel slothful if I go barefoot in the house all wearing my house shoes is part of my "getting dressed for work" routine. :)

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I wear my slip-on Merrells in the house during cool weather. I also wear them outside at times and take them off when I come in. Somehow they magically become clean and I put them back on to wear around the house again. Go figure. I don't like wearing socks without shoes or slippers in the house because the wood floors and stairs can be slippery.

However, a foot inside a sock is a great method for dusting the baseboards!

In warm weather I wear sandals or go barefoot, which reminds me that I need a pedicure.

I live near Philadelphia and my kitchen floor is tile, the rest of the house is hardwood with wool orientals and wall-to-wall in the den.

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Barefoot all the time, gulf coast Tx with tile and area rugs. My perceived internal temp is WAY too high for me to handle things on my feet at home.

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It's interesting how many people relate to this post. Pal's story re his parents was great. What we wear depends so much on our location and our health and comfort. Love to walk on the radiant-heat tile barefoot when the heats on. Otherwise want the warmth of socks in chilly Seattle area. Love my soft alpaca ones. All tile and hardwood w/area rugs downstairs.

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Due to foot issues I need to wear shoes w/ an insert or I have problems. I can get by for a little while going barefoot or wearing Uggs slippers if I'm just lounging around between couch and kitchen, but if I'm doing anything or I'm up for an extended period I need to wear real shoes. We have wood floor and some berber carpet. I do love the feel of going bare foot when it's warm.

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We wear slippers in the house. My slippers are more like soft shoes with good support. I cannot go barefoot, hurts my feet if I'm on them all day. We have benches by both doors to sit on to remove shoes. Friends that come often even bring their own slippers to wear. We have wood floor everywhere except in our bedroom.

Several yrs ago, I had a carpet cleaning guy tell me we should not routinely go barefoot on carpet as the oil in our feet will discolor the carpet over time. Anyone else ever heard that?

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Joyce, we had new carpet put in our guest room and my daughter's room, both the salesman and the installer said the same thing. I'm not too worried about it because these rooms see minimal use since my daughter is away at school and only home on holidays, but I would be more concerned about it if I had carpet in the common areas.

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We live in SW Floridaâ¦.barefeet for me, Crocs for my DH. We have tile throughout, except for the bedrooms.

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Joyce,our carpet fitter advised us not to go bare foot on the carpets. We wear slippers and have a nice bench by the door and our slippers are kept underneath. We also keep a small laundry basket there so family can put their socks in there after a long day.
I would rather have kids run around bare foot than in sweaty socks, generally though they wear their slippers. Regular visitors bring their slippers.

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Mostly either barefoot or socks, depending on weather, but I am in SoCal, so barefoot most of the time.

Mixture of carpet in bedrooms and living room, laminate in most of the rest of the house and vinyl (soon to be tile) in bathrooms, and tile in entry.

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I have wood floors and travertine floors. I live in CA. I go barefoot (but not at night, might be a scorpion) or wear socks if my feet are cold. Which I keep swearing I am going to stop doing, since I keep getting holes in them!

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At home after work, the first thing I do is kick off my shoes. I have all tile and laminate in the bedrooms. If I do leave my socks on they don't last long. I am in Southern California.

I had once gone on a craigslist purchase and the woman had a pair of flip flops right outside her door. Those were for outside and then she left those outside when she came into her house. She may have even slipped on another pair when she was in her house. So she had her clean ones inside and her dirty bottomed one outside. Made sense once I thought about it.

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Chicago burb

Hardwood throughout with area rugs

Sisal in Family Room
Wool in Dining Room
Shag in Living Room
Synthetic in Hallway
Travertine in basement

Winter/Fall/Early Spring - Uggs

Flip flops in summer

However, when I'm on my feet a lot in the kitchen I wear my Danskos. When I'm cleaning the house, I wear a good supportive sneaker.

Our two teenage boys do not wear shoes in the house.

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To mirror almost exactly what Tibbrix said!

Socks winter
Sandals or barefoot summer
Wide pine floors - some area rugs (One must always beware of nails that pop in 300++ year old floors)
Live in Northeast- North of Boston

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Boots! We live on a farm and you don't go off the porch without boots. Too much rusty wire and other debris still come up, when it rains. And gloves (always) when digging in the garden.

As for inside...socks. We have carpet and vinyl floors, but it's too cold most of the time to go barefoot and in the summer, everyone is tracking in too much to go barefoot. Between gardens, horses, pasture, etc....socks are best :)

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I wear padded ballet slippers because of the hardwood and tile, and it helps me walk faster than wearing slip-on houseshoes.

The rest of the family wears just about everything. No restrictions here.

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Always barefoot in the house and anywhere else if I can : )
We have hardwood mostly, carpet, travertine tile in the master bath. ~Georgia girl.

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Shoes in the morning, all around the hosue and out the door, but as soon as we're home and into comfy clothes, socks! Actually, he even takes those off as the evening wears on and then leave them everywhere. Teenage boy! We take off shoes as we walk in the door, but for no good reason other than we want to. Carpet everywhere but kitchen and bathroom.

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Chiming in here. I am always barefoot in the house - simply because that's more comfortable to me than having anything on my feet. Even as a child I would not wear slippers. Hate them.

Guests coming to my house can do whatever they want. If it's rainy or messy outside, they typically take off their shoes just out of common sense.

When I go to someone else's house, I normally ask if they'd like me to remove my shoes. So far nobody has said yes; they always say "only if you want". And ⦠if it's a casual visit, I do, because that's how I'm comfortable.

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socks in most of the house slippers in the our bedroom because of the cold hard laminate flooring in there. Almost everyroom in this 100 year old house has diff. flooring, only the laminate is cold and hard. We don,t have tile anywhere.

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