Jandy e pump

clanchFebruary 12, 2010

Currently i have Jandy stealth 2 hp single speed pump. I live in San Diego CA, and not looking forward to summer electrical rate at tier 3 We run the pool pump about eight hours at summer time. Would a Jandy e pump cut the pump electric bill in half? How are the e pumps holding up. Thank You for your help.

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How big is the pool?


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The pool is 13 thousand gallons free form, with swg and solar.

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How high is the solar? How often is it used?

The reason I ask is if you need to push the full volume the existing does for long periods of time, the E-Pump will need to also and there will be no benefit. A 2 story up array of panels might need the full push.

If the solar is not used much or doesn't really need the full volume the existing pushes, you can run it at a slower speed and gain some benefit.

Just running without solar will save a lot since you only need 25 GPM, a relatively slow speed that sips power when compared to the existing pump. to be sure the cell has enough flow.


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Thank you help, the house is two story all panels on the roof. Solar is used a lot, but could be cut in half, full speed at four hours at peak sun and rest at night at low speed. Winter time keep solar at 20 min a day. This is what i'm thinking of. Cameron

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You want the pump to run during the day. The sun's rays will cause the free chlorine to gas off. Running the pump during the day replenishes it. When the sun goes down, the chlorine settles in for the night, unless it's going after contaminants.

To make a rough guess of the current flow rates with and without the solar on, we need to know the plumbing size, distance the equipment is from the pool, solar array, number of panels and their size. The normal operating pressures as read at the filter's gauge, both when solar is on and off will help also.

By knowing the current flow rates, a reasonable educated guess can be calculated. This enables us to figure out the proper run time for the desired turn over rate.


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Suction size of plumbing is four inch, pressure side is 2 inch. Running without solar is 18 psi with solar 29 psi. Pool equipment is about 32 feet from the pool. Solar panls cover half of the upper roof one side. Pool is 13 thousand gallons that was solar was set up for. Again thank for your help. We be out of town for a few days with kids, not sure if i will have email. Cameron

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What filter do you have?

How many panels and how big are they? Are they 2"feeds?

How far away is the equipment from the risers that lead to and return from the solar panels?

Your Stealth is a high head capable pump. The E-Pump has nearly identical pump curve characteristics at full speed.

If the solar needs as much water as it's getting now to properly function, I don't see a big savings. A 13,000 gallon pool isn't that big though and I find it hard to believe that you have that many solar panels that it would justify that much flow unless the array is oversized too.


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Jandy 460 filter, feeds to solar are two inch, and one foot away to the up risers to solar. Solar panels do maybe over sized. What is the best guess for turn over rate. Thank for help. Its cold standing in the snow for signal.

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clanch...one thing that I think is being overlooked is the cost of ownership over an entire year.

Yes, your solar will require higher pump speed to satisfy the vacuum breaker unless you lower your vacuum breaker elevation (another highly debatable topic on this forum, so I won't go down that rathole).

In reality, how much will you be using the solar. You will still have to turn the pool year round, assuming you don't winterize your pool. Turning the pool year round without solar, will allow you to use the lower speed settings on the e-pump or a 2 speed for that matter and save lots of money annually. With your current 1 speed you don't have that option and are paying for the pump running full blast. Speed reduction reduces power exponentially and therefore your energy bill falls exponentially! Running the pump at high speed for 4 hours a day during the summer is not a big deal. Most pools require brief high speed operation during the day for other needs anyway (cleaners, in-floor heads, skimming, etc.)

Either way, a variable speed will definitely save money daily and even more money annually. The return on investment may take a few years because of the added cost of variable speed technology and if that's a concern, you can have a faster return on investment with a 2-speed.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for info, changing the pump would help over the long term. $350-450.00 or more if have to use a/c turning the summer just hurts. It all started with there tier system for rate pricing. We will adjust how we use solar year around with a variable speed pump to lower the cost of operation. Thanks again!!

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I had installed the 2 HP Jandy E-Pump on my pool that was finished late November last year. I love it. I run my pool for 16 hours at 1800 rpms and it sips 330 watts or there abouts. Considering that is 3 100 watt light bulbs, I'm pretty happy with it. I turn it up here and there to skim the pool a little better, but over all that speed works very well. 1 thing that I did find out is you never want to run this pump under 30 gpm (approx 1700 rpms) with a SWG. Reason being, a SWG requires 30 gpm to run and if you go lower then that the SWG will not work.

Over all, I have seen no increase in my electric bill, but I only pay .12 KW so it's not anything all that bad.

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I have a similar setup as Leep, but solar as well on a one story.

I run at about 1HP (750 watts) with solar on and at about 200 watts with it off. I save tremendous money compared to my older 1 HP single speed.

I can actually break the solar vacuum around 600 watts and have done so , but heating performance begins to suffer.

I can run a cleaner with a floating skimmer, or a dragonfly just fine at 350 watts.

One upside to this pump is you can decide to weight performance vs spending and when I really want every last drop of heat from the panels I can juice the pump to full speed- it heats very well and is still cheaper than gas or a heat pump.

During the "winter" Im going to just shutoff the panles completely after thanksgiving weekend and turn them on again april 1 I should be able to get around 33 cents a day of operating cost.

Uncle Dave

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Thank you for your reply, will get new pump, or maybe solar panels for power. Cannot stand SDGE!!

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