dripping exterior Romart frost free faucet

raee_gwOctober 8, 2013

I have tried to fix this persistent drip. When I disassembled the fixture, the retainer screw appeared to be broken -- the head was missing and the remains of the screw at the broken end was crumbly even though underneath the debris the remaining end was shiny copper or brass. Looks more like copper I turned the water on and flushed out the valve seat washer (it had not come out with the stem) but no screw head.
The washer seemed in good shape so I reused it, replaced the screw, also replaced the packing washer at the handle end; put it all back together and turned the water on. No drip -- success I thought!

But, the next day, the drip was back. I just finished replacing the valve seat washer but still it drips--one drop every 8 seconds.

Any suggestions?

The only other thing that I think might be useful information -- I disassembled the other outdoor faucet because of a leak at the handle when on that I couldn't tighten down. Took it all apart just to check the valve seat washer and found that it was covered with (I think) mineral build up such that I couldn't even see the screw. And, I couldn't scrape it off!

This faucet went back together and the handle leak fixed okay. I wonder if there is similar buildup in the first faucet that isn't letting the stem seat properly? if so, how can I fix that?

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The valve seat probably needs to be replaced.

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I think that will be beyond me! but I did some googling (actually Bing-ing), and strongly suspect that it was rock-hard mineral deposits that caused the screw to break and won't allow a seal. Maybe I can clean up the mineral deposits from the seat enough to work. Thinking about stuffing a sponge soaked in CLR in there.

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I wanted to follow up in case anyone else has the same problem -- which really was hard water mineral build-up that had corroded the retainer screw and didn't allow the washer to seat cleanly.

I soaked a bit of rag in Lime-away and pushed it into the end of the stopcock then pushed that into the opening. Let it sit for a while, pulled it out then repeated. Turned the water on to flush out any loose debris, then proceeded to reinstall the sillcock. Success, no more drips!

The second sillcock that I mentioned in my OP, that was crusted in deposits -- I soaked in the Lime-away for a few minutes -- the retainer screw on that one crumbled away with the deposits also and had to be replaced.

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