Polaris 360 running in circles

rocks911February 27, 2012

I have a 34 year old Polaris 360 and it just runs in circles on the bottom of the pool. The pressure to the unit is good and all parts are in good shape but no matter how I position the jet the unit just runs in circles.

Any ideas?

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If its 34 years old let it retire in peace.

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1. Check the float on top of the cleaner and see if it holding water.If it is replace it and make sure it is screwed in all the wat to the body of the cleaner.
2. Lay the hose and cleaner straight out on the pool deck for a few days in the sun to heat the hose straight. A hose that is curled and layed in the sun will make the cleaner run in circles.
3. Insure that your returns on the pool are not set to high resulting in pushing the cleaner hose around.
4.Take the top off of the cleaner and check the belts.
5. Look inside the cleaner for any hoses that have blown off there connectors.
6. Check the tire treads and move them from one side to the other.

hope this helps

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Thanks for the replies. I couldnt decide if the unit was 3 or 4 years old, hence the 34 years.

I'll try all that you mentioned, thanks.

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The belts inside have snapped in all likelihood. Only one wheel is turning.


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I am sad, I thought we might have a polaris that Dale Hilleman could have been proud of.


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You're a loonie...

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The belts are in good shape. Changing the tires helped. Also I screwed the float all the way in. Seems to be better about not running in circles.

Now why is the front end continuously pulling a wheelie? The front end is high as it sweeps the pool. Does this have to do with the float adjustment?

I've gotta say that this thing is temperamental, all the stars must be aligned just right for this to work well.

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Does the float have water in it? It should not. If it does, new ones are available and just slide on.


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