simon has his angel wings

NinapearlDecember 3, 2009

simon's journey was as peaceful as i had hoped it would be. i am even more sure now that this was the right decision. he is whole again, running free, on all FOUR legs.

he is with his sissy and his daddy now.

i have already had a sign from simon. i just came in from taking the dane girls for a long walk. the only other dogs on the farm at gone for the day, at the groomer. there are no other dogs within at least 2 or 3 miles. as we neared the house, i heard a bark. not just any know how you can recognize your own dog's bark? i thought, at first, it was my imagination so i asked for another one. off in the distance, i heard it again. it was most definitely simon, letting me know he arrived safely. i hope he remembers to tell gary and maggie how much i love and miss them, too!

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I am so sorry for your pain.

I know how crazy it sounds (the bark), but we had a similar experience when we put our girl to sleep. A couple days later DH and I were sitting in the living room, still depressed and crying and we heard her. Not baby never really barked. But when she was alive she used to like to lie down under a table and when she went to get up we could always hear her nails click on the floor. (they weren't overly long but she was a clumsy girl and the floor was tile so she would slip a little.)

Well that day DH and I heard her again for one last time. And we both heard her....I had to go over to the table and check to make sure. I will never forget it. I felt her with us, and I am not religious at all.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is one of the hardest things in the world. (((Hugs)))

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I'm so sorry.

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I'm so sorry he's gone. I do believe you heard him signal his safe arrival at his new destination.

After Peewee died we heard her in our home. She wasn't a barker, and as a tiny 3 pounder her tags sometimes hit the tile floors. Several times, within days of her passing we heard her tags clink just like they did as as they used to do when she walked around. In my heart I know she was letting us know she'd always be with us.

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Nina, I am sorry about Simon (((hugs))).

I have a similar story about my first dog. Back in 2005, I had him put to sleep after 15 amazing and wonderful years. At the time, my grandmother was also in failing health. She broke her hip and I went to visit her in the hospital.

She hugged me and then asked me how on earth I had got Hoover (my dog) into the hospital? I told her that Hoover wasn't in the hospital. She said, "Well, he's right there..." and pointed to the floor by my feet. I had not told her that Hoover had died, so I was kind of freaked out.

A week later, my dear grandmother passed away from complications after the surgery. To this day, I wonder if she really saw him in his usual place, by my side.

Dogs stay with us in spirit, I guess. Which is what matters anyway.

More (((hugs))) to you and your family.

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Nina, I am so sorry, it hurts so much to lose them.

We had a similar experience years ago. We lost both of our dogs within a week of each other, and heard them the night the second one passed on. Both of them snored, and one of them would adjust the blanket on his dog bed and cover himself, making lots of noise. Turned the lights on, and did not see anything. We both heard them several nights, then never again.

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thank you, all and what wonderful stories! cindy, there is no doubt in my mind your grandmother saw hoover at your feet. what a comfort it must have been for you to know he was so close.

these stories give me chills but they are good chills.

i woke this morning after a fitful night and it took me a few seconds to realize i didn't have to watch where i put my feet when i got out of bed. simon slept in his doggy bed, right next to my bed. that made me cry and then my boss called later in the morning to ask how i was doing...the floodgates opened again.

i have to keep telling myself that simon is where he needed to be at this point. some day, i will see them all again and it will be joyous.

my dane girls seem to be adjusting. my senior girl, ashley, was every so close to simon...

she looked all around the house for him today and then settled on the floor, near his bed. i know she is grieving so i will do a few special things this weekend with them. *sigh*

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I'm so sorry to hear about Simon. What great pictures, and I know how the other animals grieve.

Oh, how we love our silly wonderful pets! You gave him a wonderful life.

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I'm so sorry.

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OOOHHHH I know this is the hardest furbaby loss for you. Gary has his little Maggie and now Simon, im sure they are gettin along with Flag too. Gary has all his furbabies now. You will find room for another needy and deserving baby. I believe you will be rescuing another soul before Christmas. Maggie and Simon know they will never be forgotten or replaced but that you have so much love to give.

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I'm so sorry. ((HUG))

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My thoughts are with you.

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thanks again, everyone.

lisa, you know me too well. :) the dane rescue where i got my 2 girls has recently taken in a couple of lovely dogs. i may be fostering sooner than i thought.

this is "romeo"...

because he is so sweet, they thought that would be a good name. i am waiting to get a little more information about him. i have a feeling i will fail miserably at "fostering"!
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Gorgeous dog-

He reminds me of Cookies & Cream ice cream!

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Sylviatexas, I was going to say the same thing. He sure is a beauty!
Dee in Michigan

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