How long will it take for a Tom to quit being aggressive?

wertach zone 7-B SCDecember 1, 2011

He was a stray, very loving cat, to people, not so with GG. I had him neutered last week.

GG has been spayed, years ago, and she is an indoor cat, Tom is outdoor and probably will remain that way.

GG goes outside to potty, she only uses the litter box in an emergency, such as me being late getting home.

He has always stalked her and attacks, from behind, claws her and bites. He learned better than attacking her face to face, she's bigger and can kick his butt. But she doesn't want to fight if she can get away.

He seems more aggressive now than he was before being fixed! He actually jumped through the door to attack when I let her in earlier! A quick hit and back outside, but right under my feet!

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Assuming he was a sexually mature tom when he was neutered, he may not relinquish his aggressiveness at all. I have a number of male cats who arrived here as young adult, intact toms. Even after neutering, they did not mellow. At that point, their aggression was as much a learned behavior as it was hormonal. They have, however, mellowed a bit with age.

Your tom may be extra aggressive right now because he is still responding to some degree of physical discomfort from the neuter surgery. Also, it will take about six weeks for the residual hormones to dissipate post-neuter.

I would minimize GG's outdoor access for the next couple of months and hope that the tom mellows a little after the hormones have been eliminated from his system ... but don't bank on it.


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wertach zone 7-B SC

Thanks, I want to keep him, Love him, but my GG is my first priority. I'll give him a month or so, if doesn't settle down I will put him up for adoption.

I won't take him to an animal shelter, I'll try to find him a good home. Which should be easy since he is fixed, uses a litter box, at least the time I had him inside the laundry room, and all shots.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

Update, He is still scaring my GG, She will rush to the door when he approaches. But he isn't attacking her, at least in front of me. She doesn't show any signs of fighting either, so maybe he is leaving her alone.

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Sadly we had the same situation with a stray tom cat we called Load. Load was a nice cat, he loved being scratched and even talking to him would make him purr, I believe he was a house cat that got dropped off and he wanted to be a house cat again. But he would attack our indoor boys if he had a chance and he attacked the neutered boys in the feral family. We had him neutered and we crossed our fingers....for over 6 months. Then he viciously attacked one of the ferals, I stopped it with a blast from the hose. We took Load to a no kill shelter, he was older, and luckily he did get adopted into a one cat home. He's doing great.

Good luck with yours, I hope he calms down for you wertach.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

He comes running as soon as I open the door to let her out, if he isn't already waiting where she can't see him when she wants out. If he is eating at the his door, she can sometimes escape.

But then I have to go out in the woods and escort her back. She will sit where I can see her and meow very quietly until I come get her. He will not follow her or go to her unless she is on her back porch.

He hasn't actually attacked her lately, unless I didn't see it happen. But she is scared to death of him.

I'll give him one more month.

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I have adopted my second cat couple months ago. First couple days was like nightmare and we were looking so hard how to keep these two together in peace, but with one lucky collar everything settle with both of them in matter of hours. I believe you can find it in any pet shop, they are called "Calming Collar", you supposed to put it on the cat which is aggressive. As he is outdoor plus male cat, even though he is neutered, probably he is more territorial than your indoor cat. Before considering to look new home for him, I really would like you to give this collar a try. Wish them good luck and happy new year!

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