Water radiator not working, please help

YardleyOctober 10, 2011

Hello, we recently had the bathroom renovated in our 100+ year old house and had a new water baseboard heater installed. Yesterday we turned on the heat for the first time since we moved in and since the renovation and the bathroom heater is not working. The other original heaters on the third flood where the bathroom is located are working fine. I did some reading where it was suggested that one bleed the heater, however I see no valve anywhere on the new baseboard heater. I should also mention that I went to the second floor and tested the exposed pipe that feeds the bathroom radiator on the third floor, and it only warms up at the very bottom, the top is cold. Please help!

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I don't think you have enough water in your system. There should be a gauge on the furnance - it has a pointer shows the current water level, and another that shows the 'full' level.

Get the plumber / contractor to come back and fill / bleed the system.

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Hi guys, I took a bunch of pictures and uploaded them to photobucket at the link below. You can zoom in on them there or if needed I can provide larger versions. Hope these can help you help me haha. Thanks a lot!


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You stated that this is a new installation with your rehab.

Call your installer and explain that you have not previously had to use the heat, but now that you have tried it, you find that radiator is not working.

As was mentioned above, it is probably just something simple like bleeding air from the system or adjusting the water level and your installers are fully aware of that, BUT-

At this time it is not a DIY project because any changes you make to the system could void your warranty.

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