Less We Forget How Much We Love Them

trisha57_nyDecember 21, 2009

Our Sweet McDuff

The Northfork of Long Island was very new to me,

But, we got you, Our Sweet McDuff, and you made me see

You were ours from 6 weeks to 7 years old,

And, of all the hearts I know, yours was a true gold

Your huge Saint Bernard paws and your very beautiful face,

showed us that life here was not to waste

People giggled and were awed at your gorgeous 180 lb. self,

You were magnificent, my man, in all your glorious stealth.

Some were afraid of you at first,

But you showed them love, then showed them slurp

We met people we never knew,

And now they are a part of our lives, all because of you.

Although we never asked, you sat at our front door,

And made our B&B guests feel safe and secure,

What a luck girl your little sister, Daisy, was,

To have you as her one and only love

So proud, so proud, so proud and blessed we all were to have you, our beautiful boy

That the only word that describes you is "joy"

You are in heaven now,

And to you, our Sweet McDuff, we all take a bow.

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a lovely tribute.

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just beautiful!

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Thank you sylvia. I know everyone is probably sick of hearing about McDuff. I posted here 7 years ago when we first got him. remember? He would have been 7 in January, 2010.
Anyway, we opened a B&B in May, 2007. I was so nervous I couldn't answer the first phone reservations! When our first guests arrived, I opened the door with Duff and Daisy right beside me. Imagine going to a B&B, and greeting the owner and two Saint Bernards?
That was

uff was long and tall and long and big and ....oh god, everytime I think about him, I cry.

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Beautiful words for a special friend.

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