Help please -and fast!! Kinetico or Water-right Sanitizer Plus --

mulchieOctober 28, 2013

Hi, We are about to move into a new house and need to resolve a water treatment system pronto.

We are weighing a Kinetico or Water-Right Sanitizer Plus whole house sanitizing system. Very hard water. Tremendous iron residue in every toilet overnight. Mild sulfuric odor. Awaiting state testing results.

This is a new house with all new appliances and we don't want these to get messed up by bad water. Our contractor wasn't on top of this.

The well driller reps Water-right Sanitizer Plus at about $3800. We had a Kinetico system in our last house and were fairly happy with that. Similar pricing.
We want very low maintenance and long-term reliability. We will likely not install a secondary filtration system for drinking. Cost is an issue. But water is an essential, so we don't want to go cheap and regret it.

ANY information on these two systems will be appreciated. This is fairly urgent for us and we want to resolve it quickly.

many thanks

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I was in a similar position. Just had a new house built and had the rough-in for softener included, but did not include the actual softener. Got bids from Culligan, Kinnetico, and Water Right.

Ultimately felt the Water Right was the best system for our needs. I'm sure I could have saved a bunch buying online/installing myself (paying a plumber) but I think the cost savings isn't enough to offset having someone else sign their name to the work.

Just my $0.02.

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Thank you for the reply.
Can you elaborate on why you liked the Water right and say how it's going?

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I am interested in knowing how the Water Right Sanitizer plus is working. I am also looking into that as a one system solution (removing aerator, multiple pumps, tank, and a separate water softener). Would like to move to one system with our well water.

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We opted for Kinetico in the end. It was less expensive, works like a champ. We are very satisfied with the choice.

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