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jimmydinkMarch 22, 2013

I am about to begin a complete kitchen renovation in our home. This is the layout I have come up with, but I am unsure as to its functionality. The fridge has to remain where it is and I think I want the sink to remain in front of the window, but other than that I am open to suggestion. I am looking for a 36" range and also a single wall oven. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Unable to read the layout even when clicking on it.

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My apologies...I have a bad habit of writing too small. Try this.

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I don't know the distance between your DW and the island there but you want to make sure you have ample space to get by when the door is open. Forms kind of a pinch point. Also I don' t know if this matters to you but some people don't like loading the dishwasher on their left side if they are right handed. I don't know how tall your uppers are...I have a corner upper cabinet - 36" tall and I am 5' 9" and have a hard time reaching the third shelf. You do have to be careful about stuff getting lost back there, but it isn't too bad. I also have my microwave above my wall oven and actually like it...doesn't take up counter space and it is as eye level so I don't have to bend down. Not sure about the oven right next to the fridge if that poses any issues, maybe someone else can chime in on that. What helps me is to visualize - try to picture how you are going to use the space....getting items out of the fridge, prepping them, cooking them and cleaning up.

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Much better. If you haven't already. Please read the "new to kitchens..." thread posted by buehl that is usually on page 1 or 2. It will give you tons of info. on planning a kitchen.

It might be helpful to show a little bit more of the house layout to see how the kitchen is in relation to other rooms. Also, tell us about how you will use your kitchen. how many cooks? etc.

So back to your plan, do you have venting placed over the range in the island?

Why does the refridgerator have to stay in its place? I don't have a suggestion for moving it, just wondered.

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Why does the refrigerator have to remain where it is?

Do you cook much? If so, I would not want this layout. The range is too far from the natural Prep Zone (on the counter b/w the sink and refrigerator) and there's hardly any space on the right side of the range for emergency landing. If I had to have that arrangement, I would switch the 12" and 30" cabs/counters so...
There's sufficient safety zone b/w the range and counter edge on the side,
The workspace is closer to the sole water source in your kitchen,
The space is usable from both the front and side, and
I had more "elbow room" in the workspace.

Does that small wall to the right of the refrigerator need to stay? Can it come down?

Is there a wall behind the range? Or, is that a peninsula? If the latter, do you plan to have overhead venting? (Downdrafts are notoriously ineffective - even telescoping ones - and they're usually quite noisy! No venting should not be an option...)

Personally, I think I would switch the range & refrigerator, but w/o full dimensions of the space I don't know if it would fit. I'd put the peninsula on the other side and move the refrigerator & pantry to the bottom wall. I'd probably move the DW & sink to the left to increase prep space and have my Prep Zone face out the window. You might even consider moving the sink & DW into the peninsula so you can visit with others while at the sink, have ample prep space b/w the sink and range (ideal location for the Prep Zone), and prep in front of the window.

Keep in mind that workflow is generally:
Refrigerator/Pantry --> Sink --> Range/Cooktop --> Table or Sink (dirty dishes)

What are the dimensions of each wall/door/window and the distances b/w each wall/door/window? The overall dimensions? Can the window be moved?

Keep in mind that the more constraints you put on a space, the less you can do to make it functional. So, think about the things you have said can't be changed...are they really fixed? If you're concerned about the cost of moving things like plumbing and you have a basement or crawl space under the kitchen, you might be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive it is to move it.

Have you had a chance to read the the "Layout Help" topic in the "Read Me" thread? As Debrak_2008 mentioned, it contains a wealth of information for planning a kitchen as well as discusses what information we need to help you get the best layout for you and your family's needs.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: New To Kitchens? Posting Pics? Read Me!

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