Eternal Hybrid Water Heaters?

nap101October 10, 2012

Anyone have personal experience? My plumber is recommending it but the reviews I've been reading online don't sound so great.

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I am not a fan of tank-less systems at all. The plumbing supply that I buy from sells that brand but not sure if anyone buys/installs them? For the price of one of those you can buy 2-3 top-of-line tank water heaters & have 10-20 years of great hot water in your home if your water conditions are good. You on natural gas, propane?

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Unfortunately I need to go tankless. I have a very small house and currently the hot water heater is in a closet in the kitchen. The tank is very small. There is no other place to put a tank other than the garage which would be way too far from the bathroom. So it's going on the outside of the house (also no room for a tank on either side of the house). I do live in a warmer climate. And it's natural gas.

One plumber who was against tankless agreed that this situation would be best served with tankless. Oh, and I have a slight gas leak and a bad gas line so that has to be replace regardless of what I do.

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I have a Rinnai and absolutely LOVE it. Don't expect $ savings, but the ability to have never-ending hot water is priceless when guests stay a few days and everyone wants a shower. Just make sure you pay attention to the max flow they can heat - some of the cheaper ones have ridiculously low flow rates.

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