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CHazzardOctober 2, 2012

I hope I'm posting this in the correct forum. I'm looking for an opinion on an estimate a plumber gave me on moving our washer/dryer hookups to the first floor.

He was very clear that the job was easy. Those were his words. The wall we'd like the washer dryer on is the wall where the main plumbing stack is located. The washer and dryer would also be adjacent to an exterior wall.

We specifically asked him to include an option for running a gas line and what the additional cost would be, even though gas makes me nervous. But, again, the gas line is located directly beneath where the washer and dryer are going and, in his words, would be very easy.

He didn't identify the cost of separate items in his quote, so I'm not sure how much of this estimate is the running of the gas line/venting the dryer to the exterior/running water line, etc. but the total is $1200.

That's far more than we expected, especially since he identified where all the pipes were located and said it was "easy." We have talked to people that have done this in the past who haven't paid nearly that much, but perhaps they did it so long ago what they paid is now unrealistic.

Anyway, I'd really like some feedback on this. Thanks!

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I don't know about the price but I will never ask a plumber to run or quote on a gas line. You need a qualified gas technical for this job.

Your plumber should give you a quote on the plumbing work. I also wonder who is going to patch up the wall after all these work ?

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Maccps is wrong......Plumbers may also run both low pressure and high pressure gas, although you will never see high pressure gas in a residential structure.

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He said he would do everything to code. His estimate does not include any electrical or drywall work. We would have to find separate people to patch the drywall after and install the 220 needed for the dryer.

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