Decorating Around Angled Bed

oldbat2beApril 3, 2014

One of my projects this year is DD's room. I've made some progress so far; here's a current photo. Any and all suggestions for improvement will be welcomed. She is 16 1/2. Annie - this one's for you!

Pending: Move bookshelf (DH made it) to opposite wall (right side of pictures, above desk) or above blue bureau (which is on the left side of the pictures). Refinish floor and add area rug. Figure out paint color(s). Redo trim work, floor and around windows (right now I have different trim on the windows and don't like either!). Desk and chair are being replaced.

Keeping: Bed, bureau, honey oak floors (though they will be refinished). Everything else can be changed.

The bed is currently at the angle shown, and I think will stay that way. (Making the bed was a royal pain when it was up against the wall; much easier like this... and she's actually made the bed each day this week, no small miracle).

My primary question is how to best take advantage of the wasted space behind the bed? I'd like a shelf of some sort (DH can build whatever you come up with). Pictures I've found show 'screens' (those folding things, not sure of the accurate word) behind. How about some curtains hanging down behind the bed which could be pulled back/tied back, with a shelf slightly lower than the head board?

Also considering a swing-arm lamp on wall to left of bed.

Any high tech gadgetry/shelving/cool ideas? I come from the kitchen forum and am new to the concept of bedroom decorating :)


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If you DD is anything like me at that age, I wouldn't build anything behind the bed because in a couple of months she may be trying another furniture arrangement. Angled beds are fun for a while, and then you realize how much space they eat up. I constantly rearranged my bedroom as a teenager.

I would focus on a super-easy way to make the bed, such as an oversized comforter that drapes over the sides and can be straightened up while she is still in bed and then slide out without disrupting the cover. And maybe upholstering the box springs.

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Point taken graywings, thanks. However, this has been the first change for DD in a couple of years and she really likes the current set-up. I'm fine with building something which may be removed/changed at some point in the future. (DS on the other hand, changes his layout a few times a year).

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What graywings said. It seems like the bed takes up a lot of real estate the way its placed now, and she may get tired of that soon enough. My kids all have their beds against the wall because all our bedrooms are small, and they are lousy bed-makers anyway so I have just learned to hum a happy tune in my head and look the other way when I walk past their rooms.

Also just FYI, maybe not an option for you, but my kids have just headboards, no footboards, which opens up the room a bit and gives them a few more precious inches of floor space. And, it's easier to make the bed.

If you do put the bed back into the corner (I assume the head of the bed used to be under the wall-hung shelf?), I'd move the shelf over the desk or bureau, then add a little round bedside table on the open side of the bed, and hang a fun wall-mounted lamp over the headboard.

If you keep the bed angled, maybe you could hang a fun mobile (not a baby mobile -- look on etsy for some ideas, or some of the museum gift shops online...seems like something MOMA might have?) in the corner over the headboard.

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Can you put pics up to show all angles of the room?

And how old is your DD?

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Elraes Miller

I've had my bed at an angle for years. Mainly to take advantage of the windows, but love the look of the room better than any other arrangement. There is a half round table behind the bed (flat side against it) and a long thin side table on my sleeping side. You could easily build a corner shelf a bit lower than the the height of the headboard, attach to wall for objects of need or interest. Easy to remove if any change occurs. I have 3 round hat boxes stacked on top of each other (misc. items stored inside) and a hanging candle lantern filling in the corner void.

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Can your handy hubby make a triangular table to fit the space? On top, DD could have a lamp, her books, earbuds, her alarm (as if she uses it I have teens I know whereof I speak) and, as someone said, a fun mobile or even netting on a hoop, like a crown/canopy. Below the table she can toss her laundry. No, wait, did I say that? But maybe pretty basket or trunk with out of season clothes.

I kind of like the bed in the corner, so much light! Helps in getting up in the morning...

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Can you angle it more symmetrically and then put a corner shelf, one big triangle, behind it that starts maybe just below the top rail of the headboard?
Maybe even several floating shelves around the corner, too. You could clip lamps on the shelf or have undershelf lights.

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Consider asking your DH to make a tall corner shelf unit that reaches to the ceiling -- a shelving unit that could stay in that spot -- even if the bed is moved around the room.

Then she could add baskets (lined with lids) to the lower shelves to store "stuff" -- and display other items on the top shelves.

Add the current shelves above a desk. Then add a custom bulletin board between the desk and shelves.

Add a full length mirror to the back of the closet or bedroom door. Very handy!! :)

For color ideas -- pick the bedding FIRST -- it is easier to match colors to an "inspiration" piece.

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I know you said your daughter likes this arrangement but it is taking up a lot of valuable space. Could you put the head of her bed in front of the window, use her desk as one side table with the shelves over it and maybe another side table on the other side if needed. two rugs for each side of the bed would be soft on her feet . Drapes/curtains on the windows....either open or closed behind the bed.

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Could your DH make shelves similar to the one that is there but that wrap around the corner? And then below it put the triangular cabinet as bpathome suggests that would fit into the corner for a small lamp, etc that would serve as a night stand? I think it would work better than trying to force a table onto the sides of the bed. If you paint it to match the walls it would blend in.

It looks like your DD likes to have some books and other things on her shelves so those would be useful as well as decorative. I like the idea of painted shelves with fitted baskets to avoid the over-cluttered look too, so a mix of those would be cute on the shelves.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I know you said the bed is staying, but does it have to? I think the headboard and the footboard both are taking up a lot of valuable space. Perhaps your handy DH can make something practical to fill the corner like this...though clearly not so modern. But it becomes headboard, storage, end table etc. all in one. A real space saver and it solves your issue of what to put behind the bed. Otherwise, you will need a side table...I know I do...something for a glass of water or tissues if your sick, the alarm clock, or in my case, my specs.


That then leaves more wall space open for art work...

(I gave up foot boards years ago as they always left me black and blue...toes, shins, knees, you name it.)

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Annie Deighnaugh

Re colors, does DD have any favorites? Have her look at design seeds and see if she can't find a color direction...

Look at this gorgeous palette!

Or how about a design inspiration from an orchid photo I took yesterday...

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I'd also 86 the bed frame and just put it on a metal frame underneath the bed. The frame takes up so much room and completely limits options. W/o it, you can put the bed under one of the windows or where the desk is, and put the desk in front of the opposite window, leaving room for a side table and ability to make the bed on both sides.

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I actually like the bed angled in the room even though the consensus seems to be otherwise. I love the windows where they are on either side of the bed. I like the unexpected and it's not blocking anything.

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You all are the BEST! First off - dimensions. The room is 12'11" x 11'4".

Sueb20 - DD really likes the bed between the windows. (A couple of hours ago, she reported a deer in the neighbor's yard). I'll try a mock up of the bed in other places but I think it's a moot point.

We just bought this bed frame at Ikea last weekend so it's staying (but do take your good point about no footboard). We've downsized from a giant sleigh bed frame so feel the current size is good. Hadn't ever thought about a mobile - will search houzz.

Tibbrix - pictures from sketchup. I actually found the Ikea bed we purchased in the 3D warehouse, wahoo! DD is almost 17. I placed the pig in the bed for the picture. (At this point, I'm more attached to it than DD).

Technicolor - glad to hear someone is on the same page. DH and I have had our bed at an angle in our bedroom (king size bed, really the only way it works) for a good 8 years now, so are used to it. Thank you for the suggestions.

bpathome - yes to the table BUT no to getting to anything below it (sides of bed prohibit). Great idea if angles permitted.

nosoccermom, outsideplaying - I like your ideas! Yes, DH could make these and painted shelves with fitted baskets would be nice. Hadn't thought of floating shelves but those might work very nicely.

teacats - you must have a teenager or two - you definitely get what I'm trying to do. DH could build a corner shelf to the ceiling (as you suggest) - or base shelf and floating shelves higher up as per nosoccermom. Current shelves will hopefully go over desk (easily repainted if needed). Like the idea of a bulletin board between the desk and shelves! Currently, DD says she uses the desk more for makeup than studying, so I'm also toying with the idea of a mirror on the wall as well. She has a smallish mirror on the back of her door and I'm planning on a larger one there. Amen to the 'pick the bedding first'. Bedding or rug, THEN paint.

grandmaof3 (First, congrats; love your name!) - Here's part of your suggestion. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of room (with the Queen size bed) on the sides.

Annie - Love the tree wall paper idea, yes DH could definitely build that shelf. However, need to keep in mind who's in the bed. Needs a reading lamp and tissues and outlet close by.... Queen size bed is staying - DD is 5'7" and still growing. I don't think we have room for a side table - maybe a floating shelf of the left hand side? I am relying on you for some fabulous color suggestions :)

DD's first choices were dark greens and blues. That said, she loved this shot, which is currently looking very different online than on the brochure in front of me. (Breath of Fresh Air, 806).

Annie - I'm hoping you'll take this up as a challenge to come up with the perfect 'window' treatment to hang behind the bed as well as fun (or the right) room colors.

Tibbrix - This was why we went to IKEA last weekend; the new bed frame is a keeper (at least in this version). Thanks (and please keep the suggestions coming).

sis2two - DD says she loves looking out of the windows. Thanks!

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Elraes Miller

Having the bed cornered looks like it allows more room for her desk. It also gives her a private corner to work at rather than the first thing seen going through/past the door.

Thanks for responding to all the posters. Always a nice gesture to know our ideas are being read.

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Annie Deighnaugh

If the desk and chair are being replaced, perhaps a corner desk might work.

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To me the inconvenience of not having a nightstand would rule out that setup. If it was me I would put the bed up against the window on the wall where the dresser is but leaving room around the side to make the bed and of course relocate the dresser, but if it doesn't bother her then so be it. I have the same window locations as your daughters room and I had my bed up against the wall where the desk is now, facing the windows, with enough room to walk around the side for making the bed. It worked out well, but I had to have a desk in my room as well and I didn't like looking at the desk from the doorway, The bed under the window made it the focal point of the room and I think it looks much better, I do like that the angled bed makes it the focus of the room, its a cute bed.

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