Tile Backsplash that goes with Saint Cecelia Granite?

StefaniebbMarch 26, 2011


I have been looking at the completed kitchen photos and there are a few kitchens with Saint Cecelia granite but I can't tell what tile was used for back splash. Or could someone suggest what you would use with this granite? I think its perfect for our cabinet color- maple with chestnut stain with onyx glaze however I can't seem to find a tile I like for the back splash. Everything seems like it almost matches but doesn't which isn't what I would like it to look like.

Maybe I need a new granite choice?


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I think a cream or bone colored crackle tile is perfect with St. Cecilia. It would be a classic look and not overpower the beautiful granite.

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Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents...I just had the same color cabinets installed and went with Colonial Gold granite. It really looks beautiful with the chestnut and (to me) has a little more life to it than the SC.
Of course getting a BS will be a challange to me also but most likely will go with a cream or bone like michellemarie suggested.

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I have light giallo ornamentale which is close to SC and didn't want to overpower it which I think would be quite easy to do. I went with bone matte subway tiles and a copper mosiac backsplash behind the stove.

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We finally put our backslash in after 8 months of trying to decide on one. We were going to go with St. Cecelia but ended up buying Golden Ridge. I wanted a matte backsplash so we went with a tumbled travertine in a rhombus pattern turned on its side. I originally didn't want the tumbled look but I'm happy with it since the grout filled a lot of it in. Kitchen

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Thanks for the help! All great ideas! I was thinking a light subway and a little more detail to the area by the cooktop! I will also look at the other granite colors mentioned!

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What colors do you like?
What kind of lighting do you have?
Do you want to pull the creamy colors or go with something
in the gray family?
Santa C is a great granite and you can find a pretty
tile, truly there may wind up being too many to choose
from. It is all what makes your heart sing.

Here are some ideas and maybe if one of them appeals
to you we can find even more in that type of tile.

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Let me see if I can add the pic of a backsplash I love - not mine, but we are planning on Santa Cecelia granite as well. My pics are with white cab's - sorry!

Here is another fav, and I would give anything to find out the name of these cup pulls - they are a bit longer than the others I have seen:

This granite is Nambien Gold - not sure I have the spelling correct:

Another - hard to see backsplash, but I just love this kitchen:

Sorry - just a stroll through a few of my fav kitchens I have put in my picture folder over the years!

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Sorry - I think pic #1 and #3 are same kitchen

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Thank you Boxerpups and colorado mom!
I saved and printed the pictures out to take with me tile shopping this week. I like the subway tiles picture 9 and 16 from boxerpups and also the the first and last pictures posted by colorado mom. I appreciate the help. The first time I went into the tile shop I walked around in confusion felt overwhelmed and walked out! This time I will be better prepared!

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Look at Durango tumbled marble. Colors should compliment each other and you'll have that nice rough tumbled and smooth glossy contrast.

Here is a link that might be useful: Durango Tumbled Marble

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Boxerpups- I know what you mean now! I found a floor that makes my heart sing! LOL so now working around that- Tuscany Walnut Travetine

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Stefaniebb, I just put in a travertine floor. I had no idea how much I would love it, but I can't control my excitement! Here is a picture. It is very similar to the Tuscany Walnut --- mine is Jinshan Bone Travertine.

Here is a picture....

By the way, I really like the backsplashes you like as well. I just got samples of a "walnut" travertine subway, so it is likely smaller pieces of your floor....I am planning to use in in my kitchen with cabinets the same color as my picture above. I think they would be great with Santa Cecilia granite, what a pretty combo!

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Colorado mom...(hoping stefaniebb won't mind the brief interruption), I can't see the pulls you like enough to know what they are. But you might try looking at Gilmore from Restoration Hardware. Mine are 6" long and look similar, I think, to the ones you like. But they also make them in 8", 10" and 12" long!

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mythreesonsnc I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing! It makes me feel even better about the decision.
I also have 3 sons ;)

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Stefaniebb, we just had our SC granite installed on Thursday and it looks beautiful with our honey maple cabs!! On Saturday we had our subway tile backsplash installed. We chose Chiaro tumbled travertine and it looks so great with the granite. Tomorrow it will he grouted with Customs "haystack" grout. (from HD) I went back and forth on what accents, if any, we should add to the backsplash and am 100% sure we made the right choice by going with the classic brick pattern with no details...timeless and classic.

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Melissa - yes - the Gilmore looks like it would be great in the 6" length - thanks!!

jjlsmith - we want pictures :) When I look at marble and travertine, I don't see the typical 3 x 6 brick or subway sizes listed very often. Did you have yours cut? Where did you purchase? thanks!

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OHHH jj1smith yes please share the pictures!!

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Colorado_mom- I purchased the 4x6 subway tiles at Lowes.
Still have to install the under cab lighting and new bin pulls.... Pics asap!

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Here is a backsplash we did for a customer. FT Light Travertine with Santa Cecilia granite. Since SC comes in more gold, beige or light colors, it all depends on the slab you pick out whether it will work with certain tiles. Same with Giallo Ornamental. We have 4 samples of GO here, all with a different base color. That dang natural stone is so... natural!! :)

Good luck. If I find any more examples of SC backsplash ideas, I'll let you know...

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