No Chlorine from an Aqua Rite SWG

nick_shirleyFebruary 19, 2011

My Aqua Rite generator (purchased and installed in February 2009) appears to be producing no chlorine. According to repeated testing over the past month by Leslie�s, I have zero FAC and TAC. My home testing confirms the same, even when the water is taken directly from the output end of the cell (I would slightly loosen the connection to get a small drip for collection) and at a time when the "Generating" light is on, no error lights are on, and the LCD display for cell voltage and current values are about what would be expected for generation.

Water testing by Leslie�s show correct chemistry (3000 salt, 7.4 pH, 40 CYA), values that have been about the same for the past few months. Condition of the cell is fine and clean of any deposits. Testing of the cell by Leslie�s on the Aqua Rite test stand on two recent occasions resulted in a "pass" grade both times.

I looked at the readings today on three occasions:

1) Avg. Salt: 3200, Temp: 61 degrees, Voltage: 25.9, Current: 3.41, Output: 85%, Instant Salt: 2100, Product: AL-0, Software: R 1.40.

2) Avg. Salt: 3200, Temp: 61 degrees, Voltage: 25.2, Current: 5.21, Output: 85%, Instant Salt: 3400, Product: AL-0, Software: R 1.40.

2) Avg. Salt: 3200, Temp: 61 degrees, Voltage: 25.4, Current: 4.88, Output: 85%, Instant Salt: 3100, Product: AL-0, Software: R 1.40.

Conditions here in Palm Springs for the past few months have been mild, with night temps in the low 50s and day temps in the upper 60s to mid 70s. Water temp has been about 61 for quite some time. The pump flow rate sufficient to turn my 19,000 gallon pool over once a day. The generator is on for 9 hours each day, usually at 60% output but since the low chlorine was detected a month ago, it has been at 85%. No error lights have been on during this time. Nevertheless, there is basically no chlorine production.

So what is the problem?



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Bet it thinks the water too cold. Check the instantaneous voltage, current and salt levels when it's on.


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