Any reason not to use a sewage pump in place of sump pump?

dawnrOctober 17, 2010

With a hand dug foundation on a 200+ yr old house, I go thru sump pumps too often. I am having 2 more professionally installed in sump pits and typically the best sold in a HD type store is 1/2 hp. I talked to the contractor about getting 1 HP and he said he has used 1 HP sewage pumps for one other customer and there was no issue but i think he thinks its overkill (seriously - in a major storm, which doesn't happen often,basement takes on 1-2 inches an hour). So my thought is getting a couple that are heavier duty. Any reason not to use these?

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There are far better sump pumps than HD sells available.

Try a pedestal type with a US made motor.

Having an oversize pump can cause failures from excessive short cycles.

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