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gwannouncementsOctober 17, 2012

Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed, we've been sprucing up the site a bit. Among other things, we've added new ways to upload photos and email notifications of post replies. We are still cleaning out cobwebs and weeding some areas of the site, but we are also working on some bigger projects like a better search engine (yay!) and a mobile app. We'd also like to get some feedback from you. What enhancements or additions would you like to see? What do you love? What do you hate? Think big and small!

We can't promise the moon, but please know that we will read and consider every one of your ideas and suggestions. We appreciate your loyalty and dedication to our site and we know how important your community is to you. Help us make it even better!

Please use this post to offer your feedback. But, as always, you are welcome to contact me directly by clicking on my profile page.

Best regards,

Tamara Amey

GardenWeb Community Manager

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Hi everyone!

You asked and we listened. Today we are very excited to be debuting our newest feature -- post editing! To use this feature, go back to the post you wish to correct and you'll find the link under the 'My Clippings' links on the right side of the page.

I want to give a special shout out to all the testers who tried to break the editing tool. ;) Your feedback was insightful and invaluable. Thank you!

You may have also noticed that we adjusted the login cookie awhile back so that you should not have to login repeatedly.

Stay tuned -- we have more cool things in the works!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

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The photo feature is greatly appreciated by those of us who try to diagnose the problems and work out a solution and you may rest assured that old stumble fingers me, really appreciates the ability to edit a post..

However: There still remains one unrelenting problem that I can assure you, if it is not corrected in a short time, I for one will stop coming here.

Everyone knows that typing in all caps is considered shouting and it is socially unacceptable behaviour, well, I for one also consider the practice of POP UP ads to be synonamous with an ignorant ill-bred oaf butting into our personal conversations. When a pop-up occurs I can assure you that I instantly see red, and if it were in the real world the individual who is butting in would very publicly receive a less than flattering piece of my mind.

On the other hand, not having the ability to give them a piece of my mind, I do have the ability to instantly locate the cancel button and pop them off to eitherland without so much as a by your leave. You may also know that while I am looking for that cancel button I am not paying on iota of attention to the intended purpose of the ad, for it the truth was know, based up their rude introductions I would not do business with them if they wer giving away $100 bills free.

Now you may regard this as just my individual rant, but you can rest assured that this is discussed quite frequently and their is a firm rule in business, for every client or customer who bothers to write a complaint, they also represent at least 100 more who share the feelings but don't bother to write.

And what I hate even worse than the pop ups are when I close out my browser and find 5 or 6 of those popups still on my desktop.

I am on the internet an average of 7 hours a day and this is the only site where I am getting all these damn pop-ups either do something to get a handle on them or you can color me gone.

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