Pump Continually Starts/Stops

ls973800February 1, 2013

The pump for the pool has been running/stopping/running several times that I've noticed lately.

It will stop for about a few seconds and start right up, run for a minute or two, stop again for a few seconds, and start right up again. The Hayward pumps are about 5 years old as is the pool.

Last year I was having a problem with the check system light saying no cell power. I had found the forum and repaired the K-1 solder connection. Yesterday I checked the board and the solder is still good on the repair.

This morning the pump was doing the on/off/on for about ten minutes and then continued to run OK until the timer shut it off.

I don't know if a pump is overheating (one pump for the filter, one for the sweeper/vac), or if a sensor is bad. If the pump were overheating, I would think it would stay off more than a few seconds or so. When it stops, the diagnostic on the control panel says Chlorinator Off/ Filter Delay and starts a 60 second countdown. The pump is running during this time.

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I'd bet that just the motor is shot. Not that when a motor is replaced, the seal set should be also.


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What is the brand and make of the pump?

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The pumps are Hayward about 5 years old. One for the filter, one booster for the vac/sweeper

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Single speed ? Super Pump?

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Single speed, Hayward NorthStar pump series, SP1615Z1MNSR 2HP
Booster pump Hayward 6060 3/4 HP

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Scott is more than likely correct that the motor is going bad. Turn off the main breaker and take the back off the motor and manually turn the shaft on the motor if it feels rough turning than you have a bad bearing and the motor or bearing in it and seal will have to be replaced.(there is a youtube video showing how to do this). If it turns freely take a look at the start capacitor www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-cVgpz7GYQ. If both of these seem to be ok than I would look at the Relay in your Aqua Logic to see if it is putting out the proper power to te motor..


Here is a link that might be useful: Northstar

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Thanks, I'll take a look at the motor this week. The last several days everything has been fine once again.

Would the starter capacitor have anything to do with it shutting on and off? I thought if it won't start it might be the capacitor, but can it shut it off also?

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Likely not but I have a few on those pumps that are starting to go bad (leaking dielectric fluid). So I thought while you were in there you should take a look at it...alot of times if a cap is going bad the lid (where the termials are will be raised rather than flat...like it trying to burst or implode.Just a questionwhy do you have a 2hp motor? Do you have water features on your pool? When your ready to change the pump or the cost to repair it becomes very high you should consider a Variable speed pump...if your running year round you could save alot on your power bills...see link below


Here is a link that might be useful: Pentair

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Yes, we have about 18,000 gallons and a weeping wall with 10 outlets in the wall. This is our first pool and it is what the builder put in.

We do run year round here in the Dallas area, usually about 6 hours during the winter and 12 or so during the summer.

I will serious look into the link you posted for me, it looks pretty interesting.

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