Travertine or Pavers; Diamond Brite or White Plaster

Zeppy.MDFebruary 12, 2013

We live in Maryland and are currently getting pool quotes - one pool company is offering us, at no extra cost, a choice of either Travertine decking instead of regular pavers (for about 1800 square feet) or Diamond Brite instead of White Plaster. We are getting a 750 square foot pool. We are really confused. Any input would be helpful. We had inherited a pool at our old house and didn't know there were so many choices to be made...

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I can attest to the travertine decking. It's the best thing I did...very little maintenance, cool in summer sun, and looks great.

Freezing winter months, pool cover mounts cause zero issues. Good luck.

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Agree w/apdnj. We are in NJ and travertine is the better choice for all the same reasons already mentioned. Fit is better than pavers so less weed growth in between pavers as well. Not slippery. If there is no charge to upgrade to this or the Diamond Brite, go for it.

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thanks for the responses

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for the same price, Diamond brite is a much better finish. It comes with a factory warranty, is super consistent, and the quartz will give some great color.

We like super blue for a traditional blue pool or french gray for something a little darker blue

Here is a link that might be useful:

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