Easily adding shower where there's only a tub faucet?

brooklynninaOctober 30, 2010

(Just posted this in the Bathroom forum but perhaps it's more appropriate here?)

Hi - The house we're purchasing has one bathroom with only a tub--and only a tub faucet. No showerhead at all. (Go figure.) Eventually we plan to renovate the entire bathroom, but for now is there an easy, *inexpensive* way to add a showerhead?

Ideally something that does NOT involve opening the wall/tile--for instance, can the tub faucet be replaced with something that hooks up to a handheld shower hose that we could mount at showerhead height? And is it DIY-able (by people like us who don't know plumbing at all)?

Extra points if you can link me directly to product details, and/or a how-to page. :-D


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All of these are available at your local big box.

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Here's one way to do it:

1) Replace the tub spout with one that has a diverter and side port for hand held shower (The one at Lowe's has a metal port aimed upward, whereas the one at HD has a plastic port below. 2) Install a handheld shower with wall bar, and connect the hose to the spout.

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handheld + wall bar:


go to Lowes online, and look for Item# 31455, Danco tub spout with adaptor

Some tub spouts have a retaining screw underneath that is loosened before removal. Others have to be "unscrewed" from the pipe.

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Thank you so much! It seemed there had to be an easy way, but I just didn't know what terms to use to search for the parts. :)

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Lowe's has the spout in the faucet repair aisle with the handheld in the shower parts aisle. They are not the same aisle, you have to keep looking or ask.

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Good point. Sorry for any confusion. Both stores have the handhelds, of course.

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Hi Brooklynnina. We have the exact situation, so I'm curious what you ended up doing! Would love any advice...

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