Joint supplements for dogs

debbiep_gwDecember 18, 2009

Any recommendations or are they all about the same?Lucy(basset)almost 7 was diagnosed with calcification of the spine.She's on metacam,the vet suggested I could give her joint supplements.Its been a rough week but she 's feeling a little better.She can't get on any of the furniture without being picked up and her walk is very slow and careful.Anyway advice needed on the supplements.TIA.Debbie

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my senior great dane took Flavocin for about a year and it helped her a LOT. i just recently switched her to a Rx (previcox) as the OTC supplement was beginning to lose its effectiveness.

i highly recommend the Flavocin, it's reasonably priced and the people there are wonderful to deal with.

i think they still offer a free trial period.

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We give glucosamine condroitin to both of our dogs, per our vet's suggestion, and it seems to help them feel more comfortable.

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I was giving Osteo Bi-Flex, the people supplement, to my senior dog but stopped when I thought she was experiencing some diarrhea because of it. I was told to give her 1/2 tablet twice a day for three weeks in order for the med "to load". Then 1/2 tab. every day after that. I stopped giving it to her after 2wks. (that was in Sept.), but started again this morning. This time I'll monitor it closely to see if that was the cause of her loose bowels or the change of diet that occurred around that time. More than likely the change in diet.

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In addition to Glucosamine, or Adequan injection from the Vet, you can do the EPSOM SALT hot water soaks 2X a day for 15 min.
That will help arthritis naturally. It won't hurt anything.

This is what I did with my 13 yo, small dog, who has terrible arthtritis in her hind leg (knee and ankle) from an old injury:

I took a small towel and immersed it in a bowl of very warmth water with Epsom salt. Wrapped her hind leg in it. I put a plastic bag around it, and wrapped all that in a large towel. Sat with her for 15 min watching TV. In 2 days she was walking normally.

You just have to be careful so the water isn't burning them. It has to be as warm as they can stand it. Mix the Epsom salt well in the water. Dip the towel and apply. You can use it on any part of the body i.e. back, legs, neck... Just apply it to the affected area. It makes their old bones/joints feel good. It's also good for any swelling after an injury. Just ice for the first 48 hours. Use heat/soaking after 48hours. This method works wondefully on people who have a problem taking Anti-inflammatories.

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Glucosamine HCL 1500mg with chondroitin sulfate 1200 mg twice daily for 6 weeks, then once daily. I get the Costco brand (Kirkland).

Duralactin as per label directions. Can get it from Drs. Foster and Smith online.

Fish oil capsules once daily.

Acupuncture as needed.

My K'Ehleyr had spondylosis and eventually despite everything listed above, she became paralyzed and I had to euthanize her. But she did have 1.5 good years after diagnosis, so it was all worth it. I hope Lucy doesn't progress as fast and you have many more happy years with her.

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My Boston Terrier is 12 and weighs 29 lbs. How many mg. of Glucosamine HCL and Chondrotin Sulfate should I give her daily?

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I'd give glucosamine 750mg with chondroitin 600mg twice daily for 6 weeks, then once daily forever for any dog under 30 pounds. That's a 1/2 tablet of the stuff I buy at Costco. For 30-60 pound dogs, 1 tablet twice daily to start, then once daily. For 60+ pounds, 2 tablets twice daily then 1 tablet twice daily or 2 once daily.

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I agree with a Glucosamine/chondroitin supplement. I use to use it for my Teddy's hips (chow/golden mix with a bit of displaysia). My vet had recommended it years ago.

Incidently, that is exactly what my husband's doctor is recommending for his knees!

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Thanks Meghane for the dosage information.

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Meghane, I've been giving my 75# dog 500 mg daily, so it looks like I can increase that? He could really use help.

If I read what you said above, I can give him 2 750 a day?

I gave him previcox for a while until he tested with issues for liver or kidney, forget which ... we assumed that was the previcox ... and his levels returned to normal after being off the previcox.

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Will the glucosomine/chordroitin have a ill effect on dogs that are prone to stoamch probelms,acid reflux,etc?Debbie

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Debbie, I dunno about dogs, but my husband has an ulcer. His doc still recommended it for his knees. I would ask my vet, but I can't think it would be worse for the dog than a human.

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