Tsdiver's Almost Finished Kitchen w/ dumbwaiter & soapstone

coffeebreakMarch 7, 2009

So, you are probably wondering who is Tsdiver, right? Well, I was around here a long time ago. As a matter of fact, the kind folks here at the Kitchen Forum helped me design our kitchen. It was quite a thread! I can't thank you all enough!

This was a whole home remodel due to a flood, so it took quite some time to complete (actually, we are still not done yet). I don't know when I will actually finish the last bits, so I might as well post it now.

Unfortunately, I am also a member of the "tear down your backsplash" group. I was sick to my stomach over it, but once again, the good folks here at the Kitchen Forum, got me going in a better direction, and helped me complete a backsplash we just love! We still have a lot of little things left to do...decorate, molding pieces, etc.

This kitchen is upstairs above the garage. We use the manual dumbwaiter all the time!

Ok... here are the photos.

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Wow, that's just gorgeous. I especially like the tile behind the range. I don't know what was there before you replaced it, but I think it looks spectacular now! Congratulations!

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Of course we know who you are -- your layout is repeatedly touted as being close to perfect! It is so wonderful to see your kitchen and that incredible tile in all its glory -- thank you so much for not waiting any longer!

Congratulations on having your house back! Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

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Just beautiful! What are your floors? They look very nice. Love your large island, and I assume that is soapstone - GORGEOUS!!!

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OMG. Here we go. . . again! I honestly do not know if my heart can stand these repetitive flashes of Garden Web kitchen beauty! For sure, I remember your handle, Tsdiver. I think I also remember some of the previous posts about your dumbwaiter. But, now, you can be sure that I will never forget your kitchen. What a marvelous space! I've got a feeling yours will be one of those kitchens where there is so much to love that we will end up dissecting it completely, throwing praise upon every inch of it. So, just take it for granted that I love the whole room! But, in particular, my heart is fluttering wildly over the beamed and pitched ceiling, range and hutch areas, countertops and, of course, the dumbwaiter. You go!

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Stunning. The island is SO beautiful -- breathtaking. Backsplash is gorgeous. Sink, cabinets, range --all gorgeous. I love the sloped ceiling. I especially love the warm wood mixed with the white cabinetry and the soapstone. Just stunning, all of it, really! It's so beautifully put together!

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GORGEOUS!!! That island is stunning. What kind of soapstone is that?

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TS, I remember the thread about the backsplash - we were just at the beginning of our reno and yours was a cautionary tale. What you ended up with is infinitely superior!

Your kitchen is JUST GORGEOUS. Marthavila has said it - I am sure you will hear comments about every aspect. My favourite things - at first blush - are that fabulous dumbwaiter and the beamed ceiling. The veining in your soapstone is simply grand.

Enjoy your beautiful new space.


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I remember you...Some of us never leave here, y'know. ;-) Anyway, congratulations! It's absolutely wonderful. Love, love, love the tile on your hood and behind the range. The dumbwaiter cabinet with the glass and blackboard is cool. Your floor is gorgeous.

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I do sort of remember you, but not your plan, which probably means I didn't suggest you ditch it to move doors and add windows or something. :) I really like your kitchen. It looks like a very nice place to be, as well as to cook.

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Fantastic!!! Functional and absolutely beautiful kitchen. Well done!

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Lordy, I should have gone for soapstone . . . that is one of the most beautiful islands I have ever seen. And the dumbwaiter, fantastic!!!!

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Yes, I remember you and your posts, so I was so glad to see your final result. And ditto to everything everyone just said! Your kitchen is to die for. Oh, but that soapstone is just heart-breakingly beautiful. I love your beams and your range hood and the exposed gears of the dumb waiter. Do tell what you store above your fridge.

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So beautiful! LOVE the tile around the hood as the perfect detail. Please say what is the name of that soapstone, and who did the fabrication of that to-die-for sink! Also, appliance list (including exhaust) please. PLEASE!

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Your kitchen is beautiful--love all the details but your soapstone, especially on the island-WOWWWWW!

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Woo Hoo! Hi Tsdiver! (waving furiously)

I'm so glad I didn't miss your grand unveiling -- It looks WONDERFUL!
You already KNOW how much I love your floorplan, but let me say now how much I love your whole kitchen! ;-)
That dumbwaiter has so much character, as does the hood and tile --
That tile especially keeps your kitchen from falling into the soapstone and white cabinets cliche.

Are you cooking regularly yet?
And if so, does the plan function as fabulously as we all thought it would?

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I wasn't around for the layout discussions, but I remember the dumbwaiter! The tile around your hood is gorgeous. Congratulations!

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Hey Tsdiver, it turned out great!!! From the very beginning, your kitchen has been a fan-favourite around here, and it's even more beautiful than we ever imagined.

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Of course I remember you...you're probably the only kitchen taking as much time as mine :oP (Actually I think you're still ahead of me...what about two years? Year and a half?) You're my hood inspiration :) Honestly...I'll never forget your hood (ya you're lovely too but your hood was the final breakthrough for my kitchen and I'll be forever grateful).

You know, we're going to be buying a big old victorian soon...I may just be finding more inspiration from you in the near future :) I am especially thinking that the wonderful dumbwaiter would be lovely since the kitchen is over the laundry area and I was thinking I'd hate to be going down those narrow pokey stairs with baskets of laundry all the time....so now I have to ask again (because I didn't pay attention the first time) where did the dumb waiter come from???? And could it go both up to a floor above and down to a floor below (the kitchen in this place is on the main floor with a full basement below and two floor above...we wouldn't necessarily be able to go up...but I'd want to consider that if I could get it to end in a hall....

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Now THAT'S a nice kitchen. :)

Love the backsplash, the tile around the hood, even the soapstone sink.

But I have a couple of questions for you....

What's with the space above the sink/window? Is there a light fixture in there? Or will you be putting decorative items there? It looks like a very deep but shallow space, so I don't suppose it's particularly useful for storage without a cabinet door on it (like over the fridge -- I can see storing platters or trays over the fridge since it has a door to cover the area).

And okay, I've gotta ask: Why a dumbwaiter? Yeah, I can see it being useful in bringing in groceries from the car, but...I'm wondering what the impetus for it was. Do you have three levels?

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Of course I remember you. I came on after your floor plan but while you were going through getting the dumbwaiter in and for your backsplash issues. It's turned out great.

I'm on one year 2.5 months for my kitchen with no end in sight so I may just catch up with you and i-chic. At least my kitchen is functional so I won't complain too much.

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WOW, what a beautiful kitchen!!!

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Thank you, very much! Your responses warmed my heart. As Igloo pointed out, this has been a long project. I'll admit it... it has worn me down! So to hear your kind words, well, it has been uplifting! Thank you!

A few answers:

Soapstone - This soapstone is Santa Rita Venata. The perimeter slabs were put on hold first, as the island was going to be walnut topped. We just loved the lightning bolts next to the stove and the sink. However, and take this to heart, soapstone can be addicting. We fell in love with it and had to have a soapstone sink. Next thing you know, this wildly veiny soapstone comes in. Be still my heart! The island was screaming at us! I know a lot of folks prefer the "quiet" soapstone, but we loved the veins.... the more "active" the better! Soapstone West was the fabricator, however, they have gone through some changes recently and now go by Soapstone Werks.

Floors - This house was originally built in the 40's. It had beautiful old growth, vertical grain, Douglas Fir in it that was used as a sub floor and finish floor (one in the same). We wanted to reinstall the floor, but when all was said and done, it cost too much to do that. We ended up purchasing Millstone Walnut instead. It is sad when trying to keep the old costs so much more than buying new.

Here is a link that might be useful: Soapstone Werks

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I'm just starting on our kitchen but it will not be anything near as beautiful as your's .....SIGH.....

Trade ya LOL

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More answers:

Appliances - the panel ready dishwasher, microwave, and panel ready refrigerator are all KitchenAid. So far so good with all of them. The range is a Capital Precision all gas model. We have had a couple of issues with it, but Capital came out and calibrated the problems away. We are using the Ever-Pure instant hot and instant cold. Love them both, but especially the instant hot! As for the range hood, we went with Broan for the ventilation system with a remote blower located on the roof. Very pleased with it as well! (I have had to use all 1500cfm's a few times as I am still learning how to use a gas oven and stove top. At least now, when I burn things, I don't have to beat the smoke alarm with a broom!)

Dumbwaiter - The name of the company that manufactured our dumbwaiter is called Silent Servant. We knew we didn't want an electric one since it didn't fit the style of the house. This manual one suits our needs nicely. Stuff goes up, trash down. Not only are we happy with the functionality of it, but we really enjoy the gear mechanism area as well. We put some LED rope light in there that provides enough light to walk around the great room. If you have any inclinations about getting a dumbwaiter, I highly suggest you take a look at your local coding issues first.

Sweeby asked the big question - How about the functionality of the kitchen? For us, it works great! We still have some tweaking to do as to what goes where. However, we use the prep sink everyday. Unloading the dishwasher couldn't be easier (dishes are in drawers directly across from it), and to say we love the counter space is an understatement! We did end up having the dumbwaiter across the room from the refrigerator and pantry, but the counter space really does solve that problem. Don't underestimate the importance of "landing zones."

I'm off to bed now. I'll be back to finish more of your questions tomorrow. Again, hank you all, for taking the time to post!

Here is a link that might be useful: Silent Servant Dumbwaiters

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Beautiful and you manage it obtain it all, form and function. Refresh my memory where does the dumb waiter go?

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Oh my! That is one gorgeous kitchen!! I am a huge fan of wildly exotic granite but your soapstone comes very close, with all those gorgeous veins. What a wonderful selection! And that dumb waiter....what a fantastic idea!! Congratulations on a perfect kitchen.

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What an inviting space! I love your wood touches. Really lovely!

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That is some kitchen!!! It looks awesome and the soapstone on your island is just luscious--there's no other word to describe it!

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More information:

Ok... yeah, that open cabinetry above the sink. Well, it all started out with an inspirational picture. I saw that instead of having a closed valence, they left it open. I thought it was a great idea. I planned to keep cook books and decor up there. However, I forgot how high it was going to be (also known as, how short I am) and realized that it would need to be limited access type stuff. So, I think it will be filled with more decor items than anything else.

The cabinet space above the refrigerator holds our extra oven rack and rotisserie items for the range. I can also see some seasonal items being stored there in the future.

The dumbwaiter goes from the kitchen to the garage. It's opening is right next to the garage door... so right next to the trunk of the car. Due to framing and plumbing issues, this was the only location we were able to put it.

One more item about the soapstone. What you see is not a single slab island. It is actually two slabs that have been butterflied (also called bookmarked)down the center. There is a seam running down the center of the island. It was hard enough to bring one half of the island at a time up the staircase... I cannot even imagine trying to bring it in the house in one piece!

A huge amount of this kitchen, as well as the rest of the house remodel, was done with online shopping. We purchased all of our appliances from various online sources. Cabinet hardware, faucets, and bathroom vanities were purchased through ebay sellers. I used tablelegs.com to purchase the two legs for the island. I also purchased an extra leg and had our cabinetmaker cut it in half to put next to the main sink. We splurged on the soapstone, but overall, we had to trim the budget everywhere we could.

Oh... here is our sad overall time line. It took 2.5 years to get through architectural design and city permitting, however 6 months of that were our due to our delay. (We got so discouraged by the bids... this was during the housing boom. No one needed the work.) Then it was another 2.5 years until final inspection. We have a lot left to do... but for now, it will be finished when it's finished... and not a minute sooner! LOL

Thank you again, for all your kind comments, observations, and questions!

Here is a link that might be useful: Table Legs

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TS we're actually on a very close time line on our kitchens. I started the bid process 2 years and 8 months ago...wait it's march now, two years and nine months (ouch that hurts to see). We had one large delay during our three months in the hospital with DS last Christmas, and then of course the multiple fired contractors...grrrr

It's funny to see how close we really were in dates. I think we both have special kitchens (or would that be "special" in the slow development way LOL). I'm finally down to my last contractor (he started a couple of weeks ago) and we're seeing those details that really make a kitchen start to emerge. He's finished the cabinet doors (I had holes in a few where I was going to do glass but changed my mind when I saw how small the holes were) and added the toe kick and furniture molding. Ohhhh big deal...I have door knobs!! I spent last weekend just opening and closing doors LOL because it's been quite some time since I was able to do that.

This weekend we were able to get the last of our things from storage (the previous contractor stored all of the materials in front of the boxes) and DH is dancing for joy because we found the knife sharpener. I know you can related to this kind of silly joy given the time it's taken to finish your gorgeous kitchen.

I looked at that cabinet above the sink and wondered if I'd inspired you LOL But I guess not. I have a very similar cabinet to that one above my suz zero. It's 24" deep and too high to reach up into regularly. I had seen a similar one in a magazine several years ago. In the kitchen I saw, they kept the nice decorative trays up there pushed in the back, and had four lovely yellow ware bowls sitting in the front on display. I remember that because I collected yellow ware many years ago and was inspired to have that same cabinet for my yellow ware collection.

I have to use a very high stepstool/ladder to get to it, so really it is only for things like the Thanksgiving tray and large cheese platters, but it's still a nice place to store them :) Mine was just finished this week (it lacked bead molding that we have on all of the other cabs) and since I've finally found my dishes, I can get my yellow ware on display.

I can see some fabulous majolica up in yours to highlight the wonderful tiles you have on the hood....If you have any money left to purchase majolica (we spent far more than we should have had to due to the time line!)

I hope to be posting my finished kitchen soon...you've inspired me to start whipping the contractor...heh heh

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I remember you! As a matter of fact, as soon as I saw "dumbwaiter" I instantly flashed first on your name and then on the pics of your the dumbwaiter that were posted way back when! (For some reason I saw "dumbwaiter" b/f your name in the Subject.)

Gorgeous kitchen!!!!

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Course I remember you. We started around the same time and some of us seem unable to leave here even years after we're done :)

Your kitchen is fantastic !!! I love every single aspect of it and any time you want a friend over to help you cook just holler and I'll be there.

Your island makes me wish we'd gone with an extended top instead of a floating bar. Those pieces of granite are just BEEEEAU-tiful. your staggered cabinets and open beams make me want to weep with pleasure and the functionality is the cherry on the top.

May you have countless hours of joy and pleasure in your "new" home.

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What a smart remodel! I love the soap stone and can't see any seam. Your craftsmen must have been fabulous!

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That soapstone is to die for -- the whole kitchen is fabulous, especially the backsplash and tiles around the hood...but that soapstone...man!

Enjoy that kitchen!!

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I have to say, I was a fan of quiet soapstone until I saw your island!!! Our island will be very similar - can I ask how long it is? This forum has been so invaluable to me - before I saw your pictures I was down to the Julia soapstaone (that's more black than green) or the venata - I am going today to pick my slab, which will probably be whichever one pulls my heartstrings. ;-) I was thinking a venata with less veins, but now I'm not so sure!!!

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I'm so glad I saw this thread - I spent most of the weekend packing and installing closets (blah!) so I wasn't online much.

WOW! what a great kitchen. the soapstone - that SINK!! - it looks so beautiful! maybe it's not a pretty sight, but I would love to see a picture of the dumbwaiter!!

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Igloo - Slow and steady we go eh? Well... maybe not the steady part, but we sure have the slow part down pat! Great idea for some majolica above the sink. We have a few items we keep rotating, but nothing has caught our eye so far. And as for money... lol .... yeah...we have so much basic stuff to buy still. We just got the stools for the island (ebay), so I figure I can wait a good long while on the rest of the seating. :) Thanks for your commiserating post! I can't wait to see your kitchen!

Thanks Buehl! I'm going to post a few more of the dumbwaiter below.

Loves2cook - Help me cook? Oh yes please! I've never been a good cook, but I am learning... but very slowly! The staggered cabinets and the beams took a bit of planning. I had no idea there was so much to it! Glad you like it. :)

Iris - The seam is not invisible. You can see it if you are sitting or standing in front of the island. But with everything else going on in the stone, it is not that bad. We planned on oiling the soapstone to help darken it, so we choose a dark epoxy (I think that is what it was) instead of a light one. When the oils flashes off, the seam is more visible. We knew when we picked the soapstone out, that there would be a seam. At the time, Soapstone West has some of the larger slabs around, but even their largest one would not cover the island. And at 22 lbs a square foot, I cannot imagine how it would have been carried upstairs!

Scooter - Thanks! The funny part is that the soapstone was much easier than the tile! Oh my gosh...I wanted to bang my head on a wall in the hopes that magically, my brain would find an ounce of interior design ability! No such luck. After trying my umpteenth time, I finally got some help at a local tile store. I had no idea that some stores out there will actually help you with your designs when you buy from them! (Duh!)

Kpquette - The island dimensions are 8'4" by 5'8" at it's longest point on the curve.

Although we could have made the island a bit deeper, there would have been no way for me to reach the interior of the island to wipe it down. That was just one of the multitude of brilliant observations this forum mentioned to me. Another was the curve instead of a straight line (much easier for conversation). And then there was one regarding the location of the prep sink. I had it centered across from the range. They said to consider putting it off to one side, as it would give you more uninterrupted surface. Our plumbing issues choose which side. When you are clueless like me, the value of a forum like this is priceless!

Mairin - Thanks! We LOVE our sink! It is the kind where it has rounded corners because it is made from a boulder (my word) and carved out. It was not pieced together. It has flaws and character we just love. We have not used a bottom grate in it yet, so we are adding to the flaws. :)

Rounded Corners

The dumbwaiter has two doors. This satisfies the cabinet look as well as the required self closing fire door issue.

If you open the dumbwaiter door up and the cart is not there, this is what you will see. On the left is a 50 lb counterweight. You pull the rope to bring the cart and the steel cable in the center is holding the cart. The red you see at the top of the steel cable is found on all the penetrating holes (2 cables and 2 rope holes). This substance will expand and close the hole when the temperature rises to 250 degrees, indicating a fire. This closes and seals the fire rated shaft and does not allow the fire to move up to the gear area.

When the cart is there:

Thanks again for taking the time and effort to post! It is appreciated!

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I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you all. I didn't think to check my "other" email for questions. I had a couple of duplicate questions there, so I am going to post the answers here.

The barstools (counter height) were purchased from the ebay seller "efurniturehouse." They ended up being local to SoCal, so we were able to see them before purchase.

The name of the cabinet hardware ebay seller is "yourhomesupply."

I purchased the kitchen faucets from ebay seller "faucets4cheap."

I would purchase again from these sellers.

Here is a closeup of the backsplash tiles:

The soapstone sink was also purchased from Soapstone West. We did not order it specifically. They had several to choose from.

Regarding the faucet for the instant hot and instant cold, they do not need to be held down constantly to operate. You can push the handle down, start to fill a pot and walk away... just don't forget to come back!

I hope that helps!

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What a wonderful job pulling all elements together. I'm taken away by the soapstone. You have insired me. We are planning to do a vein heavy soapstone, and I was worried that using a soapstone sink-- would make the room too period looking. But, you pulled it off--the best of the traditional and modern. By the way, which faucet did you decide to use? - again it is just the right touch.

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Gorgeous kitchen. Love how you tied together the warmth of your wood floors and beamed ceilings with the coolness of your beautiful soapstone in your backsplash. So much to take in and look at. Well thought out and worth the wait!

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Your kitchen is absolutely fantastic!! Enjoy it!!

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Yes, I do remember you very well Tsdiver, and in particular your backsplash dilemma!!! I'll admit that when you chose your new bs tile, I wasn't sure if it would work, but now that I see your kitchen in its entirety it just looks wonderful. Somehow you've taken a large space and made it look cozy, liveable and stylish. Amazing job!!!

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Hey welcome back and congratulations!
I remember your framed in dumbwaiter layout well, didn't you have some
big views? It all turned out gorgeous...I love your tile and that is the
best soapstone! Enjoy and thanks for coming back to share!

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I have been looking for you! I was told by one of the Forum friends, that you put in a Biana Antico counter in a bathroom? If you are the one, would you be so kind as to post a photo of your bathroom again for me?

or just email it directly to me, please?

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wow, wow, wow!!!! i love the veiny soapstone myself!!!!! i love the tile you choose. i think i remember your dilemna......would you mind posting an old pic of your backsplash????? i'd love to see the change. i also love the tile you put on the hood. such a nice touch!!! congrats!

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Your kitchen keeps drawing me back for another look. The soapstone is stunning! Congratulations and enjoy; I know we are:D

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What an absolutely beautiful space!! Thank you so much for posting so many pictures. You never know who you may (unknowingly) be helping....... so I just wanted you to know you have solved one of my design dilemas!

I also have stained wood trim and looks like almost the same window over my sink area. My cabinets are being painted white and I was debating leaving the window wood stained or having it also painted white to flow with the cabinets. I am definitely leaving it stained, thanks to your beautiful pictures. It helps someone sooo much to "see" it done in another's space. So, many thanks!

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I keep coming back to these pics because they're just so beautiful. I remember the backsplash angst last year and am glad the new tiles worked out so well. DH and I spent an inordinate amount of time staring at your gorgeous soapstone and I have to ask. Any chance you can post a pic of the seam? Or give us a hint to where it is? Your sink is gorgeous, too. I've never seen one like it before.

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Starbright - I just love to touch the veins in the soapstone. They feel sooooo smooth to your fingertips. We choose the Kohler Vinnata 690 and 691 for the main and prep sinks. They looked so huge in the box, but once installed we liked their look. No complaints so far!

Plucky - The beams were original to the house in the "living room." We wanted to stay true to the original style of the home so we put them back up after we opened up the living room, kitchen, and dining room and turned them into a great room. The carpenter even shaved the edges with a router to duplicate the original ones!

Mick - Thanks! We are enjoying it!

Redrose - Thanks! We were also really worried regarding the backsplash. We were definitely very hesitant to push the button and purchase the tiles, but wow, what a difference! It is amazing how wrong, wrong, wrong, the color can be! LOL How are you loving your Bianco Antico?

Vicnsb - Yeah... LOL There are not too many of us dumbwaiter people around here. You remember correctly... we live on a hillside, so the house layout is all about the view. Thanks for taking the time to post.

Denise - That's me! I just love our Bianco Antico granite. I will take some photos and post them here next week. Right now the bathroom is occupied with a house guest. I just love the depth of that granite!

gglks - Sure...here is an old photos of the first backsplash. The issue was that I ordered a cream colored tile and that is not what arrived. We were anxiously waiting for the tiles to arrive and to be installed as it was the last remaining item left to finish before the outlets could be done by the electriction. Then we could have our Final Inspection for the whole house! Lots of pressure. When they arrived, they were most definitely not cream, but I wanted to love it... so (sigh) they were installed.

The new backsplash color really helps tone down the green undertones in the cabinet color... you know the one WE choose, but had no idea there was green undertones in it! LOL

cotehele - Thank you! We are enjoying it more and more every day!

Katiee - Thanks! You know, you are so right! I made so many choices based on pictures that forum folks posted... even on different topics! I'm thrilled I helped you in some way!

Laxsuspermom - Here is a picture of the seam. I'll take another one today a bit closer.... When you have very veiny soapstone, or very active granite... seams can be difficult! For us... this seam is not invisible, but it is not bothersome either.

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Tsdiver, your soapstone! I love love love it. I have Santa Rita Venata too, and it's (in my humble opinion) the most beautiful one. The veininess is gorgeous, just gorgeous.

Oh, hell, the whole kitchen is perfect! I love it!

    Bookmark   March 16, 2009 at 7:54PM
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I LOVE your hood tile! And I would kill for a dumbwaiter - my kitchen is right above the garage/basement. Your soapstone is perfect - lots of veins!

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Deniselie - Check out posts from Redroze. I believe she is doing a complete kitchen in Bianco Antico. But in the meanwhile, here is a shot of our bathroom using it.

There was no natural light in these shots... so don't take the color to be any where near close. The sink is white.

Laxsupermom - I took a couple more shots of the island seam up close, but since I had to use the flash, it did not look realistic at all. I didn't want to give you the wrong impression. I hope the previous photo was helpful.

Vjrnts - Thanks a bundle, from one soapstoner to another. I am loving the soapstone more and more each day.

Melanie - We are really enjoying the look of the decorative tiles as well. I failed to mention in the beginning of this post that this is a Spanish Style home with a stucco exterior and a red tile roof. We have incorporated small bits of the style throughout. This was our Spanish influence for the kitchen. Thanks for posting!

    Bookmark   March 17, 2009 at 2:25PM
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Beautiful kitchen! Can I ask the details of your pendant lights?

    Bookmark   March 17, 2009 at 2:51PM
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Jillie - Thanks! Regarding the pendants... they were purchased from Costco.com quite a while ago. They came as a pack of three. We had purchased them before we had chosen all the finishes because it was such a great deal, and figured that if we were way off, and they didn't end up matching, we could take them back to Costco. Well, they seemed to work fine, even though it is not the same finish as the cabinet hardware. We did end up getting a similar finish and style for our dining room chandelier in the great room from Seagull Lighting.

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Okay, since seeing this, all I can think about is how on Earth to fit a dumbwaiter into my kitchen! How much room do you need for it to operate? I think it's impossible to get one into my little house. My basement stairs are terribly steep, and not having to haul laundry, groceries, and firewood up & down would be heaven.

    Bookmark   March 17, 2009 at 3:53PM
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Really, really gorgeous! Congratulations!

    Bookmark   March 17, 2009 at 4:10PM
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Thanks so much for posting the pic of the seam. I must have scrolled up & down a zillion times. It really came out great!

    Bookmark   March 17, 2009 at 5:47PM
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Melanie - Great question about how much space the dumbwaiter takes up! I am going to link the company who manufactured ours at the bottom of the page. The specific page I am linking includes the different cart sizes. They also have very specific framing requirements. But please do yourself a favor and research the code requirements for your area! Here, it is considered a fire shaft so special requirements must be met. Now with that disclaimer.... we absolutely love ours!

Busybme - Thank you kindly for taking the time to post!

Laxsupermom - You are sure welcome. I am so glad it helped!

Here is a link that might be useful: Silent Servant Cart Sizes

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Well, your whole kitchen is simply stunning. How gratifying to see all the bits and pieces come together in such a beautiful and cohesive way! You did a great job!

I, too, remember the whole bs tile episode . . . it's great to see that it all came out so nicely. Painful decision, but the right one!

I lived in a split ranch for 6 years when the kids were small. I'd have given a lot for a dumbwaiter -- every grocery store journey involved dragging a baby upstairs, putting him somewhere safe, and then endless trips up and down . . . what a perfect solution!


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I used Greg at Soapstone Werks too. That seam in your island is fantastic. I used a Black Venatta, no green. It has alot of veining like yours. I can't say enough about Greg's craftsmenship, beyond compare! He constucted a sink for us to match. I will get my pictures up soon. Thank you so much for sharing. Beautiful. Your style is great.
www.soapstonewerks.com ask for Greg Bergmann

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Hostagrams - "bits and pieces" LOL That is EXACTLY the way it worked for us. I am not a real imaginative person, so to have it come out looking cohesive, is the greatest compliment for me. Thank you!

Artisans - Thank you for your comments. Looking forward to seeing your photos!

    Bookmark   March 19, 2009 at 10:26PM
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Truly lovely in every way. Congratulations from a fellow vintage homeowner and soapstone fan. Enjoy!!

    Bookmark   March 19, 2009 at 11:11PM
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Thank you kindly, yesdear. I appreciate it!

    Bookmark   March 20, 2009 at 2:46PM
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Wow! What a gorgeous, unique kitchen!
May I archive it in the Finished Kitchens Blog? If so please submit the FKB Category Checklist to give your permission.
Thank you!

Here is a link that might be useful: FKB Category Checklist

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I LOVE your kitchen! We are almost done with ours but I can't decide between soapstone and black honed granite. How is your soapstone holding up? Does it scratch easily? It looks great. My kitchen is much smaller so I am worried about it getting more wear and tear. Anyhow, BEAUTIFUL kitchen. Enjoy!

    Bookmark   May 21, 2009 at 9:08PM
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Beautiful kitchen. A classic for the FKB. So glad you posted additional pics of backsplash closeup, it is perfect.
Such a difference from the tiles you rejected.

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Yikes! Sorry I missed these responses!

Starpooh - Thanks for asking! I'll get over to do that soon!

Megpie - We LOVE our soapstone. Now, having said that, I will tell you that we have a softer variety of soapstone that is easier to scratch. We have scratched it but covering it will oil makes the scratches disappear. There are several spots in our kitchen that get heavy use and are more prone to scratching, but it doesn't bother us. I only mention it because if you think that scratches might bother you... this may not be the best material for you. There are also harder varieties of soapstone, so you might want to pick up some samples and try them out.

Oh... and a big soapstone surprise for us was it's wonderful defrosting quality! Nice!

Steff - Thanks for your kind words. Ripping out the first backsplash was a terribly difficult decision, but looking back, it was the right one. :)

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