Snow in the South !

trhoughtFebruary 12, 2010

Woke up to 6" of snow this morning....strange...we're in Louisiana.....5 days after the Saints win the Super Bowl....even more strange !

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That is the neatest pool I've seen. Love the slide and playland. We got 12 inches of snow here in Haslet (North Fort Worth area).

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I feel your pain. It's why I bought a snow blower. Flying solo the other day, I cleared 6 driveways total yesterday.


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Still, hands down, the coolest residential pool I've ever seen. I hope the cold weather keeps the bugs down this year...but I'm not holding my breath. :o)

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Treasure these photograph's for a lifetime!!!

The Gulf Coast doesn't offer us this weather very often.
All I got was freezing rain and a daughter who got hit in her car by a driver who lost control. She's OK, he's OK, and his insurance will pay for her repairs. This is as good as it gets.

I'm curious, what part of Louisiana are y'all in?

See ya,

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All I can say is POOL HEATER!! I would be LOVING swimming in that pool with a nice heat on it!! Incredible shots!!

Kelly, so sorry about your daughter, it's always scary to have to go through that on both dad and daughter...I remember my sister sitting still and we could just hear the car sliding into us but could do was like air hockey just bouncing around!!


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Thank you all for your kind words.

ftwpoolgirl...12" wow! That's got to be a record! Thanks for your kind comments about our pool.

scott....yeah the east coast has been hit hard this winter...6 driveways by yourself...impressive. Who needs a fitness membership when you have a snowblower!

Travis...thank you for your compliment on our pool. I'm with you on the bug thing...after the 12 degrees in January and now this...there's got to be some upside hopefully. I can't complain though...this was one of the best snowfalls I've ever seen and I grew up in the Midwest and vacation in Colorado snowboarding. There's only been a couple snowfalls I can remember as breathtaking as this one and they were all in Colorado after fresh powder the night before.

Kelly...sorry to hear about your daughter. Glad to hear all turned out OK and no one was seriously hurt. We're in a small town north of Alexandria. They had 2-3" and we accumulated 5-7" only 50 miles away. Still weird to be talking about snow fall down're right...the pictures will be treasured.

Tara....Thanks for your kind words about the pictures. You're right...the hot tub soaks the past 48 hours have been more gratifying than ever with all the snow around.

With all that said about the snow.....still can't wait for summer....counting the days patiently......

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You pool look amazing and I am especially impressed with your photography work. That fifth picture looks like a painting one would purchase.

You will be enjoying your pool soon!

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ollieboy....thanks for the compliments on our pool and photography.

These pictures were a last minute effort before I left for work last Friday morning. 30 minutes after these pictures were taken, the snow was nearly off the trees due to wind and warming temps.

The snow was so heavy on the limbs that we saw 2 branches break and fall from our trees in the backyard...all within 10 minutes of being outside. The kids watched in amazement as they heard the cracking then saw the branches fall as they turn to see where the noise was coming from. They were still dressed in their pajamas with coats and boots on...what a sight! One of the branches clipped the slide and I can still remember that noise when it struck the fiberglass....fortunately there was no damage...whew!

I also videotaped my drive to work that morning. It reminded me of driving in Colorado after fresh powder in the morning. There were two places where the road was nearly impassible due to small pine trees that fell due to the weight of the was an eerie morning....all that was needed to complete the experience was the Twilight Zone theme song.

Can't wait for summer!

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Om my gosh! After back to back blizzards here in DC and three feet of snow on the ground, I didn't think I'd want to see another flake of snow, but these pictures are BEAUTIFUL (especially the first two). I know it much be really weird for you all in the South to have snow like this....thankfully, we rarely get much anymore. I can't wait for Spring!

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to-the-beach....thanks for the kind words about the photographs...this has been a rough winter everywhere in the US except maybe Hawaii !

Speaking of DC, I heard a joke recently that you may have heard goes something like this...after the most recent snow storm, a recent headline in the DC newspaper reads "DC paralyzed, Then The Blizzard Hits"

Sorry...some bad humor there....Come on Springtime!

Good Luck with your pool build as you embark on the journey once more.

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