Need help to choose correct pool plaster color

EvynnFebruary 3, 2011

I need to choose my plaster color and clearly don't know the technicalities of what base combined w/ water will produce what color. e.g. I would have expected grays to really wash the blue out, but have seen that they are nice shades of just a bit deeper blue. I really want a caribbean looking aqua, teal, torquoise, blue/green, whatever. I was quoted 3500 for Colorscapes Agean green, and there's just no way.

My contractor is suggesting the colored plasters will be fine, but there is harbor blue, sky blue, seafoam green, gray... I guess if I really think about it, elementary school level color knowledge would tell me if my pool is seafoam green, and the water itself is blue and I fill a green bowl with a blue liquid, it will look blue/green -?! but I cannot find pictures of the green to confirm this and wonder if anyone can tell me how to get the color I want?

My contractor only has a catalog of the "-scapes" line, and I'm wondering if some of the other brands like Altima or Diamond Brite would be more affordable? I don't live in an area where people get pools alot, so I don't expect he has access to as many different lines, though he is a longstanding reputable pool builder here. People here just don't go outside the box too much (Arkansas LOL) I wasn't crazy about the streakiness of the gray finishes I was seeing, so should probably keep whatever color I get fairly light -? thanks for any advice!


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I am in your exact same boat. We are leaning toward quartzscape, Mediterranean.

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