Anyone ever use K9 artificial turf for Dogs?

mwkbearDecember 19, 2006

Hi all,

We have a bit of a dirt problem with our three mastiffs. We have a small fenced backyard for them to play, and there's a huge tree in the middle. Between the tree and the dogs' activities, it's very difficult to keep a lawn going back there.

So, it's mostly dirt, and a lot of that dirt ends up in our kitchen and it's driving me nutty. My wife came across this website for a product called K9 Artifical turf, which seems like it might be a good solution.

Anyone here ever heard of it, or have any experience using it? Either yourself, or the kennel you use, perhaps?

Here's the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: K9 Artificial Turf

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Loved all the photos. I think if I got something like that I'd have to train my dogs to do their potty #2 in a special area. I wouldn't want to clean the solid waste from it. But, then, I don't know.

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So now it's a few months later, and I thought I'd update people. We did end up getting the artificial turf for our backyard, but not the K9 product.

We absolutely LOVE it. It looks great, the dogs love it, there's no more mud being tracked into the house either. It's easy to clean, just rake up the poo and the urine just goes right through it into the ground.

It's been the perfect solution for us. Here are a couple of pictures of the results:

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Looks nice! Just wondering where you live, climate-wise. That green would look out of place in Ohio right now with the drought we've been having.

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I am constantly amazed at how the grass at the dog park holds up with all those dogs playing and peeing on it. Its amazing.

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You have grass in your dog parks? The one acre dog park near me have very little grass left and gets dumped with wood chips now and again to cut down on the mud.

Only the much larger dog parks (2+ acres) around me have grass mingled with the mud.

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BTW, I saw a show last night were a woman got artificial turf for her back yard and it was $9 a sq ft! Yikes! I guess it would be okay in one of those tiny California yards, or a small city yard, but I think it would break my budget.

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Yeah ours have grass. There's one that I won't go to anymore that uses wood chips but that actually gets very messy when you have a longhaired dog but more importantly my dogs like to lay there and eat the wood chips since they're fun to chew on so........ That is actually why I haven't been able to switch to free wood chip mulch and have to keep paying big buck$ for pine straw. (needles)

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The initial cost of the artificial turf is expensive but the savings over time balances it out. No watering (great in an drought area), fertilizer etc.

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I think artificial turf is something to look into for the folks out west. I'm not sure it would work here on the east coast though since we got erosion issues but I could be wrong.

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I live in the Boston area, so yes, it will look a bit out of place in the winter. But, the installer said that the only thing that really ages the grass is sunshine (UV). Since we have the big tree, it will probably last a long time.

Also, yes it's expensive to install. We ended up with $7/sq ft. We have a small yard though. But, there's no way that grass would have survived for long back there, between the three mastiffs and the huge tree. Also, as mentioned above, there's no mowing, fertilizing, watering, etc.

Friends of ours who have regular grass and dogs, say that they are out in the yard at least a few times a year, repairing spots, re-seeding or re-sodding areas that have died. In the end, I think the cost will be about the same for this artifical stuff.

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"But, there's no way that grass would have survived for long back there, between the three mastiffs and the huge tree."

I certainly understand that. And it does look really nice, mwkbear. Even better at $7.

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Well come to think of it, at $7.00/sf, it would cost me $35,000 to do my entire yard.

I just put in brick pavers under my deck to make a patio there and that was less than $2. a s.f.
Heck, you can tile your yard with travertine for less than $7.

Anyway I have a small yard and I've been spending about $150 a year on maintenance for it not including water but I am a lawn geek and I'm constantly working on it. Lets say my cost to water the lawn was a whopping $100 a month. (about twice what my actual water/sewer bills are). That's $1200 a year, plus $150 in maintenance = $1350 a year.

It would take nearly 26 years for the faux turf to pay for itself. And that's probably about double what it's estimated life span is.

So either I am missing something or that is actually a really, really, really bad deal. I mean no disrespect of course. Just sayin'.

On the other hand if you're paying another $100 a month for a mow/blow/go crew to come out a 2-3 times a month then you could very well pay off the faux lawn within it's lifespan.... So long as you're spending $1200 a year on irrigation.
Have I mentioned yet that I mean no disrespect!?
Because I don't.

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The total cost for our lawn was $5000. Two landscapers we had visit, gave us a price of $2000 for regrading and sodding the area. Friends of ours have said that they are out CONSTANTLY repairing, resodding, fertilizing, and watering.

Plus, water around here is not cheap. To keep the lawn properly watered for a summer would cost me $200 in water. Not to mention being out there every weekend mowing, raking, etc.

The grass has a waranty of 10 years. Was the price the only consideration I had? Of course not. When you add in the other benefits, it made sense for me. In the end, both landscapers said that a sod lawn would probably not do well in those conditions and we should cut down the tree, which we refused to do.

Oh and by the way, there's no reason why you'd have to cover your entire yard with it, either. Many people who have dogs just have fenced dog runs in one part of the yard and only use it there.

Since you are a self-confessed "lawn geek", I doubt you'd be happy with this. But, others in different circumstances might very well be.

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what brand did you end up going with?

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I think it's great stuff and if I were in your situation I'd do the same. Looks terrific........and I bet the dogs aren't inclined to dig!
Below is a link to another brand I've seen.

quirky, I wouldn't call a 5K sq ft yard a small yard. Mine is over 10K and I spend at least $250/yr on fertilizer alone. In addition there's Roundup, Crossbow (lots of non-native blackberry), fuel for the lawn mower and weed electricity for the sprinkler system. Water is well.........otherwise I couldn't afford to water it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Green stuff

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I'd love to do that to my back yard. I had a couple of estimates done last year, but it was just more than I could justify spending. If the price goes down, I would have it done in a minute.

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Hi MWKBear!

Just wondering how your K9 Turf is working out. I am considering using this myself. Your pictures look wonderful. Are you still very happy with your decision? What Company did you choose?


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It would be nice to tile or cement in the whole yard, but storm management and other erosion control legalities prevent me from using "impervious surfaces" on more than 22% of my yard by law. Artificial turf is not considered an impervious surface, so I am considering it. Being in Durham, our grass never goes completely dead in winter. Also being hit with extreme drought, we are not allowed to water lawns at all. Those restrictions don't look like they will be lifted any time soon either. Too much growth, not enough water= bad. Between the 4 dogs, Southern exposure with no shade whatsoever, and mostly clay ground, no turf grass can survive (I have a nice collection of moss, crabgrass, and dirt). Artificial turf is looking better and better all the time.

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I'm in the same boat as you. My four dogs have destroyed the yard and the mud is out of control. lol I am hoping we hear something from MWKBEAR soon. Their yard looks wonderful! :)

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I live in NH and am considering installing artificial turf in our backyard for our 2 dogs who destroyed our yard. Yours looks great in the photo. Does it still look good and how did you find an installer?

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What type of cleaning/maintenance is required for k9 grass or another brand of artificial turf for dogs?

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With 3-8 large dogs (our 3 plus varying numbers of fosters) we are losing the lawn maintenance battle. I am concerned about possible canine health/safety problems with artificial turf. Has anyone had a negative experience with it? What's it made of? What (if any) regulatory agency oversees its wholesomeness?
Also, what experience do users have with dogs' digging (or chewing), especially at the edges?
Thanks for any help

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Paula Miller

Hi, we are in the process of using artifical grass for our backyard dog problem as well. Does anyone have any recent photos / opinions on their experience with this?

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HI I can tell you from experience that we have three dogs medium size and the urine smell is awfull,and nothing makes it go away. I would rather replace with real grass again if I could afford to. If anyone has a solution to this problem please let me know. Also don't ever plan to walk on it barefoot on a hot day.

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Well I checked this out because we have 5 huge dogs(all over 100 lbs with our largest being a still growing Dane pup at 135 lbs currently) We have a lot of land here about 25,000 sq ft. Our price for our yard would have been $225,000.... The back yard would be worth more then the entire house. The areas that are dirt already would have cost us $56,250. I don't think we will try this out. My neighbors put straw down for their pointers and it seems to do a pretty good job. Straw is easier to sweep up then dirt or mud. That or lay so concrete down would be another option.

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Pointers and other high-energy dogs can absolutely destroy a lawn.....I know! My "bad boy" really enjoys using the hillside as his own personal slip-n-slide when we practice the down-on-recall. I've never seen a dog so enjoy getting a mouthful of mud!

I use straw as well during the spring and fall mud seasons - 2-3 bales per month. It can become slippery as it gets trampled, but no more than the mud itself.

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No, but with 4 dogs and a mix of sun, shade, sand and weeds, I am trying to figure out something to make the backyard a pleasant place. My dogs dig themselves nice deep holes to lie in if I leave them out there for long. The dirt, etc indoors takes constant sweeping. So I am wondering about any successful uses of an artificial turf. I am wondering if they could dig or pull at the edges, etc.

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My dogs are trying to rip up the new artifical grass I put in a week ago. They have gotten 3 corners out and pulled all the stakes out. I have put them back down (not as good as original) and they are trying to rip up tuffs of it. It truly is ticking me off. My hubby said he would fix the yard once and only once. I don't know what to do. They are a 1 year old and 5 month boxer. It is actually the 1 year old causing the problem. He has never destroyed anything before so I don't understand. He is neutered and a very mellow young pup. I am a stay at home mom with four kids so he's not lonely. I think I may have to kennel him and watch him like he is in an apartment until I feel he is safe with the yard. Other than that, I can not think of anything. What about hot sauce or maybe bitter apple spray? :( Scat mat?? But that sucks to keep him off the grass permanently... I just don't want him to eat it and pull it up.... literally the whole entire strip.

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The brand name K9 grass is a Forever Lawn product with a woven back that tends to shrink and moreover the fiber is not very good. I am replacing a 2 year old kennel installation right now. Look for a FieldTurf dealer in your area to get a product with patented backing and the most durable fiber in the industry. It does cost more initially but is the least expensive in the long run. I am the FieldTurf dealer in CO so obviously a bit biased but if you do the research, you will discover why FieldTurf is used by so many kennels and shelters... their new MaxxFlow backing drains at nearly 300 inches per hour making it perfect for pet owners! Eventually there may be other products that are not hole-punched or woven but for the moment, FieldTurf is probably your best choice for an area used by dogs. Dave

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mwkbear How is your artificial grass holding up with your dogs? I am seriously thinking about having this installed in my backyard for my four dogs, but would like to get information how it held up over the years. :)


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Great thread and thanks for everyone who has been posting to it since 2006. I am having my turf delivered to my house tomorrow and I am planning on installing it myself this weekend. I am only doing 700 sq ft and I have 2 med sized dogs (50-60 lbs). The question I wanted to ask of everyone who has done this is what sort of infill did you end up going with? Did you use standard silica, durafill, envirofill, black rubber, or something else? I like the products that coat the silica with an antimicrobial covering but they are very expensive (approx $40 delivered for a 50 lb bag). If anybody has gone down the standard sand route, what do you think about the smell of urine and how do you keep it down? Thanks in advance!

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Our shelter uses this type of fake grass in our outdoor play yards. There has been some complaints of getting shocked when touching the fence. Don't know too much about the issue tho.

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The shocking will go away eventually but if they want tell them to use a liquid dispenser that hooks up to the end of a garden hose and fill the dispenser with fabric softener. Spray the yard with the hose with the water / fabric softener mixture and let dry then no more shocks.

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We wash the yard with that type of dispenser every day with quate (sp?), it's some cleaning solution we use in the kennels to kill all the germs. That may be some of the reason for the shock. But I'll let them know about the fabric softener too, thanks!

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The fabric softener only needs to be sprayed on once when first installed. The shocking is a static issue with new installs of the k9 grass. The quat is a very good product for sanitation. Post on here if the shocks stop.

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Hi everyone, I know this post started in 2006 so I am kind of late to the party but here goes in case any of you are still out there. I am in the midst of planning a dog daycare business in NH. I have talked with at least three MFG of pet turf, artificial grass you get the idea. Am going to do approx. 4000 sq feet, have an experienced installer (earth and stone dude) who just did a competitor 10 miles away with 5000 sq feet. I have done lots of homework on the types of grass, drainage rate needed to wash away the urine and the 'zeofill' pellets for absorbing the smell. It is all quite daunting but alas I am not one to give up. This expenditure is a huge component so I am asking for feedback --- for instance how hot will the surface be in the summer if the drainage is so awesome, I definitely don't want to hurt the pouches. There are only a few that are actually made in the USA. I will wait to see if any of you are still out here before I go ahead and list all the MFGs that have responded with a quote, their 'features' they claim are the best and things like dig proof, heat, drainage.
Here's to hoping some of you are still listening.
Lisa in NH

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Lisa, you might want to start a new thread.

I can just say I have a small area of artificial for my dogs bathroom area--they destroyed the living grass that was there in less than a week. I got it in March 2012, so two years now. It is absolutely warmer than natural grass in the summer but it's nothing like asphalt or concrete. It's been great. I would get it again and the dogs get out there and lay on it, so they seem to like it as well. I would guess you may have odor issues with lots of dogs, so that would be the biggest concern in my opinion. That would be what I'd be absolutely grilling installers about--the artificial turf itself is so tough and sturdy--it's not going to be the issue. On my area, the installers put down some sort of odor-eater stuff under the material--odor has not been a problem, I usually don't notice any at all, but I have only two dogs.

Best of luck with your business!

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Hi, I thought I'd update my post for HotelDogSpa. It's now 8 years later and our fake grass looks like the day it was installed. The dogs love it, and I love it. No more mud tracked in the house, it's easy to clean, it doesn't smell and the dogs have not damaged it at all. Best decision I've ever made. I'd do it again in an instant.

As far as it being hot in the summer, it's a bit hotter than regular grass, but as mentioned, not nearly as hot as brick or concrete or even gravel would be.

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I see this an old thread, but for anyone interested, thought I would share my experience. I installed artificial turf about 2 years ago. Best decision I ever made. My backyard is very shady and I have 2 great danes. Growing and/or keeping grass was impossible and the dirt and mud was constantly being tracked into the house. The turf was pricey, but it still looks like it did on the day it was installed. Rain and pee just drains right through it and poop can easily be picked up. If for some reason there is "residual" left, you simply hose it off. About once a year, we apply a deodorizer if needed, but it usually isn't an issue. The only other maintenance required is that we have to keep the leaves raked off. That's it. The turf is only in my backyard, but that's the only place that I need it.

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Here's one more photo. (I couldn't figure out how to put both photos on the same post).

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Hi there, I see this discussion is quite old, but also going on for some time, so maybe I'll get a response. I am a St.Bernard breeder, and my dog runs looks TERREBLE. It's winter time (In South Africa), and lawn totally died down, and all that's left is dirt, and dust. I want to put gravel into the runs to keep it more clean but someone suggested artificial lawn. So then I though to do it half half. The part where the dog house is do a/lawn around, and the rest small pebbles (it's good for there feet, and keep nails trimmed). BUT my concern is: how dog resistans is this a/lawn? Wont they tear it up? try to dig in it or whatever else. I'll be pretty upset if they mess it up, as it's quite expensive, but I figured it will not only look pretty, but keep the runs clean, AND the dogs. Anybody any suggestions? Did someone use it for a little while, and how did it keep up? Long term endurance thus?

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As you can see from my photos above, the grass looks great, and I have some large dogs using it. It's been a few years now, and it's just like the day it was installed. They haven't torn it up or done any damage to it. I've been very happy with it.

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Hello. I bought two 5x7 pieces of canine grass for my four shih tzu's. We moved from a house with a fenced in dog area to a condo. The dogs are not supposed to use the lawn to go to the bathroom at the condo. The maintenance of the k9 grass is easy. I pick up all waste immediately. Once a week I spray a deodorizer on the grass and hose it off well. I also will spray the grass with water and no chemical during the week.

I live in the northeast and don't know how I will clean the grass in the winter. I will not be able to use the outside spicket. I will post again once the cold weather settles in.

One out of four of my dogs has no problem using the grass. The other three do not really like using the grass. They are more willing to urinate on the grass, but do not like to deficate on the grass.

I purchased k9 grass and am happy with the quality of the grass. I am not giving up yet.

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I absolutely love my K9 Forever turf. I raise Welsh Terriers as companions and show dogs in an urban residential area. It is important that the lawn/dog area always look beautiful. Every year for the past 12 years, I have put down sod. Not only was it very expensive, but I had to keep the dogs off the area for at least a month every spring. Usually by late summer, even with heavy irrigation the dog areas were dust bowls. In the fall, I would aerate, top dress and seed, then keep the dogs off for another 6 weeks. The process was expensive and did not result in a solution for the mud and dirt yards.

Late spring I installed K9 Forever turf. First the company I worked with Forever Lawn of TN is fabulous....the price was exactly as quoted and the installation was perfect. So far the only negative is...the turf does get too warm in areas without heavy shade when the temperature is over 85. I can't begin to express how wonderful the turf is all other times. As soon as the rain stops, the dogs can go out....never any MUD!!! The dogs love the turf. I find it easy to clean. Pick up the solid waste and the irrigation system rinses as needed

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