Hard-to-remove cartridge

marknmtOctober 1, 2013

A two hand lavatory, quarter-turn faucet which we bought new four years ago has a leak on the cold water side. The supplier, Signature Hardware, promptly sent us two new cartridges (one for each side). I expected an easy fix: turn off water, remove handle, remove keeper, remove cartridge, replace cartridge, etc.

I could not get the original cartridge out- tried repeatedly, but it just wouldn't budge. I checked to make sure I was turning in the correct direction, used a flashlight and mirror to check for hidden keepers, could not figure it out- please help.

Thanks very much,


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It would help if you posted the brand of faucet. Moen cartridges usually need a specific cartridge puller to get those little babies out of their hole. Sealing rings swell and make the job very difficult without the proper tool.

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Chicago Lavatory is the maker; it's Signature Hardware's Catalog Number 246839. That particular model appears to be gone, but I think this one has the same works: http://img0.signaturehardware.com/images/plumbing/pdf/4150.pdf

The cartridge takes a box end wrench, but even though I put a lot of torque to it it would not budge. I have a fairly decent set of wrenches but I couldn't twist it.

I will call a plumber if I have to, but this is something I should be able to do. I'm a little frustrated- not a total newby to diy plumbing but it's starting to feel like it!

Thanks for your response. I'm looking forward to whatever you can suggest.

Here is a link that might be useful: pdf of faucet

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From the drawing it looks as though it must be pulled straight out of the inlet body once the keeper etc are removed. Can't tell from the picture if there are threads at the bottom of the cartridge (small pic and no legend for the part numbers). Do the new carts have threads?

Since the company is still around , I'd give them a call and ask how to remove the old cartridge.

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Thanks again. The cartridge is threaded into the faucet body- no question about that. There are also threads for the exterior pieces to thread on to, but they're not a problem.

I'll give it one last try before I call the company. Maybe I just need to keep at it a little more.

I appreciate your help.

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Got it done- even though they sent the wrong cartridge for the cold side! I cleaned and reinstalled the cold and replaced the hot, which was the correct one. In the end the drip was gone.

Thanks again for your help.

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