Wells - Confirming the Unseen

water_daddyOctober 28, 2009

So I've got a well that was drilled in 1971, has unusually thick steel casing (0.35") and was intended to supply a community waterworks that was until some put rocks in it. So I had the bore hole redrilled and even scoped with a submergible camera. I even ran 10 bacteria tests on this well...all negative for coliform bacterias. My dear health department is saying I can't use it unless I can very at least 50' of grout and 2" annular space per their regulations.

How can I determine the grouting specifications? Technology like sonar, gamma...others? I can tell you the well report says 80' of soil and it is cased to 100'...so you would likely be looking for cement surrounded by soil and perhaps water ( well is flowing artesian). I find it absurd that a well that is far more robust than pvc or 0.180" steel cased wells others have and has a record of bacteria free water could be rejected simply b/c grouting specs. So what can one do?

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clarification: I must VERIFY at least 50' of grout filled into at least 2" of annular space.

Also geology is fine, no karst or other-wise compromised conditions known.

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Do their records exist from 1971 when the well was permitted(?) and inspected(?). And are they requiring this of all existing wells in their jurisdiction?

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Thanks for the reply. Yes there is a well completion report from 1971...this well was actually partially funded by another state deptartment. The GW-2 form does not have all construction spec data. Since this well never went into operation I doubt there is grand father clause. If it was good enough in 1971; casing spec suggests a commercial grade well; and testing thus far demonstrates potable water...I hope to use the well, but it doesn't sound like I'm going to get around it without grouting information. A well drilled 75' away on the otherside of a stream by the same driller back in 1971 is currently being used to supply a public community water system....yet my well may be unfit b/c a form was not completely filled out :(...I hate bureaucracy.

My only hope there is some technology that can reasonably "see" at least 50' into the soil and differentiate between cement grout and the soil and water surrounding the grout or case.

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Gamma-gamma logs will work and I'm sure there's other technology, but it's not well understood by most of us. At this rate I doubt I'm going to find someone that perform this assessment and convince the health department it's an accurate assessment. Can the health department actually keep me from using a well that's only question is the grout depth? I have access to a certified water lab which has tested other parameters beyond the requirements and all analyeses indicate good potable water.

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