Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA)

nyxxDecember 2, 2012

Hi all. I have never posted on this particular forum before but I thought I might pass this along. In the hopes of preventing what happened to us happening to someone else.

My son's mini schnauzer, Mason, one Sunday morning did not want her morning treat. This to some may not seem like much but with Mason, this was a major concern. So Monday we took her to the vet. After some test they concluded she possibly had Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA) (she was pretty anemic) They started her on predizone and an antibiotic. They kept her there and on the meds. It wasn't helping her anemia and she was getting worse. They took her off of the predizone at the end of the week and suggested we take her to a specialist. Monday we did they looked at all her blood work and said that she didn't have the IMHA. They did an ultra sound and thought her gall bladder had burst. So they did surgery. Her gall bladder hadn't burst but was very infected. They didn't remove it but put her on three different kinds of antibiotics. Hoping the infection hadn't spread. She stayed there on the antibiotics for the week (my daughter and I visited everyday. My son was on his Honeymoon.)She didn't seem to us to be getting any better. Though she was always happy to see us. Sat morn they called to say she had passed away. The infection was too widespread. Predizone is a steroid. Steroids make the whole immune system less active And in Mason's case the infection had free rein to run wild.

So please if your pet is anemic and your vet isn't positive what it is, take them to the specialist before you let them put her/him on steriods.

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So sorry to hear about what you went through with your sons dog. I am sure it was a bittersweet homecoming for him. How very sad. So sorry the vet couldn't tell what it was off the bat...I would think they should have been able to tell with the bloodwork if it was IMHA (like the specialist did), I have heard alot about that awful disease on a Cocker Forum I am on. Again so sorry about your sons dog....

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How terrible!! I am so sorry ya'll had to go through this...yes they should have been able to determine it was IMHA with blood work. I can't believe they would give the dog steroids! So very sorry for the loss.
I have an 11 1/2 year old sharpei mix that is a survivor of IMHA and I know first hand how scary it is. I just happened to see her peeing hemoglobin (thick and mucasy) one morning when she was around 2 and I can tell you that if I had not gotten her to the vet right away, I don't think she would be here. She spent a week in the Animal ER being treated. She cannot be vaccinated and I have to be more cautious with her, but by the grace of God, she is otherwise healthy now.
It is a terrible disease. My condolences to your family.

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