Recirc Pumps 101

dljmthOctober 11, 2012

I've been reading and trying to get educated on recirc pumps in order to figure out what to do for our situation. Can anyone point me to a recirc pump 101 type of site or provide some commentary on our situation?

We have an L-shaped house with the garage at the base of the L and the master bath as far away from it as possible. It takes forever to get the hot water to the shower! We are in the midst of a remodel where the house will become a U-shaped house. The new part of the house will be a kitchen so there is plumbing work that needs to be done. We will use a standard water heater (our current one is relatively new so we are not replacing it)but we wanted to consider a recirc pump option to solve the water waste problem in the master bath.

I have one plumber telling me to run a new dedicated line with the pump at the hot water tank in the garage and set the pump to a timer. I have another telling me to install a pump underneath the sink in the master bath - which would require some electrical work, but not a dedicated line. Something like this:

Honestly, that approach seems more logical to me but I am a novice and was hoping to learn from some experts out there.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Here is a link that might be useful: Under the sink recirc pump

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Search this forum for laing and autocirc and Google the same.

I have a similar situation as yours and have very happy with my retrofit recirc. Saves gobs of water, cost's pennies to run, and an EZ non-invasive DIY install.

It is best to do a recirc with a dedicated line but that can be VERY expensive and VERY inconvenient after the house is built.

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