Help found a dog.

ibmudpieDecember 12, 2011

I have him tethered on my porch. Hoping someone is looking for him. I have called the animal shelter 4 hours ago and no one has called me back. Is there any place else to post a found dog report?

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Do you have a humane society rescue set up in your town? Also might have your vet or someone at the pound check him for a micro-chip.

I found a german shepherd puppy about 6 month old one time and took him home. He had no microchip so I reported it to the animal control and to the humane society, gave them all my contact information. Two weeks later the owner calls animal control......they hadn't had time before???? If it had been my dog I would have made time. Anyway the dog was in good condition when I found him and he was glad to see the little boy so I guess he was treated OK at the home. The owners also had pictures of him with the family to show me. After two weeks I had become attached to the little guy tho and I cried when I gave him up. Went down a little while later and got my Kodi-Bear from Pups-under- Protection.

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I have called the city shelter that was a recording. I then called the county Humane Society got another recording. Left my phone number but no one has called me back. All I want the Humane Society to do is post a recorded message that I have the dog. So his owner will pick him up.

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Would it be cost prohibitive to you to post an ad in the paper if the shelter or HS doesn't call back? Can you contain the dog for just a couple days in the meantime? I used to help with a dog rescue group, if a dog is found and taken to the Humane Society, they will hold it three days for an owner to pick up; then it goes up for adoption. I've seen rescue groups go in and pull dogs, esp. purebreds, sooner than the three days is up. It was hard for me to think of owners not knowing what happened to their companions, and getting a bad rap because "well, they left their dog run wild". The dog could have slipped its collar, jumped a fence, gotten away from a child holding its leash. Not that rescue groups are bad!! Not saying that! just a little eager sometimes.

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Try posting it on Craigslist. There is a pets section as well as a lost and found section under the "community" heading. Good luck!!

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The animal shelter did finially call me back. I told them to post a found notice. If someone calls the shelter looking for him they can pick him up at my house. I think he is just a mutt. I have him on the porch so he can be seen from the road.

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Many newspapers will post a "found" notice for free. Call & ask.

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You can register the dog at Fido Finder. Link is below.
Please try to make sure that anyone who calls you knows quite a bit about the dog - unusual markings, tricks they might know, name of course. There are some bad people out there who will claim dogs and then use them as bait dogs to "train" pit bulls, or sell them to research facilities. Sickening but true.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fido Finder

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

We have Kijiji here; similar to Craigslist. You can call any local vet clinics who may have had a report on him missing also. Put a note up on FB if you are a member and pass it around. It is amazing how quickly word gets around on the web. Google should have a list of local Lost and Found sites too. Hope he HAS an owner and that someone is looking for him. :)


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Thanks guys for the listing help. He is on craigs list and Fido Finder.

Well he is asleep in the foyer. I gave him a spare dog bed to sleep on. It is to cold for him to be on the porch overnight. Whats so funny is he just acts like he lives here.

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"Whats so funny is he just acts like he lives here". Uh-oh.
Watch your heart. They have a way of wriggling right in there. Thanks for helping him, hope things work out.

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Weed, This dog has what I think is a bark control device on his neck. If anyone calls they will have to provide that information. I am beginning to lose hope that anyone is looking for him. I will keep him a few days, but then I will have to call the Humane Society to pick him up.

If he had a home to go to. I think he would of left by now. He is just sitting on the front porch. Please pray that someone will come for him.

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I wonder if it's an invisible fence device on his neck? No collar? A tag on a collar with the owners name and phone number can be such a lifesaver, I've always gotten them for my dogs just in case they get lost.

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Mudpie ~ If he has a bark collar on then someone is probably looking for him. Those things are costly and that usually means he is loved. In our city the local paper will place a free ad for anyone who has found a dog. Another option maybe. Hopefully he didn't just get dropped off. I've seen that happen many times as I have worked for rescue in the past but it doesn't sound like it. Perhaps he was traveling through with his family.

My dogs are microchipped and tatooed although that is only good if someone wants to return them which most people do. I think many people know how scary it is to have a lost pet. Hopefully he will be reunited with his peeps soon.


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If they went to the trouble of the collar, and he acts like a house dog, then he's probably chipped. I would run him to the shelter or a vet's office to have him checked. I've never heard of people being charged for that.

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Could also be likely that it's a shock collar and he's a yard dog who escaped through one of those (#$%&^@) electric fences.

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Any luck with owners coming to claim the dog?

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I had a dog that went missing once. His name was Gizmo. He was my baby. When he went missing he had a collar with my then current contact info on it. I called all the shelters and put flyers up looking for him. I finally contacted someone in a neighboring county's shelter, gave a description of my dog, and was told that he was adopted out already (this was within 3 days time). Needless to say I threw a fit. I contacted attorneys and anyone I could think of to get my baby back. The shelter claimed that he had no collar when he came in, which was a lie, but every attorney I contacted said its their word against mine, and wouldn't touch it. I lost my baby. That has been 4 years ago, and I still miss him tremendously.

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That happened to a friend of mine's dog, only it wasn't adopted out, it was euthanised. I am so sorry it happened to yours. I'm curious, did they give you the information on the new owner so that you could contact them and try to get your dog back by offering to reimburse them their costs?

Mine is now microchipped, for just that reason. It might not keep an unscrupulous or careless shelter from doing what they wish to do anyway, but it hedges my bets.

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OH NO those stories are horrible, when I get a dog, I'm getting him/her microchipped for sure if I had any doubt before I don't now! GOSH!!!!!!

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