Slate Blue Pebble Sheen

FallCreekAgFebruary 26, 2011

Howdy all,

Curious if anybody in the Houston Area has this color (Slate Blue) in your pool. This is our only hold up on finishing our pool. Didn't think plaster would be this tough. We have been in a holding pattern for over a week now.

Do you like your water color? Any regrets? I just don't want anything too dark and the wife wants a pretty blue. Just looking for thoughts.


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I'm going through this right now and thought I had my color all picked out (based on pictures from another thread) but when I saw "my" PebbleTec Blue Lagoon in person, I was really disappointed. Fortunately, there was a nearby PebbleSheen Aqua Blue for me to view, and that's now my color. (Both had Shimmering Sea shell additive, saw both within 30 minutes under the same sunlight).
It's wonderful that my PB has the kind of relationship with their customers that they can show their completed pools to newbies like me.
I honestly think now that it is worth your while to drive or do whatever you have to do to see your color under the proper light conditions. There are just too many variations to use photos to choose a color if that is important to you.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Boring Blue Pool Blog

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That's my problem. My Pool Builder has not had a single person use Slate Blue. So, He is doing research as am I to find one. I will not choose a pool color without seeing it in person. I think they are getting a little frustrated with me, but oh well.

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Just a suggestion. We also wanted to see them in person but our builder didn't have a lot of examples. However, we called Modern Method Gunite, the Pebble installers in the Houston area, and they happily set us up to see several pools they did with the colors we wanted to see. We had to drive to the other side of Houston, but it was well worth it. MMG was very helpful.

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Great idea, space_man. I was assuming that the PB's "research" would mean contacting his PebbleTec installer to see if they had done any Slate Blue pools in the area.
You'd think there would be several installers to check with (including yours) in the larger Houston area if his own installer hadn't done one.

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Huskyridor can correct me, since he definitely knows, but I think that MMG is the only certified Pebble Tec installer in the Houston area. Pebble Tec is kind of picky who they allow to apply it, but they are VERY good at it. They are also huge, so I bet they've installed just about every color possible.

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MMG has contacted a few customers for me. Now I am at the mercy of them returning a phone call to MMG.

If this was swimming season, I would be going crazy!

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Adams is also certified for Pebble Tec application in the Houston area. That is who our PB plans to use for our installation hopefully next week.

Here is a link that might be useful: Adams

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