Recirculation pump problem

rplentyOctober 28, 2011

I have a Laing re-circulation system near my water heater running once every 45 minutes which is fine and water is hot at all faucets. The system is such that about halfway down the hot water feed line there is a T which sends water to the upstairs bathroom and to the first floor kitchen. The re- circulation return line comes off the feed to the kitchen. My problem is that when the upstairs bathroom whirlpool tub is being filled (it's a big tub) the kitchen gets only cold water for many minutes instead of immediate hot water. The return line from the kitchen faucet has the following: a shutoff valve, pump, hose bibb, check valve, air vent, shutoff valve and back to where cold water enters water heater in that order. What would cause the kitchen faucet to run cold when the upstairs tub is being filled?.

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The kitchen faucet, is it a single lever mixing valve?

The problem could be crossover. To check for a plumbing crossover, shut off the cold water supply to the water heater. Then open all of the hot water taps served by the heater. (For single lever faucets, push it all the way over to the hot side and turn on the faucet.) Wait 10 minutes and check all taps for water flow. There should be no water flowing. Any continuous flow of water, small or large, indicates a crossover and must be corrected.

Another possibility is a faulty check valve... but the symptoms seem more like crossover at the kitchen faucet.

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