Stenner Pump for Chlorine and Intellitouch

mongoctFebruary 12, 2013

My pool has been in for about 12 years now, and because I'm going to replace the pump this year it has lead me into the wonderful world of automation.

I'll probably go the Intellitouch route, but I'm not terribly comfortable with Intellichem.

I've read up about the Liquidator but that has drawbacks for my application.

Intellichlor, I thought I'd do that...but I'm backing away from going to a SWG.

So that lead me to using a peristaltic pump, the most suitable versions I've found seem to be those made by Stenner.

My question is basically in how to apply the Stenner to my situation.

Instead having a lower-capacity Stenner pump run for hours on end with a continuous trickle of chlorine being dispensed, I'd rather get a larger capacity single-speed pump and have it set up to dispense chlorine 4 or 5 times a day in shorter bursts. A "short burst" might be a 2 minute, 5 minute, or 10 minute run time. I'll have to compare pump rate to how much chlorine I need per day.

Does that sound like a logical approach? From the videos on the Stenner website, it seems like choking down an adjustable-rate pump just results in unnecessary wear and tear on the pump plate and pin assembly. And I'd prefer to minimize run time due to keep my kWh electrical consumption down. So going to a larger single speed pump appeals to me.

My second question is about controlling the Stenner with Intellitouch. I'll probably have another question about Intellitouch itself on another thread, but is this a typical application for Intellitouch? That I'd wire the 120v Stenner to one of the Intellitouch Personality Kit relays, that it would use up one of the five relays (for example) on the i5+3 Personality Kit, and then I could program the Intellitouch to activate the Stenner to run on a schedule (for example) of every 5 hours for a 10 minute run time?

For some hypotheticals:

If my pool needed a typical daily dose of 32oz of 12% chlorine a day, the Stenner 45MPHP10 delivers .89 oz/min.

-- I'd need roughly 36 minutes of run time per day.
-- Using Intellitouch I can break that into 4 runs per day of roughly 9 minutes each. Or 6 runs of 6 minutes each.
-- The pump draws 1.7 amps @120v, so it'd use roughly 125 watts a day.

Does that sound reasonable?

1) The choice of the 45MPHP10 pump itself?
2) The application, to dispense 12% (or 6%) chlorine?
3) The expectations, that several small doses a day will work?
4) And for me the $2500 question, can Intellitouch be programmed to control the Stenner pump in that manner?

Thanks so much!

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Hi mongoct,

Really good and technical questions. If no one here is able to help, check out the Trouble Free Pool website. Go to their forum, then to the automation section. Someone posted a question on a Stenner pump there with responses from several Stenner pump users. Perhaps post your questions there also to see who weighs in.

ps: I was blocked by Garden Web from providing a link so I had to give the above verbal description.

All the best,

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I appreciate the reply and the advice, thanks.

I did a keyword search for "stenner" before posting here and found nothing of value, so the website you mentioned may be the place to go. I'll let this stew for another day to see if I get any bites.

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