Do storms affect your indoor cat?

oregpsnowDecember 30, 2008

My adult cat is usually calm and confident. Not afraid of anything. I adopted her in June, so this is our first winter together. When a significant rain or snow storm approaches she seems to become restless and sensitive. She doesn't do anything dramatic, just isn't herself. When the storm passes she is fine. I have seen horses act this way, so maybe it is more common than I think.

Are other cats bothered by storms?

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Our cats get a bit wild right before it rains. One of them hides during thunderstorms, but the other two seem unworried.

I understand that in the olden days people watched their cats' behavior in an attempt to predict the weather.

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My cats get wild (racing around, leaping off furniture) before a bad snow storm, almost like they know it's coming. I've had other people tell me their cats act the same way. My boy cat isn't fond of high winds (which we are having today), he walks around hunkered down like something from above is after him.

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We don't get many storms here (in the UAE) however we've felt some minor tremors a few times over the years (away from the epicentre of the earthquake, thank God). Two of my cats got antsy before it started and thru it; the third probably didn't feel the ground move as he was too busy playing LOL

It rains a bit some days in December/January here; if there's thunder and lightning, one kitty burrows under my comforter (that's where she usually sleeps) while the others aren't affected at all.

It's funny how they all have different personalities :)

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We've been in a drought for all of both my cats' lives, so any heavy rain or thunder make them nervous, mainly due to the unfamiliar nature of it.

Also the 4th of July and New Year's firecrackers set my tabby completely bananas.

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My little mutt cat loves when it's really windy if we have the windows open. When they're closed, she gets freaked out by the noise. She is the same way with rain and storms. Windows open, she's right there with her face pressed to the screen having a blast. Windows closed, and she varies from slightly disturbed to absolutely terrified. My other cat doesn't respond to any of it.

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Both of my cats are indoor cats. They could care less about storms, lightening, or fireworks. The neighborhood kids usually shoot off fireworks on 4th of July, and because it's usually warm on the 4th, I keep my sliding glass door open. I've learned they aren't afraid of the noise. They'll go and lie in front of the screen while the fireworks are going off. Many years ago I had a cat that would totally freak out on the 4th - would go hide under the covers on my bed until they were over.

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It all depends on the cat I guess.

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We just got our cat a few months back an it was about to rain so he really started acting crazy runnin fast back an fourth jumping off furniture now this does seem like his usual behavior but it seem out of place when he didn't want to go outside at all

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