Front door color-- PINK??? Photo inc.!

anele_gwApril 23, 2010

After 4 long years, we are FINALLY getting new front doors.

This is my simple house:

This is going to be the storm door, in white:

I was thinking of changing the shutters to gray. I'd like a slightly fun, cottage-y look. Nothing too formal since our house seems too small and plain for that!

What color should I paint the front door? (It will just be a plain ol' six panel.)




I'd love to add a little porch and replace the railing (and add another), but that will have to wait. I'm trying to get the landscaping improved this summer!

If anyone remembers my house before, I used to have wooden blinds . . .now at least I have some curtains to soften the look a little.

Thank you!

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Since your roof is gray and you are changing the shutters to gray - maybe burgundy? What are the colors in the entryway? Can you match it to that area, that way when the door is open it blends to the surrounding colors.

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Burgundy is a possibility . . .not sure if it would look too formal? What do you think?

The interior is a creamy beige (on the walls) with accents of apple green, black, and maroon.

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Purple? All of the shades might work very well -- from mauve to aubergine or eggplant!

The key to making any color work (in any space) is to spread it around -- so look at garden centers for more plants and flowers (and of course garden seats and containers)!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

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That's a cute house. I have always wanted and never had a house with little dormer windows like that. It'll be easy to bring out its cottagey elements, too.

Like Jan, one of my first thoughts to go along with gray was purple. Blues would work well, too, I think. I like pinks and grays together, and I could see a coral-y pink working, but a pale pink might just look too wishy-washy, especially since it will be framed by the white storm door.

And I second Jan's idea about pulling the color into your landscape using flowers. It really is amazing what they can do.

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Paint it and the shutters a color that you can also use in flowers in the landscaping ...

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I have to run, but wanted to post real quickly that you have picked a storm door that with the exception of the handle is identical to ours on the front. I have a burgundy door right now. I can tell you that a darker door color will be hard to decipher at times. Ours is, anyway. Not that that's a bad thing, it just doesn't pop (yeah, I used that word) like it would if there was no storm door. Especially if there is a screen in it. We have a screen in lower portion in warm weather, but glare or reflection on storm glass is there a lot of the time. Most times you have to be on our front entry/sidewalk to see the exact color, or if on the street and the morning sun is on it you can tell pretty well that it's burgundy. (We do have a tree that shades it later in the morning.) Years ago the door was a richer red (like BM Heritage), same storm door, and it showed up a bit better.

Guess what I'm trying to toss out there is that any deeper colors like a hunter, burgundy or black could end up fading into the shadows like ours does. A lot depends on if sun hits it or if there are shadows from trees, etc. It's not really a con, just an observation I thought I'd mention. ;)

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I'd pick something that won't fade in sunlight, nor look drab after a few years--barn red? Golden yellow, like your tulips?

I'd also plant a climbing rose on the corner by the garage and train it to grow towards your front door.

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I'd go ahead and do a really bright, fun pink. As others have said, it's going to somewhat fade behind the screen door, so might as well go bold and funky. Either that, or a purple like others have suggested. Our summer cottage was similar to yours with white siding and green shutters, and I painted the doors a fairly bright salmony pink -- we did not have screen doors -- and I loved it.

I also agree to repeat the door color in your plantings if you can. So if the door is pink, plant some pink flowers in front of the house. Or some blue/purple hydrangeas, and pull a purpley-blue from those...

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Purple is one of my favorite colors so I'd go with a rich plum color. I did my porch swing in Behr exterior Plum a few years ago and LOVE it.

My front door is painted a rich golden color. I love how it says welcome in such a happy voice.

I also think a medium blue would be a pretty color. You can never go wrong with a barn red, either.

Enjoy making your home into a cottage. It's going to be charming.

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Periwinkle, definitely. And, as others have said, echo that color with flowers in blues and purples.

I really like that new storm door -- what brand is it?

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BM Cottage Red. I love a red door and with gray i think it would be perfect.

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Cute house! Here's blue and pink; I'm liking the blue for front door and shutters...

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My vote is for purple. Or periwinkle.

I love pink, but it would be too cute-sy for my tastes.

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Soft gray shutters and soft pink door. I have New Dawn roses pale pink that fades to white climbing on my front porch and I think they would be wonderful on the corner of your house. Sooo easy to grow-Right NewDawn LOL

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I like the orangy/coral color of your tulips there in the front. That would warm it up and give it a nice pop. Then add more orangy/red/yellow flowers in the beds. I don't care for the shutters in a matching door color..keep them dark. I like how the door in Happyintexas' house gives just the right blast of color.

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I agree...don't match the shutters to the door. I think a soft gray color for the shutters would be nice and you could do periwinkle or eggplant or turquoise or even a bright lipstick pink (rich pink). Any of those colors would look sharp with the gray shutters and would pop (there's that word again) through the storm door better than other colors would. Your house is aren't limited by anything and can add so many interesting features in time. What a great house with good bones.

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Great ideas so far. Just throwing my hat in the ring with a dark salmon....but I also like your pink idea. Here is a door in hot pink, which would be fun.

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Periwinkle! Darling house and yard!

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I love the idea of the grey shutters and the eggplant door. You can add some pots in front of house using various shades of purples, pinks, greys. Great project for kids if you use terracota pots. Oh, and by the way, love your "simple" house is really cute. A simple porch with two posts, rails on side and roof to mimic the windows on roof would really be a nice addition when you get to it. Your "simple" house will stand out even more than after you do the shutters and door. Keep us posted.

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JUST in my door -- the new issue of Traditional Home -- and on page 42 -- a paint color recommendation called "Enchantment: by Benjamin Moore.

It is a GORGEOUS periwinkle-violet that would look amazing with so many colors!

Just thought I'd throw this color into the mix! :)

LOVE the virtuals!!!!! You guys are truly amazing! :)

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

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I looked up Enchanted by BM, and I have to agree, that is one beautiful "cottage" color. It pops (that's the only word to describe things, IMO.) but it's also not loud, and it will show through the window panes.

Don't do purple. I hate purple. LOL!!!

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Am I the only Lime Green fan??? I love this door and lime green and gray look fabulously together. But I love a real true barn red too!
From Menlo Farmhouse

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I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I have some sort of hand/arm issue . . .hoping it's not carpal tunnel . I have been oohing and aahhing over pictures and suggestions but have not been able to type back!

The mockups are just AMAZING and have made the decision much easier. While I think another house could pull of pink, I don't think I'm that confident yet. So, periwinkle it is! I am going to take a look at the Enchantment (Enchanted?) color by BM as suggested here.

Also going to try getting a window box . . .never knew I should try to echo the door with plantings (kept thinking it should contrast) so that has my mind going with ideas!

jenva, the door is just from Home Depot . . .their EMCO line (I think it's cheap Andersen?), 400 series.

The lighter gray shutters make a huge difference. I would not have known that w/o the mockup and might have gone for a darker gray, which I think now would be too heavy.

My husband bought a tiller so now I am imagining a curvy garden path with wood chips leading around gardens and to the front door. Not time this year, but I'll keep planning!

Thank you all so very, very much! You have made this decision infinitely easier and now I have feel like I have a direction to move in!

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I would lose the shutters completely. They are way too small for the larger window on the right, and just make that area look crowded. Too small on the other window, too.

I would do flowerboxes as shown in several of the great mock-ups. I would take out the bushes on the right, and put in a large demilune of pavers in front of the large window, creating a small patio area with a couple of cute chairs and a table, perhaps a small fountain or birdbath.

Then continue the pavers and re-do the walk to the front door, curving it outward a bit, and adding a mix of pretty plantings.

I would echo one of the inside colors from your home to the front door - either the green or the maroon.

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Here are some Benjamin Moore colors:

Vintage Clare

Sycamore Tree



Melrose Pink

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I vote for light grey shutters and a med. pink door and flower boxes. I think your house is adorable and just the right style for a touch of pink.

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What an adorable house! Here's MyPerfectColor's rendition of BM's Enchanged. It's a lovely Easter egg shade!

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This photo is 6 yrs old and most of the landscaping is trimmed way back or changed, but you get the idea... We added a white storm door similar to the one you are getting rid of, but I tried to do a red door and the color turned out more raspberry, which we like. The house is light taupe with browned taupe shutters and the deep pink door helps it stand out a bit.


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I agree about the shutters being too small for both windows. They're supposed to look like they can be closed to cover the window, even if they're not functional shutters.

There's not enough space for shutters that wide (or bifold shutters even) so I'd go without. Add a window box and maybe cute railings up the stairs -- and think about painting the trim a darker color?

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My old kitchen door was painted Ben Moore Peony. I've been told that for exterior colors you need a darker shade than you think because the sun washes the color out (but take that with a grain of salt since I've gotten a lot of crazy paint advice at that store!)

And firsthouse, no. You aren't the only lime green fan. Our house is painted a bright spring green and I desperately wanted to do a cream, grey, and lime linoleum pattern. But then again, everyone tried to talk me out of it, so the lime green thing might just be you and me!

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les and megsy-- I do know the shutter rule (LOL) but someone did a mockup sans shutters a year or two ago and the house looked even more dull-- nekkid!

lukk- thank you so much! Those look great!

red-- love, love, love the raspberry! Do you remember what color it is?

grlwprls and firsthouse, I love lime green as well! It was on my original list of possibilities!

AJ, now I definitely have to go see that color in person! Thanks so much for posting it!

Continued thanks, everyone, for your input, ideas, suggestions, mockups, and photos!!!

My IRL friend is suggesting a sort of mauvevish pink . . .thoughts?

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Cute home

I echo what les has pointed out & would follow up with the mock ups that have a striking contrast to the home seem like they make some of the other features look a bit tired.

I would see what the cost of new shutters that are more in scale with the windows and get them in a muted shade - I like the 2 that Roobear mocked up - then work on balancing the landscaping in front.

good luck

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I haven't read all the responses, but I like the way Roobear was going. Shutters that are gray or light...a color that is more neutral, toned down. You would still have the look/feel of shutters but they won't be screaming at you. Then have the big pop of color on the front door and with flowers.

Your house is very nice and will soon be even nicer!

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The contractor is here now installing the doors . . .I chose hot pink but now (obviously) am second-guessing/having a panic attack about the color.

AHHH! I told him to just do a little bit and if I hate it I have choice #2 picked out. Should have done this BEFORE he got here. Duh!

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Paint the whole door and live with it for a week or so. It can always be changed! Hard to judge if you only do a patch! Be brave-I bet you'll love it!

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I would like to see the shutters look a bit chunkier, if it is in your budget and if not I wouldn't do anything but black on the shutters. Black is always so classy and goes with everything. I LOVE THE IDEA OF A BRIGHT PINK DOOR OR THE PURPLE which you will really be able to see through your storm for the POP. tHE PHOTo WITH THE GRAY SHUTTERs AND FUN WINDOW BOX JUST LOOKS TOO BLAH, BUT THE ONE WITH THE BLACK SHUTTERs AND THE WINDOW BOX...LOOKS WONDERFUL. My husband made one similar for a house we had and it cost pennies to build. Good luck..once again my vote is black shutter, bright bright pink or purple door. I had both colors and got compliments all the time.

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Oh cool! Hope you love the hot pink -- after the shock wears off, lol!

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anele, any pictures?

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bump-let's see what you did---pleeeeeze?

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cyn and awm-- no pictures yet! The contractor was too tired to paint that day (he'd worked like 7 hours!), but I did just sample it on my own this a.m. and I do think I like it! I would just paint it myself because I am impatient but my 6 month old, 3, 5, and 8 y.o. have other ideas! (Well, really it's just the baby that would not be able to wait!)

oopsie, shutter color is still up for grabs. I am willing to just take them down, but don't know if the holes and difference of color (fading from sun) on the siding will be too ugly. I'm thinking still gray, black, or maybe even white . . .that way they'll blend it but cover the holes/uneven color.

Landscaping has a LONG way to go but I am going to be putting in some hydrangea bushes under the one window (Invincibelle so they'll be pink all season) and DH might be talked into doing a window box, too.

Thanks so, so much for your continued help!!!! I will definitely post pics as soon as at least the door color is done.

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Phew, you have your hands full, don't you?! Take your time, but don't forget us! teehee. I love your house and your lanscaping ideas sound great. I would probably add some blues, whites, and purples in the landscaping and flower boxes, plus some greens like hostas to offset the pink a little,just so you don't start feeling there is too much pink once the door is done. Also, you do want that door to pop, so you don't want to detract from its punch.

It is going to look SO great!

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Can't wait to see the lovely pink door! Your house is so cute and it has just the right "face" to carry off a nice punch of color and fun!

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cyn, yes, it's busy here, but I guess most people are busy no matter what! I see what you mean about not going overboard with pink everything. I was thinking maybe about doing the shutters in white (too boring?) and then the windowbox, railing next to the door, and maybe mailbox in a medium lime green.

first, I will post pics soon! The door is done and I did a little bit of landscaping (I spent so much $ but it does not look like it at ALL) . . .the shutters aren't changed yet.

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" I was thinking maybe about doing the shutters in white (too boring?"

No! Some of my favorite homes around here are white homes with white shutters.

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Thank you, awm! White it is, then! They will hide holes/fading in the siding but not be so obviously skimpy (I hope) since they will blend in more with the house.

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Hi, do you have any pictures yet. I am redoing my cape (also with a picture window) and I found your thread.

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I'm here just posting a vote for pink. Go for it. Your front door should be your signature color.

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anele, I hear you about the $$$$ for landscaping not seeming like so much once you plant everything! DH has no idea how much I need to spend on plants just to fill the pots-forget about what the real landscaping costs. If he had to pay, this place would be a barren wasteland!

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I'm dying to see pics of your front door!

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