plumb washer & laundry sink into existing stack **photos included

jaysgardenOctober 25, 2011

Want to install a laundry sink and washer as shown in the photo.

My thoughts are to

1.Install a 4 x 4 x 2 T-Wye lower than the existing clean-out on the stack.

2.Run 2" horizontally to a 2" T-Wye.

3.Out of the branch of this T-Wye go verticaly up to a San-T for the laundry sink.

4. Out of the San-T in step 3 the branch gets the stub out for the trap adaptor and the run goes up to tie into venting.

5. Out of the run in the 2" T-Wye in step #2, run 2" to a 2" P-Trap for the washimg machine standpipe.

Check out photos and let me know your comments or a better way

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Are there any fixtures draining into the stack above the garage drains or is that just a vent? Also, are the garage drains just floor drains?

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