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hloveApril 10, 2012

I'd like to photoshop pics of our home's exterior in different colors, so we can decide which paint will look best. Is there a decent/relatively easy way to do this w/o using Adobe photoshop? I've tried whatever paint program I have on my computer, but it just comes out looking like a mess.

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If you post a photo i can do it for you. I have a smaller scaled down version of photoshop but it can give you the idea.

Love your kitchen btw!!

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Thanks, Amy...for the offer and for the compliment!

I'd feel very guilty asking you to do that... are you sure?

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Positive! I can not guarantee any sort of perfection but i will try my best. It is great practice for me!

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Okay, then! I have two or three color schemes I'd like to try out, but I think I need to take a pic of the house that also shows my neighbors' houses. Even though all of the houses are old and there is a variety of color, I'd hate to paint something that looks horrible next to the neighbors'!

My one neighbor just repainted, so I know the house will stay that color. Pretty sure the other one will stay the same, too. Anyway, I'll probably post back later today or tomorrow. Thanks again!!!

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Use a hue/saturation layer or paint on a new layer in color blend mode. Painting on a normal layer just looks like a mess.

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