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gnomeloverFebruary 10, 2011

Hi! We are starting our pool build on Tuesday and just had a quick question. We are building a 18 X 30 pool with an 8 foot spa. We are also adding a solar system. There will be 5 jets in the spa. Our builder says we only need a 2 hp pump for this set up. Another contractor had said we would need a booster pump. Who is right? Will the one 2 hp pump be enough for the pool, spa and solar?

Thank you!

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Most likely, it would be fine with the 2 HP, maybe even too much pump. What spa jets are you using? How high is the solar and how big an array? What size plumbing?


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Any idea on the head (amount of resistance) in your line? Length of the run from the pump to the pool can affect things what pump/how much power you need as well.

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I would use a variable speed pump for this application.

A 2hp, and 1.5 is too much for basic pool filtration, a 1hp might be too small for the solar, and spa jets while the variable speed is just right.

Length of run issues can be mitigated with larger piping.

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