Buying a house where a pool was filled in...can I rebuild?

careers4uFebruary 1, 2012

We are considering buying a house where an old gunite pool cracked and the owners filled it in. What does this mean for us if we want to put in a new pool? We live in the Northeast and septic systems are always an issue, so sometimes space is limited. Is it cost-prohibitive to have the old pool dug out and rebuild? Would we want to consider another type of pool in this situation, such as composite? Thanks for any thoughts.


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Im no builder, but a neighbor had his pool filled in here, and township code made them tear the top 4 feet of it down with a backhoe. It really tore it up, not usable again.

Then filled it with soil and covered with grass.

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I also meant to add there may be a cost to remove the existing structure if you ever decide to build a new pool.
I can surely see a builder charging more to remove it than just excavation of dirt alone on a standard build. Lots of rebar, plumbing and demo of the gunite that will have to be dug up and hauled away.

You may want to take this into account as a future cost.

I would definitely affect my offering price on a home.

There are some pool guys here, wait and see if they chime in.

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The old pool would require a complete removal before a new one could be installed. The township engineer would also likely require the new one to be either bigger so as to have virgin soil surrounding it or have the floor highly compacted in short lifts of 6" to 12" so the new pool doesn't settle.


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Good to know. I am going to go look at the lot plans and see if one would fit in another part of the yard. That would make more sense, it seems. It has a nice big, flat backyard, so as long as the septic is in the front and the setbacks work, I imagine it can be done. Boy, do I hate to leave my perfect pool.

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We just started our build and found a surprise old pool under the ground. It cost about $1500 to remove it before starting our build.

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