Start Now On New Jersey Pool Dig?

SpeckledhenFebruary 2, 2012

We were planning to start digging our vinyl liner pool at the end of March. But with a non-existent winter here in New Jersey, and temps predicted to be in the upper 40's and 50's for the next two weeks, I'm wondering if we should we start some of the work now? My biggest concern is just getting the mess in the yard cleaned up after the hole is dug. By this I mean, filling in the ruts from the digger, regrading the area around the pool, etc... I was told on this forum that they can't do the vinyl liner until temps are consistently in the 60's, but if I can get most of the "earth moving" out of the way, it might give my yard a head start to recovering. Any comments?

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Not a good idea, IMHO. Liners need 60 degree weather to be set. If we get a Spring storm, you pool bottom would be hosed.


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Thanks Scott. I wouldn't have them do the liner. I was hoping they could do the dig, haul the dirt away, and grade some of the yard so that when spring comes it's not a muddy, sloppy mess. Maybe this warm weather is giving me a bit of spring fever:-)

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A dig would likely collapse anyway given the amount of time till the weather was conducive to dropping the liner.


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Oh, it'll be a war zone after all is done. Do what we did... find a cheap sod farm nearby and lay your own sod around. Hard work over two days... but it took to the soil easily and looks great. We're happy we did it.

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