Amerilite underwater light seal keeps leaking

Shannon01February 5, 2011

We have a Pentair Amerilite underwater light. We noticed the light was burned out. So we changed it out. We have replaced seal, used that gel stuff around the seal. The thing keeps leaking. This is really irritating. We are quite handy with repairs but this has stumped us. Anyone else have this problem and if so how did you solve it?

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Uh, there is no gel stuff for the lens gasket. Just clean and dry and tight.

Are you sure the water is coming in from the front and not the cord in the back?


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Good idea but we floated it prior to putting it back in and it did not leak. It was fine for a few days, then filled up again.
The pool store recommended adding the "pool and spa lube".

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That might actually break down the rubber. The steel rim the gasket sits in, the glass lens and the fascia ring must be clean, dry, and deformity free. The clamp must be very tight! It usually requires two tools to hold and turn the screw and nut used.

I often wish I had a 3rd hand when doing it.

How old is the fixture?


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Rack Etear

Typically by rule if I have to replace the gasket twice, and the light still leaks. I replace the entire fixture.

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Are you using the original almond color gasket or a black generic? I'd suggest using the original. Here is a tip. When the gasket is cold, it is not as pliable and if you do not tighten the clamp well, it will leak. Position the gasket, lens and facering properly so they are all seated properly. Tighten the clamp to a point of being very snug, all the while making sure nothing slips out of place. Turn the light on for about 45-60 seconds. DO NOT TAKE THIS AS PERMISSION TO RUN THE LIGHT OUT OF WATER!. The heat generated will soften the gasket and then you can tighten the clamp more. The clamp ends shouls be within an eighth of an inch apart. Test under water while rotating and looking for air bubbles. Works everytime in the cold.

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Ok, the gasket is black, so was the original. The unit is going on 6yrs. We only use the light here and there, not often at all. The unit clamps together so tightly both of us have to work together to get it to go on. It looks like it is seated correctly and free of debris.

I like the thought of the gasket being cold when put on. I think we will try warming it up. Also, keeping it really dry too, without using that grease stuff. Although we tried that initially but not with the gasket being warmed up.

We use the pool in winter to practice rolling whitewater kayaks so the light is now really important to us.

Thanks, I will see if dh wants to tackle this or wait until solar heats the water more. He has gone in wearing his drysuit but it is really bulky and actually provides floatation because it is for whitewater. He keeps bobbing back up when he tries to put this stupid thing back in. lol

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Pentair Amerlight gaskets are off white. Hayward Astrolight's are black and MUST be an exact match. They have a few that look very similar but have slightly different thicknesses.

If the fixture is on the deck, there should be a fixture model number on it. If you give me that, I can give you the right part number for the lens gasket.


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