Melamine/pet food symptoms

carmen_grower_2007December 2, 2008

Have there been any recent recalls of pet food? Does anyone know what the symptoms are of pet food poisoning?

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It causes kidney failure, so symptoms of kidney failure are the same for melamine poisoning, vomiting, lack of appetite, lethargy, frequent urination, increased drinking.

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IN gen its a danger to people too, all it takes is one child who wants to eat like fluffy or rover... I'm sure its happened.

I would only feed innova EVO/ orijen, ziwi peak, instincts, a few others I forgot to mention.

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Currently there is a ban on all dried milk products comeing from China into the USA. If you are really worried about this very real danger, check the label on the food you are worried about, if there is a dried milk powder (this is where the melamine is mixed) then I would contact the company to determine where the product was made, and switch products if there is any issue. There are a number of high quality pet foods which are made in the US or have no fillers like dried milk. Natural Balance is an excellent dog food....Hope this addresses your concerns...

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Where did Dry milk come up in a pet food disscusion? I know the cereal bars I eat from time to time have dry milk in them. I haven't gotten sick yet.

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the previous melamine in pet food was not in the dried milk so you have to be concerned even if the pet food doesn't have dried milk. The melamine (the first pet food scare) was in the wheat part I believe? So it can be in anything.

It is scary to think about.

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Carmen, why do you ask? I assume because your pet is ill?

To answer your question, there have been no new pet food recalls.

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We have two barn cats that are now almost 3 yrs. old. They have had diarrhea for over a month now and the strange thing is that they both look and act very healthy. I am assuming it is on-going but is hard to tell since they are outdoors most of the time. They come into the guest house when it is going to be cold or storming at night and that is when they use the litter box. That is the only way I can tell there is a problem.

The cat food occurred to me because I can't figure out what else it could be unless they both ate something poisonous outside. I got some anti-diarrheal tablets and had them on those three times a day for a week and saw no improvement. No more trips to the vet with these two. It is a two hour round trip and I don't drive.

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Your cats most likely have parasites, not melamine poisoning. Either they have worms, or giardia. Since they're barn cats, they are eating vermin and drinking water that carry parasites.

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I agree with akchicago, most likely a parasite problem such as giardia, coccidia, roundworms, etc. Anti-diarrheal tabs don't generally work on animals, and never cure the cause of diarrhea anyway. You could give panacur (fenbendazole) for 5 days to cure everything except coccidia; then you'd need ponazuril. I don't think ponazuril is available OTC but you can probably find fenbendazole at a feed store or pet store. Good luck.

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Sorry about that, wheat gluten in pet food and dried milk in cookies and baby formula from China...

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I agree

chinas really low,so good guess. I have seen a sight online where you can buy real yes REAL, human bones from dead people in China- for $700+ you can buy a 7 month old babies head- skull that is.

As for the Barn cats, you should get them to a vet, and get them de wormed.

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I am so sorry for your loss. My cats, however didn't have the problems yours had --- they had diarrhea for months but otherwise were healthy. I started giving them my homemade diet and they got better immediately. I am convinced that because of our brutal winter, they couldn't go out and hunt. They were living on the dry kibbles and that just wasn't enough protein or other stuff they needed.

Once they could get outdoors again, the problems ended. I am of the opinion that cats are not indoor pets, but I know many here disagree.

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