Well, Dallas Fans, what do you think??

SunnyDJApril 16, 2013

I was glued to my seat for the whole 2 hours...My hubby is even into it....But, I was surprised by who really did shoot J.R...Almost made a person feel sorry for Cliff....(almost)..
I was very disappointed with John Ross at the end, but I guess that was to be expected......
Now, what am I going to do on Monday nights?????

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I just finished watching the shows that had been taped. IMO that is the best written show on television. I was riveted to my seat also. To be able to wrap up the loose ends like that, is amazing. I was wiping a tear at the cemetery. We always knew JR loved his brother.
That Emma is such a snake. She's playing that role perfectly. I can't believe that about John Ross at the end either!
I definitely will have withdrawals until they start the next season.
We see that Elana will be after the Ewings now. She will become a schemer to get the land that was stolen.

We recently toured the real Southfork Ranch where the filming is done. They do all the scenes needed, there then return to California to the other set. Very interesting.

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Best show on cable, or TV for that matter! I tape the shows and hubby watches them with me also. I used to watch it back in the Old Days and now its fun to see them use their technology (cell phones, ipads, cloud drives) and see how that makes the plot twist and turn.

Yeah, I almost felt sorry for Cliff too. Almost.

What's a person to do until the next season starts?

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I wouldn't worry too much about Cliff Barnes. He'll get out somehow. So will Ryland. He played that character perfectly.

I'm still in amazement on how they pulled that all together.
Interesting about Pamela Ewing. I heard that Vicotria Principle didn't want to do a return to the show.

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Dallas was always my very favorite show of all-time--and it still is!!

They did an outstanding job on the finale. Was anyone really surprised at John Ross at the end? After all, he is now Scoundrel-in-Chief, now that his daddy is gone.

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Loved it! Fantastic season finale! I also think it is a very well written show. No, not surprised at John Ross, but yes, disappointed. A chip off the old block, I guess his Daddy would be proud. I hope Judith Light comes back next season and I still think Victoria Principal might still come back. You can't ever trust anybody or anything - death certificate not withstanding!

(I wonder why she wouldn't want to come back at least for an appearance or two, did anybody read anything about that?_)

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Here's what Victoria said about her return:

âÂÂSince the inception of âÂÂDallasâÂÂ, the creators and fans around the world have referred to Bobby and Pam, as the Romeo & Juliet of âÂÂDallasâÂÂ. I could not agree more. And since the original author of this scenario, William Shakespeare, felt compelled to make theirs a tragic love story, of epic and unforgettable deathly loss, I think I shall respect that very successful example, and leave the legacy of Bobby & PamâÂÂs tragic love story, undisturbed and intact.

When I filmed PamâÂÂs fatal car accident, for me that was the punctuation mark on my role as Pam. I cannot be held responsible for any choices made by producers, once I left âÂÂDallasâÂÂ, but I do take responsibility for my decision, not to risk tarnishing Bobby & PamâÂÂs love story, with a desperate reappearance. I made this decision a long time ago with a loving and respectful heart for âÂÂDallasâÂÂ, Bobby & Pam and all faithful fans.âÂÂ

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Thank you foggyj. That is such a nice story from her. I missed out on a few years (not in sequence, I stopped and started and stopped agin) so I don't know all of the details. (Maybe that's why I still feel a little bad for Cliff, apparently I'm the only one on the face of the planet who does!).

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I thought it was excellent and am so glad they didn't leave us hanging about who shot him...Cliff Barnes...poor man...what he did to his grandbabies didn't set well with me...John Ross is doing a mighty fine job of following in his Daddy's footsteps...THE CLOD...

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I resisted opening this thread because I was out of town and didn't see the week before the final show. I'm all caught up now and WOW! Just a great ending. Cliff deserves what he got after he killed his grandchildren.

As for that Scoundrel John Ross he's his Daddy's son, tip to tail! I would expect no less from him.

Dallas has alway been and continue to be one of my favorite shows ever.

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